My GE Select Refrigerator Has Ruined Thousands of $$ of Food!!!

by James
(La Porte, Texas)

My GE Select refrigerator froze up and ruined hundreds of dollars of food the first time it happened.

So we cleaned it up, checked the operation for weeks, and added food. Everything was alright until three months later, the unit froze up, pushing the freezer door open and running another couple hundred dollars in food.

Then I found the lawsuit recall, and I felt better about it. They replaced the doors with thicker ones and an ice door update . However, the new doors have never really closed correctly.

The dealer told us to give the doors an extra little push. About six months later, the fridge started icing up again and ruined more food.

Here it is seven years later and still, more lost food. I know we've lost at least enough food to cover twice the cost of the fringe.

The fridge stopped cooling, and the ice melted and caused water to run out onto our hardwood floors. We are throwing out ruined food for the last time.

A good friend works in the AC business, and he said that with the freezer icing up, the freon slugs the compressor and damages the valves. With as many times as it did, it's a wonder it didn't quit sooner. Wow, my brother had the same experience with his fridge.

I would not buy another GE refrigerator or any other fridge made by the same manufacturer.

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Oct 24, 2011
GE Profile is Awful
by: Anonymous

Our GE Profile refrigerator is awful. In fact, its getting kicked out tomorrow. It is only 3 years old and cost over $3000. It kept breaking down. The repairman told us to cut our losses. He said it will break down again in six months.

I hate GE!

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