Amana ABC2037DEW Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

ABC2037DEW Amana 19.9 cu.ft. Cabinet Depth Bottom-Mount Refrigerator - White

Overall: The Amana ABC2037DEW Bottom Freezer Refrigerator is a well built, attractive refrigerator.

It offers a great deal for your money such as the PuriClean® II retractable water/ice filter and internal dispenser as well as features like the Temperature-controlled Beverage Chiller™ compartment which stores milk extra-cold and the Electronic Temp-Assure® freshness design which puts consistent temperatures at your fingertips.

This model also comes in a Stainless Version (Model #ABR2037FES).

Capacity: This 19.9 cu. ft. capacity fridge lets you stock up on essentials, while the features are well hidden and avoid taking up too much of your storage space.

Notable Features:

Amana ABC2037DEW White Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
  • The EasyFill™ internal filtered water dispenser is like having a faucet in your fridge and is quite convenient. Being an internal dispenser, you get the feature without the loss of space that comes with many in door units.

  • The Temperature-controlled Chef’s Pantry™ drawer does a great job of keeping your meats and cheeses fresh.

    The SoftSounds system keeps this refrigerator running very quietly.

  • We loved the four half-width adjustable Spillsaver™ glass shelves and four EasyGlide™ shelves that pull out so even way-back foods can’t hide.

Efficiency: This model is ENERGY STAR® qualified - meaning it exceeds federal energy efficiency standards by 15% to help you save energy.

If energy efficiency is important to you, click here to see our list of Energy Star Refrigerator Reviews.)

MSRP: $2,095.00 was the suggested retail price of this model but is has been discontinued.

We have done some research for you so that you won't end up empty handed. Take a look at the similar refrigerator reviews below.

Amana in particular has really upgraded many of their refrigerator models over the years, so you're likely to find one with numerous upgrades.

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