My Neighbors are Envious of My Amana Bottom Freezer Refrigerator (Model ABL2527FES)

by Rick

My neighbors are envious of my Amana bottom freezer refrigerator (model ABL2527FES) and I absolutely love it!

My old Sanyo refrigerator was giving me lot of problems. After doing a lot of research across all the refrigerator brands available in the market.

In the end I purchased an Amana bottom freezer refrigerator model ABL2527FES.

I wanted one that would have a minimum lifespan of 10 years, was in my budget and one where the service and spare parts were readily available.

I love how stylish and chic it looks not to mention that it is very spacious with a huge storage capacity.

I'm vegetarian so I use the top compartment for storing vegetables and fruits. I love that I no longer have to bend down to get things out, now everything is at eye-level.

I rarely use my freezer so I wanted one, with a bottom freezer.

I also wanted a refrigerator with an Energy Star rating for energy efficiency and an almost silent fridge.

One great thing I've found is that the stainless finish is scratch proof and very shiny when wiped with a cotton cloth, soap and water.

I love it and best of all my neighbors are all envious of my new refrigerator.

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