LG LFXC22596S Door in Door French Door
Refrigerator Review

Stainless Steel, Dual IceMaker with 21.9 Cubic Foot of Storage!

OVERALL: The LG Door in Door LFXC22596S Refrigerator is a Three Door French Door refrigerator with LG's exclusive Door in Door feature.

It has a good size capacity of 21.9 cubic feet of interior storage.  Good for an average sized family.

It's stainless steel front makes it a popular choice among fans of LG.  Also, it's Instaview Technology allows you to lightly tap on the exterior of the door to trigger the light allowing you to see inside.

The LG LFXC22596S also features LG's exclusive twin cooling technology which helps separate the freezer air from the refrigerator air.  This helps to avoid that annoying scenario when your ice tastes like your onions.  

CAPACITY: This refrigerator features almost 22 Cubic Feet of interior storage.  There is a separate humidity control for all veggies and fruit and your meat drawers.

NOTABLE FEATURES: As mentioned above, there are a number of features on the LG LFXC22596S Door in Door French Door Refrigerator that are worth mentioning:

  • DOOR-IN-DOOR: This refrigerator is equipped with LG's exclusive Door-In-Door/InstaView System that allows you easy access to your most commonly used items.  It also helps to maximize your internal shelf space.
  • Digital Controls: Digital temperature controls help you maintain a constant temperature at all times giving your foods the best chance that they'll stay fresh for as long as possible.
  • Pull Out Freezer Drawer: A multi-sectioned freezer drawer allows you easy access to all your frozen food items.
  • Dual Ice Maker:  The Slim SpacePlus┬« Ice System on the top and an additional ice maker in the bottom provides you with an ample ice supply while not sacrificing shelf space.
  • Stainless:  The stainless steel finish gives the LG Door in Door LFXC22596S a modern, fresh look and helps it to stand out from its counter parts.

COLORS: The LG Door in Door LFXC22596S French Door Refrigerator is available in Stainless Steel only

MSRP: $2349.00

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