LG - Lucky Goldstar JUNK French Door LFC22760

by Chris

Well we paid top dollar for our LG French Door LFC22760 fridge. What a horror show?!?!

Within the first 2 years we had problems with:

  1. The lights in the fridge melted the platic around it and almost started a fire (very common problem - should be a recall - go check online)

  2. Then the circuit board went out (fridge would not cool), repaired.

  3. Only FOUR months later the circuit board fried again. Replaced again. Guess what the circuit board is dead again!!

What a piece of garbage and I'm not the only one, do a search. The customer service is horrible.

I know they look nice and are tempting to buy, but all I can say is STAY AWAY!!

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Sep 15, 2013
What a mess
by: Michelle

We just had a problem with our fridge. The light stayed on and melted thé plastic cover. It smelled burned. After a search I found that we were not the only one.

Jan 28, 2011
Only Have Had My Fridge For A Week and I'm Already Not A Happy LG Customer
by: Anonymous

I purchased a LG french door bottom freezer fridge only one week ago and the seal had to be changed then it would not get cold.

I was informed to turn the fridge off for 30 mins this would reset computer.

I loved the look of it I needed something that style but my goodness the one I got rid of was years old and still worked great this has not been a great experience.

Nov 26, 2010
by: susan hogan

I've read a lot of LG refrigerator reviews and we have had the same problem with the lights not turning off when you close the door.

In fact last night, we had to remove the whole lighting system because refrigerator wasn't able to cool down. The plastic cover had burned and almost caused a fire so we removed it that was last month.

We called Sears they said there is nothing they could do about it. You see the refridgerator is discontinued so you really can't find parts for it.

I am a totally dissatisfied LG refrigerator customer.

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Jul 14, 2010
You're not Joking!
by: Richard

I didn't have exactly all of the same problems with my LG fridge but I did have an issue with the circuit board and the ice maker.

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