LG Side by Side Refrigerator (Model LSC2791TT)

by Bill H.
(San Jose, CA)

We have had this LG side by side refrigerator for around 2 years. Access to the food compartments is great but there are a few problems.

  1. The freezer compartment can be easily pierced by the support racks.

    • We have a rack that appears to be too small and it can come out of the support inserts.

    • One of the support inserts has actually fallen out thus exacerbating the problem.

  2. The ice maker has a habit of plugging up the dispensing chute and the ice clumps up in the storage compartment. The storage compartment has to be removed and dumped and the ice chute in the door has to be thawed. This has been ongoing since we purchased the unit.

  3. A real serious problem occurs with the water dispenser. Sometimes the switch sticks open and water keeps flowing. The only way to stop the water flow is to open the freezer door. A small kid (our grandson) can access the water dispenser but is not prepared to stop the water flow by opening the freezer door.

  4. Realizing the danger, I shut off the water, and then cleaned the switch mechanism. Then I put it all back together and it worked just fine except for one problem, the water tube feeding the ice tube apparently froze and no more ice.

    After 30 days or so I was able to remove all items from the freezer compartment and let the feed tube thaw out, and the ice tray started to work normally.

    All was fine for a few more days then the water dispenser switch began to act up again!

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