LG Won't Stand Behind Our LG Three Door Refrigerator (model #LRFC22750)

by Jerry C.
(Easley, SC )

LG won't stand behind the LG three door refrigerator (Model #LRFC22750) we purchased only 3-4 years ago.

Our warranty has run out but we had been having trouble a couple of years already.

  1. Our refrigerator will just cut off after making a groaning sound.

    • My husband called LG over a year ago and they told him to just unplug the unit overnight and it would be okay.
    • Well, that gets a little aggravating after losing food repeatedly and never knowing when it is going to go out.

  2. Also, the ice maker did not have a cut off. It kept on making ice even when the tray was full.

We finally splurged on a technician (recommended by LG) to check it out. When he came out today he diagnosed that it was the control board. It had been programmed incorrectly at the plant causing the fan to get iced up.

As for the icemaker problem, this too was a factory defect from when the refrigerator was new.

We understand that LG can't stand behind all problems but I called and stressed to them that these were pre-existing problems from the factory.

I would be glad to pay the service technician's fee but I thought they should help with providing the new parts. I was told "Absolutely not!" This is not their policy!!!

New parts for the control board and the ice maker cutoff are $427; making the full bill with service $644.

We are unsure if we want to invest this is a refrigerator with no company to stand behind it.

We will never purchase another LG product. Our first and last....

(If we need to purchase another refrigerator instead of fixing it, then we think we'll buy a Samsung.)

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Sep 11, 2016
model #LRFC22750
by: Anonymous

I too repaired the PCB board for $300. They refused to help in any way. I too will never buy an LG product of any kind.

Apr 21, 2013
by: Anonymous

I, too purchased this French Door refrigerator/bottom freezer in 2006. Despite it's "primo" ratings from Consumer Reports and on the Home Depot and other websites, this has been the worst appliance experience I have ever had. Almost immediately after the warranty expired, the freezer started collecting ice on the icemaker and I had to remove the ice buildup repeatedly. The icemaker failed after only 2-1/2 years and it cost $490 to repair it. Less than 4 years later, after having to "defrost" the freezer repeatedly - almost every 6 months, the icemaker failed again, and the water line leaked over everything. Rather than spending another $500 or more, I chose to replace this piece of #!@. After 35 years as a homeowner, this is the most disappointing purchase and the worst quality I have ever had with a major purchase. And calling LG is no help. Needless to say, I will NEVER purchase an LG again, and I'll think long and hard before trusting a Consumer Reports review!

Apr 14, 2013
LG Warrenty Garbage
by: Don Home Depot Buyer

I also purchased this Fridge from HD along
with a LG 40 in plasma and and LG
front loader washer dryer.
Within 1 year the TV and Washer dryer had
issues LG would not warrenty and
within 3 years the Fridge developed issues
and LG refused to warrenty the bad parts.

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