I wouldn't accept another GE product as a gift.

by Sam

I wouldn't accept another GE product as a gift!

Considering the number of problems and the delays (part out of stock , wrong part sent etc.) I've experienced with my GE Bottom Freezer refrigerator Model PDS22MBS the only thing I can recommend is the courtesy of the repair technition.

The Frig is about 4 yrs old and had the motherboard replaced while under warranty. Last Feb (GE doesn't service after warranty runs out) GE recommended repair and the service took six weeks to replace the fan condenser.

The food compartment was okay but the freezer would not stay at zero but jumped to as much as 25 and recovered very slowly. After seeming to operate resonably well for a short time the problem has reoccurred in full force.

I definitely don't recommend buying a GE appliance.

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Jun 24, 2012
A quality name no longer.
by: Anonymous

This brand was at one time a name you could trust for quality.NO LONGER.My GE refrigerator's water/ice dispenser failed after one year.The tech man who looked at it said he could replace it,BUT recommended against it(high failure rate and expensive)"Just live without it"
Wished I had kept my older Whirlpool no computer model.Out $70 service call,replacement part would have been another $279 with no guarantee.Could last 6 hrs. 6 days 6 months who knows,BOO.Now that we have internet, I will research all product purchases in the future.

May 07, 2011
GE fridges are unreliable.
by: Anonymous

I bought two GE Monogram fridges. Both have problems. One died just after warranty ruining 20 bottles of wine.

The other freezes anything that touches the back wall. We call it the vegetable terminator.

I will NEVER buy GE fridges again.

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Sep 15, 2010
Related experience
by: Anonymous

The "motherboard" on my GE top freezer lasted seven years. Then the refrigerator failed, of course.

The repairman -- not GE -- even had the part in his van, since it seems to fail so frequently.

Aside from this, the refrigerator has been satisfactory, but the (Chinese-made) motherboard seems to be a major weakness.

I doubt that I'd buy GE again.

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