Amana ABB2221WEB Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review

The Amana ABB2221WEB is a 21.9 cu. ft. "Easy Reach" Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator – Black Finish

Overall: The Amana ABB2221WEB bottom freezer refrigerator is a great option if you're looking for a functional fridge in a relatively low price range.

The sleek black face of this particular model is also a standout, giving it a modern feel and a great addition to just about any kitchen.

We could tell that the interior was well thought out with it's numerous organizational options from gallon door storage to 4 half-width adjustable (and spill-proof) shelves. For the price, you really can't go wrong with the ABB2221WEB.

Capacity: 21.9 cu. ft. More than adequate for a typical family of four.

Notable Features:

Amana ABB2221WEB Black Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

  • Temp Assure Freshness Controls: More accurate than the "dial" control of other models in this price range, you can adjust the temperature as need be to a specific temperature. Consistency of temperature won't be an issue - you'll know exactly how warm or cold this refrigerator is at all times.

  • Great Storage Capabilities: From humidity controlled crisper bins to gallon door storage and a dairy center, this fridge is loaded with well designed organizational options.

    The four spill-proof half shelves let you customize the interior space as you see fit. You won't need a degree in physics or architecture to figure out how to cram a wine bottle on the top shelf.

  • Easy Freezer Access: The single SWING OUT door is a rather unique feature (usually bottom freezers have single or double drawers).

    While the storage still pulls out in a drawer fashion, everything in it is visible unlike a freezer drawer. This should make finding all your favorite items as easy as possible.

  • Freezer Door Storage: One of the other benefits to a Swing Out door bottom freezer refrigerator instead of a DRAWER freezer is that you have extra storage space in the door itself. We recommend you use it for your everyday items so that you don't have to search for them.

    Colors: This model is available in Black or White.

    Efficiency: This Amana Bottom Freezer Refrigerator IS Energy Star rated.

    MSRP: $1099 was the MSRP though this model has since been discontinued.

  • While you may still be able to find the Amana ABB2221WEB online (it's probably not in stores anymore or at least only in liquidation stores) at a really reduced price.

    We actually found it as low as $750 right after it was discontinued. If you find it and it isn't a great deal you should seriously reconsider buying it.

    Why? Even though the fridge may be new, the parts to fix it will be discontinued 2 years earlier than for someone who purchased it when it first came out.

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