LG french door LFX23961S

by John C.
(Manhattan, KS)

Had this our LG french door refrigerator for several weeks, before I could turn it back to Sears (got refund and bought a GE from them ).

It did not work properly right out of the box. It would not cool properly right away after I followed directions to not touch the control or load it with food for 24 hours.

At first it only cooled to 50 degrees, then after unplugging it two different times to reset it I finally got it down to 40-42 and that was as cold as it ever got.

Then the display started to read "ER" as in error and when that happens the control buttons are not adjustable and it shuts off the water and ice.

Took two weeks to get a tech over only to tell me it needed a new control board "brain". Another week and a half for the part to get there and in the mean-time I decided I didn't want a possible "lemon" to hassle with for the next several years, so went with a GE model # PFSS2MJYCSS.

Sears couldn't get the GE for several more weeks due to availability of that model, but it finally came today and so far I'm happy, but will post an update on the GE after a few weeks.

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