LG 4 Door Refrigerator Review - No Egg Tray!!

by Richard S.
(Akron, Michigan)

I bought the 4 door LG Refrigerator and was surprised to find there was no egg tray. The refrigerator egg tray from our old fridge doesn't fit. It's too large, we can't find one that will fit.

Does anyone have any ideas where we can get one?

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Comments for LG 4 Door Refrigerator Review - No Egg Tray!!

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May 29, 2019
lack of accessories... NEW
by: Ale

Yes I have the same problem!
I was also very surprised!
Bought a Side by side and I NOT only don't have egg tray but also no cold cut drawer, wine rack and other things that my old cheaper Beko fridge had!
The fridge is very spacious but has no accessories to help you organise your groceries in...
I can't even find a site that sells spares because of the size of the fridge :(

Jul 02, 2018
no egg tray NEW
by: Anonymous

Yep same problem on the French door 708L LG fridge. No place to put your eggs. Can this part be bought somewhere. Our previous LG fridge egg tray does not fit in the compartments on the new one.
Very strange.

Jun 04, 2011
This LG 4 Door Refrigerator Is Over Priced
by: Anonymous

For as much as this LG refrigerator costs and its size, it isn't set up correctly.

I couldn't get everything that was in my side by side 25 ft into the 28 ft LG.

Two milk cartons just fit tight on the door, the egg carton doesn't fit into the space for it also there is wasted space in freezer.

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Nov 22, 2010
Egg Tray LG
by: Anonymous

Egg Cartons do not fit in the LG egg compartment

Nov 15, 2010
Really An Egg Tray?
by: Anonymous

Wow I haven't seen an egg tray in a refrigerator for years. Eggs come in cartons - why do you need an egg tray?

Oct 26, 2010
Do you like your LG 4 Door Fridge?
by: Anonymous

Besides the lack of the egg tray do you like your 4 door LG fridge?

I am looking at it to buy and not sure if we should get it.

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