Amana ABB1921BRM
Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review

The Amana ABB1921BRM
Bottom Freezer
18.7 Cu. Ft. of Storage, Stainless Steel with Swing Out Freezer Door

OVERALL:  The Amana ABB1921BRM Bottom Freezer Refrigerator is a classically styled, stainless steel refrigerator that has enough storage for 2-3 people max. 

It's modern, sleek and has a moderate amount of features for a refrigerator in this price range.

That said, it's reliable, inexpensive and stylish and was one of the reasons we added it to our list of Recommended Amana Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Amana ABB1921BRM Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
Amana ABB1921BRM Bottom Freezer Refrigerator


Notable Features of the Amana ABB1921BRM Bottom Freezer Refrigerator:

As mentioned above, this Amana ABB1921BRM Bottom Freezer Refrigerator isn't exactly loaded with the latest in technology, but it does have some worthy features worth mentioning:

  • Spill Proof Glass Shelving:  Ok, so we know, big deal right?  Until you spill something in your fridge -- and you will.

    These shelves are lined with silicone on the edges to prevent the spill from trickling down the sides of your fridge.   You'll be thankful.

  • Consumer Reports Recommends:  Consumer Reports give this model a thumbs up in one of their recent reviews.

  • Versatile Storage Options:  From the gallon door storage, to meat and deli drawers, they really did maximize the limited amount of space available in this fridge.
  • Garden Fresh Crisper:  The Garden Fresh Crisper drawers keep your veggies fresh for longer. 

    Again, we know a lot of refrigerators have this feature, but they sometimes lack the humidity control you have with the drawers on this particular model..

  • Reversible Door Swing:  This feature might not seem like a big deal until you get the fridge into your home or apartment and you quickly realize you can only open it one way.

    Great.   Well, now, it's no problem.  It's very easy to simply move the door to the hinges on the other side due to the addition of the Reversible Door Swing.
  • Temp Assure Freshness Controls:  It's nice to be able to accurately adjust your internal temperatures in both your freezer and refrigerator compartments.

    We weren't blown away by the controls on this fridge as they weren't "digitally precise."  When we ran our own test on the internal temp, there was a variation of almost 3 degrees.

    So, be a little wary of this.  Typically, a discretion so small doesn't have a huge impact for the average owner.  But if you're someone who needs PRECISION this is likely not the fridge you'll be buying.

  • Stylish Design:  Admittedly, we tend to like the look of these Amana refrigerators so we're a little biased.

    They're both sleek and modern and have a tasteful design that works in almost any kitchen environment. 

    That said, you have to decide for yourself if this is the look for you.

Other Relevant Information

CAPACITY:   18.7 Cubic Foot Interior  (12.94 in the fridge and 5.73 in the freezer)

COLORS:  Stainless Steel

MSRP:  $1079.00

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