Kenmore Side-by-Side Refrigerator (model #253.5569340B)

Our Kenmore side by side refrigerator itself is okay, but we have had repeated issues with the water dispenser freezing within the water line inside the door.

Of course, they'd love for you to pay for a service call to fix it, but I managed to trouble-shoot the water blockage myself and then unfreeze it.

I determined that the pump was still working by disconnecting the water line under the door. I then unloaded the freezer of food, and took my wife's hair dryer and blew hot air all over the door until it unfroze.

It's done it three times now. Kenmore is now officially on my "Crap List", along with GE, Hoover, and Hewlett Packard.

Oh, yeah, and I won't buy anything from Sears anymore either, as the Kenmore water filters are also crap. They sell at Sears for $45 a pop, and I'm pretty sure they're passing used ones off as new ones. There is no seal to the packaging, and when I've put them in, they run very weak. Bought an off-brand one off the internet, and it works great. Sears sucks.

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