LG French Door Bottom Freezer Stainless Refrigerator (Model LFD21860ST)

by Rich
(Buffalo, New York )

My LG French door bottom freezer refrigerator only is three years old and the display went out recently.

When the repair man contacted LG technicians, he was told that both the display and main boards had to be replaced at the same time. The cost was $250.00 for parts and the labor was $130.00.

After LG sent the wrong parts twice and the repairman made several trips to the house each time, he discovered that the problem was a broken wire inside the door. But due to the design of the door he could not access the wiring harness to repair the break.

The only way to fix the problem was to order a new door. We contacted LG to see if they would share in the cost of repairs, however LG refused to stand by their product because "it was out of warranty".

The new door and shipping cost was $421. I have an LG flat screen television, microwave, dishwasher and this refrigerator. This is the last LG appliance/product that I will purchase and will never again buy another LG product.

Like many others, I assumed that they made quality products and stood by the workmanship. This was apparently a very wrong assumption.

Buyer beware!

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Feb 14, 2014
Broken wire
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem. I ohmed the wires out from display board connector to the connector on the upper left corner of the door ( under the plastic cover) and found a broken wire. Instead of paying ~$400 dollars for a door, I spliced a small gauge wire on the outside of the refrigerator from display board out the bottom of display casing through the pry hole and up to the wire bundle on the top left corner. It works great, but not the prettiest! Better to spend 2 cents for wire though.

Jul 02, 2012
More Details Please...
by: Anonymous

I read this and sigh as I am concerned I might be caught by this too. You say the display went out. Does this mean it simply was black/blank all the time? Mine is doing this thing where all the LED lights come on and stay on with the panel buttons being non-responsive. This goes away when power is removed and then restored after a few minutes. But it keeps coming back. So can you please give some more details on what you experienced? And how have things been since the new door? Thanks

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