LG French Door Bottom Freezer Review (model #LFX 25960SW)

by Frank S.
(Keystone Heights, FL. )

My LG french door bottom freezer refrigerator review will hopefully show how VERY disappointed I am with this product.

  1. Soon after purchase in 2006 (Home Depot) we noticed our vegetables freezing in the refrigerator. So we spoke to an LG representative a few times and followed instructions meant to rectify. None of which helped.

    Finally they gave us the name of a repair service to call( instead of LG arranging to have someone respond and fix the problem ). We made an appointment,.. they never showed up after several calls. OK. So, we gave up on that.

    The refrigerator still freezes vegetables by the way. I did purchase a temp gauge to monitor which indicated the internal gauge on the refrigerator was false. Anyway, the problem did not go away.

  2. Just after two years old the ice-maker stopped working. Spoke to and wrote LG. We got the standard rhetoric about, value your business, etc., etc. but bottom line was you are on your own. That repair cost us $400.

    The repairman said LG is the worst for reliability and most expensive parts.

  3. This week we woke to find the internal temp to be in the sixties. Everything ruined. Figured out that the interior lights stayed on when the door is closed and heated it up.

    By the way the plastic cover for the bulbs fell off months ago- I glued it back but again fell off. So, I removed the bulbs until we can get a repairman out tomorrow.

    I am bracing for that cost.

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Comments for LG French Door Bottom Freezer Review (model #LFX 25960SW)

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Dec 08, 2013
Light stay on in frig compartment.
by: charlie

What is the problem with the lights staying on in the frig compartment. The 2 door switches stop the compressor and fan when the door is open but do not shut off the light inside.
lg 25960sw

Nov 16, 2010
Such a huge fire hazard!!
by: Brian

If no one has told you yet, lights staying on inside of a fridge when it is closed is a MAJOR fire hazard.

There have been more than a few house fires that have been caused by exactly this. Thank goodness you had the fridge/freezer alarm to tell you that the temperature was off!!

For those that don't have one, they really are worth the small investment.

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