Top 10 Tips for Saving Money on new Refrigerators for Sale

Insider Tricks to help you uncover the deepest discounts on a

We're all looking for ways to save money, and when shopping the wide variety of new refrigerators for sale, a little due diligence on your part can go a long way toward huge savings. 

So, we've discovered a number of insider tricks to help you uncover some of the deepest discounts possible.  Whether you're buying your new fridge online or in a store, there are a number of ways that you can turn your purchase into the bargain of a lifetime.

We've broken up the tips into two sections.  The first set of tips are for those who are looking to purchase their refrigerator in a typical brick and mortar store (e.g., Lowe's, Home Depot, Best Buy, etc.) while the second set of tips are for those who prefer to make their purchase online (e.g.,,,, etc.)

So, here are the Top Ten Tips we've found that have worked consistently and we hope they provide insight for you how to get the best price possible.

And, if YOU have a tip worth sharing, let us know!  E-mail us at!

Savings Tips for Buying a Refrigerator Online

Tip #1:  COMPARE PRICES:  One of the easiest things to do online nowadays is to compare prices.  But, don't be fooled because NOT ALL PRICE COMPARISON SITES ARE THE SAME!

There a number of these sites that all claim to be able to find you the lowest price on a refrigerator, but frankly, there are only TWO that we've found that have consistently delivered the lowest prices online.  They are: One of the first of the price comparison sites, it's still by far the best.  There's a reason Google is the most powerful company in the world, and considering they have the algorithms to find every product in the known universe, they also have the ability to find it at the best price possible. 

(Tips within a Tip: Be sure to enter your zip code so you can find the items that are closest to you and be as specific as possible by entering in the MODEL NUMBER of the refrigerator you're searching for.) 

Tip #2:  COUPON CODES:  If you aren't already checking coupon codes when purchasing online, you're literally throwing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars away every year.

There are a number of sites and apps that will provide these codes for you with no more effort that needs to happen on your part then a few simple keystrokes.

Again, there are a LOT of these types of sites out there, but our two favorites are: -- This site has a "Google-esque" ease of use and one of the best mobile apps we've come across.  It's also great for those looking to purchase in store as it might make you aware of specific manufacturer incentives that might be unaware of. -- Another great code catcher, we love this site because it scans across the internet to find potential coupon codes at all discount sites. 

Tip #3:  SEARCH OUTLET SITES: Most people know about outlet malls, but outlet websites?  Yep!  And they can mean HUGE savings for you. 

Just like in the brick and mortar space, there are a number of outlets that sell discontinued, unboxed, used, or potentially "scratch and dent" merchandise.  Now, true, hearing "scratch and dent" doesn't exactly make you jump for joy, but the savings can be so significant that they justify the negative descriptors.

Some sites you might consider are: -- This is a good first stop.  But Amazon doesn't sell a lot of refrigerator models, but you might get lucky and find just what you need. -- Look specifically for "open box" items or "Clearance." -- Sears usually offers a good 90 day return policy on most appliances listed on this site, so it's worth the risk.  

CAVEAT:  Most of these sites (other than Amazon) won't ship a refrigerator.  You may have to arrange for pick up at one of their retail locations.

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