LG French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator

We bought an LG French door counter depth refrigerator three years ago when we remodeled our kitchen. About two weeks ago it just quit running. Fortunately we had purchased an extended warranty, but the warranty company would only allow us to deal with certain repair companies in our city.

It took a week to get someone to come out and look at our refrigerator. They determined that it was the start-up components (the motherboard), and then we were informed there were no parts in town and they had to come from overseas. This would take another week.

We are now in to our second week without a refrigerator so we are living out of a cooler and eating out all the time. I called and spoke to a rep. who got approval to send us a check for $100 to help us with our expenses, hardly enough for two days of meals.

We spent $3,000 on this refrigerator plus another $300+ for the extended warranty. I am livid, to say the least, regarding LG's blase attitude toward our situation.

I will never recommend or buy another LG product based on our experience.

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