My Whirlpool Ice Maker and Ice Dispenser Aren't Compatible

by Kathryn L.
(Mint Hill, NC)

My Whirlpool side by side refrigerator model ED5SHAXMT is seven years old, I have had more problems with this ice maker/ice dispenser than should be expected. It shoots ice out and a cube will go crosswise, stopping it thing up, going unnoticed until it dumps a few cubes onto the floor.

If we get crushed ice the mechanism stops up and we have to remove the ice bucket, using a hair dryer to unclog it.

No one has any explanation except stop using it! A friend who is not in the refrigerator business thinks it is a sensor problem in the freezer. There are no children here to open the doors and let warm air in, we do use ice, but isn't that why we purchased the thing?!?!

At times it will put a whole tray of ice cubes stuck together in the bucket. It is really annoying to take this ice bucket out every couple of weeks and use the hair dryer on it. The design is bad in that the ice and water dispensers are so slanted. I don't think it would let the cubes get crosswise.

Do you think if I called for service each time it acts up that they might take care of this problem?

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Aug 26, 2010
by: Anonymous

My ice box is stuck and I am unable to get it out. The ice has stopped coming out. What should I do?

May 23, 2010
Sound Like Bad Ice Maker
by: HeidiPro

It certainly sounds like you ended up with a bad ice maker on your Whirlpool side by side refrigerator.

While we have had any comments regarding this problem we are so grateful that you wrote in to tell us about this problem. It sounds like they chose to put the ice maker at an angle due to the decreased cabinet width. Side by Side refrigerators are notorious for not having enough space.

Let us know what you end up doing.

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