Nothing But Problems With My Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

by Sharon Tabuchi
(Overland Park, Ks. USA)

I have had nothing but problems with my Samsung RS2630SH side by side refrigerator for 3 years I've owned it!

First the ice maker arm broke, being plastic, then that was replaced and the ice maker went out.

At one point the freezer defrosted and ran all over the floor and defrosted the food. Got that fixed.

Now it went out completely. The repair man said it was the circuit board. He came back with a new one and it didn't work!

I had to go buy a new refrigerator today. Needless to say it was not a Samsung!

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Jun 26, 2018
Samsung refrigerator disappointment crap of a company NEW
by: Janet

I purchased a Samsung refrigerator, it has been a huge disappointment. I have never had as many issues with a refrigerator before. The technical support was a pointless disaster full of incompetent smartass not smart just pretend to try to take care of the problem and just go around in circles waiting for the insurance to expire so once it expires you get told there is nothing they can do VB to help anymore as if they ever did do anything. Maybe that's how these assholes get a bonus. I payed over $3000.00 for a crap of refrigerator and Samsung never repaired any issues even when it was under warranty. I just got the run around.

Aug 03, 2017
by: Anonymous

Had this frig for over 10 years. Freezer and ice maker (maybe related) just died. But the front of the door where the ice and water dispenser is bubbled up and rusted. Weird and Crazy!

Apr 16, 2017
Samung "Piece of Junk ice maker"
by: Anonymous

I am now on my third ice maker. The industry has been building reliable ice makers for decades, but apparently Samsung decided that current technologies were much to reliable. I have 15 rental units that luckely have something other than Samsung. I will be hauling my two year old SAmsung to the dump today as I don't want anyone else to have to deal with this piece of junk

Dec 22, 2016
by: Anonymous

Had the same problem. Ice Maker hand broke and it started getting so hot the front door started to warp..also just replaced condenser fan because it multifunction.. and now it's not cooling. Garbage

Jan 11, 2016
Don't buy a Samsung fridge
by: Anonymous

I had a Eurotech fridge for 21 years, never had a problem. Gave it to the op shop as I upgraded to a new fridge Samsung. Upgrade I wish just out of warranty & no end of problems. The freezer ices up & then the fridge stops working. The amount of food I have had ruined is unbelievable. Do not buy a Samsung fridge

Nov 27, 2014
by: Nick Marsh

Bought a SAMSUNG RL37LGMH Fridge Freezer for £600 in May 2012 with 2 year guarantee. Our last Hotpoint fridge lasted us 8 or 9 years before we sold it still working so we assumed we'd get 5 years use out of the Samsung. In October 2014 when it was only 2 years and 5 months old the freezer began icing up so the fridge wouldn't work. Samsung don't want to know as it is out of warranty by 5 months! I am not paying £120 + to fix it. I have lost confidence in it and would rather buy an AEG fridge freezer than pay to keep this pile of crap. I will never buy Samshit again.

Oct 20, 2014
samsung stainless double door junk
by: Anonymous

Ice make has been worked on at least a half dozen times and totaly replaced, food spoils plastic on shelves crack , this is junk junk junk

Sep 08, 2014
Crap fridge Samsung
by: Anonymous

Mo#RF197Acrs Samsung makes one hell of a crappy fridge DONT BUY! One year old makes popping sound , bottom freezer stopped freezing ! Come pick this piece of crap up!

Aug 19, 2014
Piece of crap side by side
by: Kathy Kamp

We purchased the fridge based on the Samsung reputation approx 3.5 yrs ago; we were leery because they were new at appliances, but purchased anyway. Big mistake. The fridge worked great the first couple months, but it's been downhill since. The ice machine was the first thing to have issues with not working. Now the freezer doesn't freeze and is hardly cooling. We have our house up for sale and do not live in the home full-time. Food was beginning to spoil and thank goodness the neighbor noticed the odor doing a walk through. I called someone to come look at it and they'll be adding freon to see if that helps. Told fridge can last two weeks or 6 years. This is a very expensive appliance and wish we had done a little more research on the product, but there wasn't much to go on since it was new. Their dishwasher isn't much better. They need to stick to making televisions!

Mar 17, 2014
they are crap
by: chris dunivan

we have had our Samsung side by side for just over a year and this will be the third service call on the same thing the freezer fan defrost keeps going out so this is going back to samsung

Jan 19, 2012
Samsung Refrigerators Are No Good
by: Anonymous

I have had problem after problem with my Samsung refrigerator.
  • The fan makes noise
  • Ice built up in freezer
  • Defrost it then works for few days
  • Now broke again and not cooling both sides

If I unplug it for few days then it works for a couple of minutes and then stops working.

After having read so much trouble with this unit I have decided to replace it, not with Samsung, no way.

I had another side by side for 10 more years older than this one and never had problem with that. So ba-bye Samsung.

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May 15, 2011
This is the only Samsung Appliance I will get stuck with.
by: Anonymous

The relay controlling the compressor on this wonderful Samsung appliance (Samsung RS2630SH) went after less than 2 years.

I had some that were perfect fit but I needed to double up the poles with a jumper. A few times I have had to "defrost" my frost free fridge. Poor design keeps messing up the freezer.

I am so not impressed and try to find a service manual on the Samsung site. I can't find one anywhere.

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Jan 04, 2011
My Samsung Refrigerator is a Piece of Crap!!
by: Anonymous

Our Samsung refrigerator model RS2630 is a total piece of crap!!

  • Broken plastic icemaker arm in first year

  • Compressor fan needs replacing

  • Center strip dividing the two door areas gets too hot - we've been told that it gets clogged w/dust in the rear causes some of this

Overall this is too cheaply made and should've never been imported into this country.

I cant wait until the motherboard goes out.

Honestly a total piece of shit....

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Dec 30, 2010
The First and Last Time I Will Purchase Samsung!!
by: Steve Craig

The fan motor went out while it was still under warranty during the first year.

Then the replacement fan started making noise within 6 months. I kept both fan motors and about every 6 months I have to take motor apart and apply grease to the shaft. Once I do it's good for another 6 months.

Now ice maker will not dump ice from front of tray and over fills with water and freezes.

Only 5 years old...What a piece of crap!!

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Sep 28, 2010
This Fridge Stinks
by: special K

We've owned this side by side for about 3 years.

Twice now I have replaced the fan motor.

This is a piece of junk fridge. It was cheaply made. Meant to not last long.... probably so you would need to keep them in business, by purchasing another renamed Samsung product.

What happened to the fridges we had 30 years ago that never broke?

May 25, 2010
Samsung Ice Maker Problems...
by: HeidiPro


We're so sorry to hear about all of the problems you had with your Samsung refrigerator. Sadly enough we have heard a great deal about problems with the Samsung ice makers from many others as well.

I don't really understand what the problem was with them because it's one reason why many people think twice about buying a Samsung.

Did you have any other problems with your refrigerator or was it strictly the ice maker until the circuit board died recently?

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