What's the Quietest Refrigerator on the Market?

by Susan

What is the quietest fridge on the market? I need about 28 cu ft. and prefer a French Door, but mostly I want it silent.


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May 22, 2021
Whirlpool NEW
by: Anonymous

April 2021 purchased a Whirlpool from Lowes, model # WR3155DHZ05 24.5 cubic feet, side by side. It had such a loud hum I could hear it in every room. I had Lowe come a week later and take it away. I purchased a Sears Kenmore from a Sears Home Store in my area and the first time the employee gave me the wrong specs, etc. The second one I purchased when it arrived would not fit in my house thru any door! The THIRD time a new one arrived and fit in my house....14 days later a loud buzzing noise from the back. I called Sears repair and 5 days later he came to my house and said the compressor was bad and get a new one. I went back to the Sears Home Store and told them what repairman said, plus I had a video of the horrible noise on my phone that I recorded. I went back to the Sears Home Store and luckily they had another one in stock and 7 days later I got a new one. This one hums loud so I guess I'll live with it. I'm sick of this stuff. I bought sound proof panels that I'm going to put on a board next to the frig and wall to possibly stop hearing the hum.

Jan 05, 2021
samsung top freezer NEW
by: Anonymous

Bought I believe in 2018 (fairly new) by the landlord. Terrible harmonics - low vibrations mostly at night when I am sleeping in adjacent room as well as high pitched harmonics and ultrasound measured on a phone app. Fridge is in center of house - open floor plan so makes it hard to tolerate when in LR area. The harmonics combine with other sound sources too coming into the room. I was at friend's house and LG is a linear not a rotary motor and the former does not vibrate as much. The problems with LG though are more cooling ones than sound issues. Sad because really at the friend's house LG was quiet.

Oct 13, 2020
quiet 24 inch fridge NEW
by: Anonymous

I used to have a 24 inch Liebherr fridge and it is very quiet.


It does not have a fan which is apparently the reason it is so quiet. It is only 24 inches.

Miele fridges and Liebherr are made in the same factory. I made the mistake of buying the 30 inch Miele thinking it would be quiet, but it is not. I had to talk to someone from Liebherr to learn the reason...because like the 3" Liebherr they have fans for cooling the larger compressor/motor needed for a bigger fridge. But they are working on it!

May 28, 2020
The New Whirlpool WRS325SDHW NEW
by: Anonymous

I've had Whirlpool Refrigerators in the past. I was sad that the last one broke when it stopped emits cool air. So I got the new Whirlpool WRS325SDHW. I've noticed the noise and the noise would not stopped. It's continuously running the noise almost all day long. I've called Whirlpool and they sent a technician, just to tell me that's normal in the new models. I could have just spend like $800 to fix the old one. But Lowes already took it away for $30 hauling fee. Good thing I've purchased a 4.4 Danby which is also a darn quiet mini fridge. I have to return it back to Lowes. Nice thing about Lowes they don't charge you even returning/hauling it back to their store. Unlike Home Depot, which I've cancelled my previous order, they've rescheduled it without telling me everytime almost 10 times. And I have to cancel it, good thing, because I've found out that Home Depot would not accept any returns of a major appliance. So buyer beware, by all means avoid Home Depot appliance purchase.

May 25, 2020
propane/lp gas fridge NEW
by: Anonymous

Any absorbtion fridge is dead quiet... no moving parts.

Also, no compressor to break.

May 06, 2020
Noisy Miele Fridge/Freezer
by: Anon

I've been dealing with a high frequency whine from my Miele Mastercool I - fridge/freezer combo. Service techs insist its normal. Anyone else with this issue?

Mar 10, 2020
Consumer Reports article NEW
by: Anonymous

Normally, you don’t think of a refrigerator as being noisy as it purrs along day-after-day. But in our refrigerator tests, some were noisy enough to put a chill on the conversation. The quietest models tended to be bottom-freezer and side-by-side models. Here are the quietest of each configuration.

Four door bottom freezer: Two of four top picks were excellent including the Samsung Chef Collection RF34H9960S4, $5,400, and the Samsung T9000 RF32FMQDBSR, $3,500.
Three-door bottom freezer: 13 of our top picks earned excellent scores for noise including the LG LFX32945ST, $3,000, and the Kenmore 7160[3], $1,700, a CR Best Buy.
Conventional bottom freezer: Our top four picks earned excellent marks for quietness including three models from Kenmore that range in price from $950 to $1,510, and the LG LDC24370ST, $1,650.
Top freezer: None of our top top-freezer picks earned excellent noise scores but four of our 12 recommended models were very good for noise including the Whirlpool WRT771REY[W], $1,100, and the Haier HT21TS45SW, $800.
Side-by-side: Four of five top picks earned excellent noise scores including the top-rated side-by-side Samsung RS25H5121SR, $1,900, and the Bosch Linea 800 B22CS80SN[S], $2,700.

Jan 16, 2020
Do not buy whirlpool NEW
by: Anonymous

Super loud high pitched sound I can hear from across the room. And they said this is the normal sound of the refrigerator and there is nothing wrong.

Dec 29, 2019
quiet or low decibel refrigerators NEW
by: Kathy

I have been doing research on refrigerators and found the LG LSXS26366S 26.1 cu. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator with Door-in-Door in Stainless Steel or Black Stainless Steel has a low decibel rating and therefore is QUIET!
decibel: 46 dB

I have not researched bottom drawers for this rating since I do not prefer that style.

Most refrigerators don't list their decibel rating (though it is always noted on dishwashers) but after reading many comments on numerous brands and how loud they are I came upon a comment about the decibel rating. So I researched decibel ratings and refrigerators and found that some brands will list the level or the level can be found via appliance technicians that have commented on the noise level.

From Lowe's on dishwasher noise:
Noise Level
If finding the quietest dishwasher available is a concern for you, check the decibel level. A rating of 45 or lower is virtually silent — similar to a low discussion in a library or quieter. Decibel levels between 45 and 50 sound similar to a rainfall. Ratings of 50 or higher are equivalent to the level of a normal conversation.

Check out about noise level from OSHA:

Also: https://blog.yaleappliance.com/bid/90427/quietest-dishwasher-by-decibel-rating-reviews-prices

What Does Quiet Sound Like. A decibel rating of 60 will make it hard to have a conversation in the kitchen, models rated from 38 to 44 decibels will be quiet. ... A whisper - 15 decibels. A normal conversation - 60 decibels.

So I have been using information from OSHA.GOV and other sites to guide me.

I will be purchasing the LG so I hope my research pans out.

Good luck and hope this information helps.

Dec 20, 2019
Quiet Fridges impossible to find NEW
by: Anonymous

a quiet fridge is impossible to find because they don't run them in stores.

Nov 17, 2019
Don't Buy Samsung! NEW
by: Anonymous

Although Samsung refrigerator is actually very quiet, our bugger compressor crapped out after 5.2 years. Manufacturers Warranty only good for 5 years. We have been without a freezer for 4 months, spent $240 in "repairs" and went around and around and around with Lowes & Samsung. No fix - at all! It turns out it is a known issue, is a part of a lawsuit and Samsung will not stand by or allow the product to be repaired. Quite frustrating and a costly $1900 paperweight. Stay away from Samsung Applicances (unless maybe it is a phone).

May 09, 2017
High pitch sound
by: Anonymous

I just bought a 2017 Whirlpool basic top-freezer fridge (21 cu.ft. capacity) because I had a problem with my prior fridge leaking from the ice maker. This new one has a subtle high pitched noise emanating from it that aggravates my tinnitus. After 30 minutes, I called to have them come back to take it back. No way I could live with this thing in an open floor plan. There would be no way to get away from it. Recommend avoiding this one. I would be interested to know if anyone has fully solved the problem of noisy refrigerators. The problem is all over the Internet.

Oct 21, 2016
New Samsung RF263TEAESG/AA is loud
by: Bob H

French Door 25 cu ft compressor runs at 60 Db. I was told by Samsung on-site Tech that this is 'Normal'. Really? He stated that my house is too quiet.

Dec 18, 2015
noisy fridgadaire
by: Anonymous

Whatever you do stay away from fridgadaire. I spent months while repairman replaced everything one by one. Finally, fridgadaire sent me a new one as the last one was under warranty. The new one is worse!! I have 3 walls between it & bedroom, but can only sleep with fan running. Some days I think it will drive me nuts. I think they are using such cheap metal & no insulation that all the new ones are noisy. I think I'll look for a refurbished model. Good luck.

Nov 25, 2015
Outrageously Noisy LG Refrigerator
by: Anonymous

$3,000 for a 31" LG 3 years ago and I wondered what all the fuss concerning noise was about. The LG was quiet until one month ago. For some reason it started making various very very loud and it was just one noise but various loud sounds at different pitches so loud in fact I can hear them in the second floor bedroom and the kitchen is on the first floor. I wonder if the noise is Obama's fault?

Nov 15, 2015
Whirlpool Fridge
by: Anonymous

Whirlpool Fridges are very loud

Oct 31, 2015
by: Anonymous

Samsung French door is extremely loud. I could hear it all through the house. LG is the same. All the new energy efficient refrigerators run constantly with a high pitch. There are no good answers

Jun 27, 2015
refrigerator noise
by: Anonymous

updating kitchen with new appliances... searched for quiet dishwasher... unfortunately never realized how loud a refrigerator could be until this new Whirlpool Gold Series. Eight days & it's driving me nuts. need to turn up the tv in the next room to cover the noise. think it's time this thing goes back.

May 09, 2015
Quiet Refrigerator
by: Anonymous

Gas refrigerators are quieter than electric ones.

Dec 06, 2012
Vintage Quiet Fridge Found
by: Anonymous

I too searched for a quiet fridge. I bought a 1950s fridge that I must defrost manually but it is extremely quiet.

Now I can sit near it and do bookwork, no problem. I love my fridge - a Marquette from the 1950s

Apr 02, 2012
Searching for a Quiet Frig
by: Anonymous

This is for in home use. Under 68 inches tall and 33 inches wide or less is preferable.

Though mostly I want quiet.

Help please!

Sep 09, 2011
Quietest Refrigerator on the Market
by: nigel

CHOICE MAGAZINE (AUSTRALIA )has just completed a review of a large range of fridges. You may want to look at these if you live in Australia but most of the models aren't sold elsewhere.

They tested for noise in decibels.

The quietest was 30 dB. from a Mitsubishi and a Fisher & Paykel the loudest was 47 dB. from a LG.

Again these are models from Australia.

Aug 25, 2010
Here's a few options...
by: RefrigeratorPro Team


We would love to help you find exactly the refrigerator you want but we'd need a bit more information such as:

  • What is your price range?
  • Do you want a french door with a bottom freezer or more like a side by side?
  • Are there any extras you want like an ice/water dispenser, etc.

If you prefer searching for it yourself, there are a great deal of good things being said about how quiet LG is but many are also unhappy about how hard it is to fix and get parts for. Our other suggestion is to look at Samsung.

Several of Samsung's models are reviewed to be exceptionally quiet and they also just won a consumer award with best customer satisfaction of any refrigerator brand on the market.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

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