LG LFX31925ST French Door Refrigerator

30.7 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator with an External Ice/Water Dispenser - Stainless Steel Finish

Overall: The LG LFX31925ST French Door Refrigerator has a generous 31 cu. ft. capacity. Although it's not a counter depth unit, it's still very sleek and modern looking.

It has a three tier freezer drawer making it one of the "easiest to keep organized" freezer drawers that we've ever seen at this price point.

The external ice maker and extra large water dispenser (made for gallon sized container) also help to make this a very well designed fridge.

Capacity: 31 cu. ft.

Notable Features:

    LG LFX31925ST French Door Refrigerator

  1. Huge Capacity With 31 Cubic Feet of internal storage space, this is by far one of the largest French Door Refrigerators you can find. LG is known for well designed interiors, and the LFX31925ST is no exception.

  2. Three Tiered Freezer Drawer: One of the more frustrating things about any french door refrigerator is the freezer drawer is usually difficult to keep organized.

    However, with the three-tiered-drawer system that LG has on many of their french door models, this is no longer a significant issue. They make it so easy to organize foods of all different shapes and sizes. You can easily keep your veggies separate from your meats and sep from your ice cream.

  3. Extra Tall Ice & Water Dispenser: An Extra Tall dispenser doesn't seem like a huge deal until you need to quickly refill a pitcher of water. This is one of those options that you might either overlook or never think to ask for, but you'll be thankful you have.

  4. Increased Freshness: With its dual compressor and consistency of temperature, your food will always be at its freshest. The LFX31925ST also has LG's exclusive LINEAR COMPRESSOR which minimizes operating noise and because it causes less friction than a standard compressor, the life-span of this particular french door refrigerator is likely to be higher than other models.

Colors: This unit is available in 3 colors -- Black, White and Stainless. It has no option for customizable panels (as one of our readers asked to answer) -- most NON counter depth (standard size) fridges don't.

Efficiency: Is Energy Star rated

MSRP: The MSRP is $3,199.00. But this model has been out on the market a while and they're dropping the price by 10-15% on average. So, see below for some current pricing found online.

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 LG French Door Refrigerators

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