LG French Door Fridge LMX28987ST

by James
(Maui, HI)

We have owned our LG French door fridge just 10 months. We love the style and operation EXCEPT, the bottom freezer drawer kept icing up.

Our fridge had the electronic push button open and close option for the bottom two drawers. So when the bottom drawer would ice up, then the electronic drawer would not open.

We had the repair technicians out to fix it four times .....no results. We finally had it declared a lemon and we are now going to try the Samsung four drawer 28 cu. model.

  • TIP: One thing I did notice was that the LG Stainless Steel finish seemed a lot more polished than the other brands ...like if there was a clear coat over the stainless steel.

Getting rid of our LG was such a bummer. The LG was the only one that had recessed handles on the drawers....meaning no handles sticking out. If only the bottom drawer did not ice up.

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