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Refrigerator Drawers, Refrigerator Compressor, RV Refrigerator Parts -- Finally All You Need to Know in Plain English!

Buying your own replacement refrigerator parts is one easy way to save money while repairing your refrigerator. While the labor costs are still there you can save money on buying the parts direct. Remember that the company fixing your refrigerator will be adding money to the cost just for ordering it. So right there you’ll save.

Also in ordering your own refrigerator replacement parts you'll probably get them faster. The repair company they may take a day or two to place the order, then it may take a day or two for them to process the part when it comes in (meaning calling you to say it’s there).

The best part is you'll know the reason why a part is taking so long, and not some company line of it’s a “special ordered part” or it’s on “back order”.

We hear from people like you every single day about how mad they are that they are still waiting for a part. Tracking down the product themselves might just take care of their frustration.

If you need to get the part ASAP, don't have to worry about having it shipped quickly because you already saved money just by ordering it yourself.

  • Tip: If your refrigerator is still under warranty then don’t try to fix it yourself. If you do, then your warranty automatically expires. It doesn't cover anything that happens from someone working on your refrigerator that isn't certified in repairing their refrigerators.

Major Brands of Refrigerator Parts

Of course every brand of refrigerator has parts but the list below is the brands that we get asked the most about.

You may be surprised to find out that many refrigerator brands use a different brand of parts. This has to do with many companies having other brands build refrigerators for them.

  • Amana Refrigerator Parts

  • Dometic RV Refrigerator Parts

  • Frigidaire Refrigerator Parts

  • GE Refrigerator Parts
  • Kenmore Refrigerator Parts
  • Kitchen Aid Refrigerator Parts
  • Maytag Refrigerator Parts
  • Norcold Refrigerator Parts (these are rv refrigerator parts)
  • Samsung Refrigerator Parts
  • Whirlpool refrigerator parts

  • Refrigerator Parts and The Systems They Are Part Of

    The best way to break down the parts you’ll need are into the different systems of your refrigerator.

    If you are hiring someone to fix it for you then this more information then you need. All you’ll need is your refrigerator model number (typically on the inside door of your refrigerator) and the part number you are looking for (the repairman should be the one to give this to you).

    Though if you are repairing it yourself, here’s a bit more information about most refrigerators:

    1. Refrigerator Air Flow Parts: Typically these parts help to make sure there is even air flow through out your refrigerator and from your freezer.

    2. Refrigerator Thermostat: Pretty obvious one here, helps in refrigerator temperature control for your fridge and freezer.

    3. Refrigerator Compressors: This cools the refrigerator by a complex series of events. Take a look at the steps below to better understand what it does.

      • Compresses the gas refrigerant which increases the pressure and temperature – something done on the outside of your fridge

      • The heat created by the pressurization then allows the gas to give off a liquid condensation (think of steam on the lid of a boiling pot of water)

      • The condensation is then moved from the high pressure zone created by the condenser (outside the fridge) to a low pressure zone (inside the fridge).

      • When the condensation goes into this low pressure area it makes the liquid expand and evaporate back into gas.

      • The evaporation process absorbs heat which in turn makes your fridge cold.

      Don’t worry if you it takes reading this through more than once, it’s a pretty confusing process. If you’re refrigerator can’t cool properly you may need refrigerator compressor repair. There is also a freezer compressor that you would find in a dual compressor refrigerator.

    4. Refrigerator Condenser Brushes: These are long brushes that you use to clean off the refrigerator condenser coil on the underside of your fridge. This is something you’ll want to do 1-2 times a year to keep your fridge more energy efficient. Just make sure you turn it off first.

      • Tip: You won’t need these brushes if your coils are located at the back of your fridge.

    5. Refrigerator Condenser Fan Motors: It’s just what it sounds like, a fan motor that help blow air over the refrigerator condenser coils.

    6. Refrigerator Control Board (a.k.a. refrigerator control panel): As refrigerators have become more technologically advanced so have the parts that they are made of. A refrigerator control board or control panel is kind of the brain of your refrigerator and a pretty essential part to keep your fridge happy. We’ve heard many stories about a control board going out and killing the refrigerator. (Hopefully you don’t have a problem with a GE refrigerator control board as this is something we’ve been hearing about lately.)

    7. Refrigerator Defrost Heater: A heater inside your refrigerator? Are you crazy? Believe it or not, all frost free refrigerators have one of these and they make your life easier. These heaters are part of a cycle of cooling and defrosting. In order to melt all of the frost that has formed on the evaporator coil (a.k.a. cooling coil). These puppies make it so you don’t have to periodically empty out your fridge and let all of the ice defrost so it can work again.

    8. Refrigerator Defrost Thermostat: A defrost thermostat keeps a watchful eye on how warm things get during the defrosting process and changes it back to cooling before everything in your freezer melts.

    9. Refrigerator Defrost Timer: This part does just what it says, is a timer that makes sure your refrigerator goes through the defrosting cycle to keep it frost free. The cycle can be every 12, 8 or 4 hours.

    10. Refrigerator Door Handles: I don’t think you need an explanation here but we do get many people looking for stainless steel door handles and refrigerator door repair.

    11. Evaporator Fan Motor: This is a fan that keeps the cold air circulating in your refrigerator with the help of your refrigerator evaporator.

    12. Evaporator Tray: It collects the water from the defrost cycle so that it doesn’t end up in your refrigerator and then evaporates over time.

    13. Refrigerator Water Filer: All new refrigerators have water filters in them to make sure you are drinking clean water from your fridge. You should change your refrigerator filter every 6 months similar to when you change you’re air conditioning filter. Click here to learn more about your refrigerator water filter.

    14. Refrigerator Ice Makers: While this seems quite obvious, we often hear from people about the confusion between this part and the dispenser. All that this system does is to draw in water, make ice and place it in the holding bin.

    15. Refrigerator Water Dispenser: This portion of your refrigerator is responsible for bringing the water and ice from inside to outside. It usually self contained and has nothing to do with the ice maker itself.

    16. Refrigerator Light Bulbs: Quite often you can buy any 40 watt light bulb to replace your current one. Just check your manual to see if you need a specific bulb as one that creates too much heat can be a huge energy drain.

    17. Refrigerator Drawers, Refrigerator Shelves and Refrigerator Bins: These are definitely something you can purchase and install, saving you a great deal of money. Regardless, don’t be surprised when you see the cost, typically they aren’t cheap.

    18. Refrigerator Thermometer: This is a great thing to have around if you aren’t sure how well your refrigerator is cooling. Place it in a cup of water and leave it in the fridge for 4-6 hours to get an idea of how cold your refrigerator is.

    19. Refrigerator Water Inlet Valves: These are the valves that will allow water to come into the refrigerator for either water or ice dispenser. They keep the water from just flowing freely and making a mess all over our floor.

    20. Water Lines and Hook Up Kits: This is a copper line that gets attached to the cold water in your home (most often under the sink) to allow for fresh water to come into your refrigerator. Definitely something you can do at home but really not recommended if you haven’t done any kind of plumbing work around your home. (The last thing you want is a water leak that costs a fortune to fix from something you did.)

    21. Refrigerator Repair Manual: If your refrigerator is out of warranty and you can’t or don’t want to hire someone else, this is a great way to go. You’ll want to make sure it has really detailed diagrams to help you see exactly what they are talking about.

    22. Appliance Touch Up Paint: If by chance you have a fridge that needs a touch up there are brands of paint to cover up small spots of rust and such. Just make sure you buy the right color or else it might end up looking worse.

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