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Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator with a Self Contained Ice System

OVERALL: The LG LTC19340SB Refrigerator is a Top Mounted Freezer model that has a number of features that are somewhat unexpected at this price point.

This refrigerator has DIGITAL TEMPERATURE CONTROLS allowing much more accuracy when it comes to maintaining a typical setting. You don't usually find such a feature in models that are $1000 or less, so it was surprising to see this here.

For many people, this is one of the best "starter fridges" out there.  It's loaded with high end features and provides more than enough storage for a couple or family of four

CAPACITY: 19 Cubic Feet -- not huge by any standards, for a Top Mounted Freezer Refrigerator, 19 interior feet can feel like a lot. Just depends on your own storage needs.

LG LTC19340SB Top Mount Refrigerator
lLG LTC19340SB Top Mount Refrigerator OPEN

NOTABLE FEATURES: As mentioned above, there are a number of features on the LG LTC19340SB Top Mounted Refrigerator Freezer that are usually only found in higher end models.

  • IcePlus Accelerated Freezing: This refrigerator is equipped with LG's exclusive IcePlus system that helps you speed up the freezing process for particular items.
  • Digital Controls: Digital temperature controls help you maintain a constant temperature at all times giving your foods the best chance that they'll stay fresh for as long as possible.
  • Humidity Controlled Crispers: Dedicated crispers with a humidity function simply aren't seen in refrigerators in this price range. Yet, here they are!
  • Ice Maker: This is not an added option -- but included. The only complaint on this feature is that it was awfully slow. So, make sure you keep a few ice trays on hand should the need arise.

COLORS: The LTC19340SB is available in Stainless Steel, Black and White.

MSRP: $699.00 -- But we've seen it as low as $549.

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