Magic Chef Mini Fridge 17x19 Temperature Control Question

I have a Magic Chef Mini Fridge and have a question about the temperature control. What is the ideal position for the dial to be on?

It goes from 1-6 and I don't know what the proper setting is.

I have had this mini fridge in my room for about a year and up to recently has done it seems to be freezing up more with ice in the small compartment and not keeping drinks as cool.

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Dec 29, 2011
Frozen Hard Boiled Eggs
by: Anonymous

I have the refrigerator set on 4 and left for the day and came back the next morning only to find that EVERYTHING in the refrigerator had frozen, even 6 hard boiled eggs.

I turned the temperature even lower and everything is still frozen after 2 days. I don't know what to do. I have a loaf of bread in the refrigerator; could this be the cause of the other food freezing?

Sep 19, 2011
Magic Chef Refrigerator Too Cold: Exploding Soda!!
by: Anonymous

The problem I have is that it is too cold no matter what setting I put it on. I have had several sodas explode and now I'm afraid to leave anything in it overnight.

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May 27, 2010
Refrigerator Temperature Controls...
by: HeidiPro

The first thing we can recommend is to empty out the refrigerator, defrost the freezer part and then clean out the coils in back of the refrigerator.

Otherwise we checked into the manual for a Magic Chef refrigerator and found that they recommend that you put it on at a setting of 4 when you first turn it on and then to leave it on for at least 2 hours before putting any food in.

If the setting of 4 doesn't seem like it's high enough then they said to adjust it to your needs. Then only increase it by 1 number at a time and then allow several hours for it to adjust before increasing again. Magic Chef felt that 4 should be suitable for home or office needs.

Two more things they said to make it more efficient were:
  1. Large amounts of food decrease the refrigerators ability to cool
  2. Keep the air outlet free of food and leave some room for airflow.

    We hope this helps.

    The Refrigerator Pro Team

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