How to Use a Refrigerator Review

How to Interpret Refrigerator Reviews and Refrigerator Ratings to Find the Best Model for you.

Creating a usable Refrigerator Review is our business. We do all we can to stay abreast of all the top refrigerator brands and new refrigerator models.

It's our goal to bring you the most accurate reviews of refrigerators we can so that you can be a truly informed consumer.

But the fact is, there is a great deal of misinformation out there. You need to be able to read the reviews and interpret them so that you can make an informed and educated decision, and filter out the noise and get only the information you need.

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Why a Refrigerator Review is so Important

There are essentially two types of reviews for refrigerators:

1. Consumer Reviews: Consumers will often review a refrigerator. But remember, these reviews are specific to their personal experience.

You might read a bad review and incorrectly come to the conclusion that just because their particular refrigerator had problems that all similar refrigerators will be susceptible.

Just like any major appliance or any major purchase for that matter, you have to take into consideration any number of factors, such as:

  • Where was the purchase made?: Some people that write a review when they purchased a second hand model, or perhaps one from a discount store. Rarely will this information be included in the original review.

  • What Emotion is Involved: When you make a major purchase that ends up having problems, chances are you're steamed.

    You're looking to "get even" so to speak, so you berate any aspect of that particular purchase you can. This isn't to say that this behavior is right or wrong. After all, we're all human.

    The point is, if you choose to read consumer reviews then remember to read through the emotion of the person writing it. It's one of the reasons that reviews from credible sources (like us, and are so important to contrast and compare.

  • Is The Consumer at Fault?: I'll never forget reading a review of a toaster oven that berrated the product saying how terrible it was. Then at the end of the piece the consumer wrote that her daughter had broken one of the heating elements with a knife a week earlier.

    Tip - Remember most consumers do not take care of the products they purchase. They ignore instruction manuals and manufacturer recommendations and are surprised and often angry when the product doesn't work properly.

2. Professional Product Reviewers: We fall into this category. It's where we take a number of products from a wide variety of manufacturers and test them against a given set of criteria.

This type of review is usually a bit more accurate as well as unbiased. That said, there are plenty of instances where manufacturers have flooded the market with "positive" reviews of their product.

Distilling a Review into Usable, Actionable Information

So, how do you read a refrigerator review and get any kind of accuracy?

  • Find a refrigerator model that you're interested in. Find at least two-three (2-3) refrigerator reviews for that particular model from credible Product Reviewers like us, as well as

  • Then find at least 3-5 Consumer Reviews on the same model if you can. If these aren't available, then look for consumer reviews on similar models by the same manufacturer.

  • You'll start to see a trend of positive or negative reviews.

  • Remember, one review is usually not going to be enough to make an accurate decision. You want to find a blend of product reviews mixed with consumer reviews.

  • Lastly, you need to have your own opinion as well. What is it about the fridge freezer you've chosen that makes it right for you?

In reading either types of reviews you'll want to remember to do two things:

  1. Filter Out the Noise: Ignore those comments made by irrate consumers who might have had a bad experience through no fault of the refrigerator manufacturer.

  2. Find the Patterns in the Information: If four people mention a problem in their refrigerator review of a broken icemaker, then chances are, the icemaker is a problem.

    But if three people give a particular refrigerator model a glowing review and only one trashes it -- look to see the reasons behind the poor remarks, and ignore them if the rest of the reviews show patterns of strong overall consumer satisfaction.

Our Refrigerator Review Section

In our Refrigerator Reviews section, you'll find a number of detailed reviews of models from all sorts of refrigerator manufacturers.We've arranged our reviews by refrigerator brand as well as by refrigerator type.

NOTE: Keep in mind that rather than focusing on a number of refrigerator models that you should avoid, we've spent much of our time finding those refrigerator models that have performed well both in internal testing and are extremely popular with consumers.

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