I Hate My Whirlpool Refrigerator

by Julia
(Canton, Ohio)

I hate my Whirlpool refrigerator! I purchased it just over a year ago an what a waste of money.

It seems like best one in the market at first but now I expect it breakdown at anytime. It's completely unreliable.

The defrost option stopped working after 4 months. We spoke to Whirlpool customer service many times in order to get it and the timer replaced.

Whirlpool is seen as a leader in the refrigerator market though their customer service was less than helpful. I would recommend that you check into the kind of service they offer in your city before buying.

I would not recommend buying a Whirlpool Refrigerator - don't waste your money!

P.S. - My cousin had bought a Samsung refrigerator just few months before I got mine and I would say its slightly more costly than my Whirlpool refrigerator but surely worth the money spent.

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Oct 04, 2023
Whirlpool French door/drink drawer-- Do Not Buy!
by: KevoGR

Looked for, bought this great looking refrigerator only to find out it is a piece of junk! Wife wanted to replace all our 20yr old appliances before she retired! My 35yr old beer fridge in my garage is running fine as our high dollar french door, drink drawer junker has had all its circuit boards replaced 3 times, drawer slides lock open and ice maker replaced! Tech replaced all 3 boards Monday, Tuesday morning it's 70° inside with water in the floor from the melting ice in the door! How tf could we have been so stupid to replace our 20+ yr old Maytag(still running fine in daughters garage) with this waste of money? At least we bought the extended warranty! I'm just done with this b.s.!

Sep 27, 2023
really dissatisfied with all Whilpool appliances NEW
by: Anonymous

We received so-called "high end", top-of-the -line Whirlpool appliances from our builder when we purchased a new build house. They are AWFUL. the touch screens are clumsy, not intuitive, and the appliances are not reliable. We got rid of our washer and dryer almost immediately because the "sensor" constantly turned them off and we could not just put a load in and assume it would get washed without babysitting it. Then our microwave-oven broke and was replaced under warranty. This week our icemaker gave up making ice and then the freezer stopped working. Useless and not fit to be marketed. I wluld never by a Whirlpool appliance again

Sep 05, 2023
Whirlpools are trash NEW
by: Jb

2022 whirlpool side by side. Shuts down after it freezes up, never stops running then just stops cooling cause it freezes up. Called while under warranty and repair guy said nothing wrong just defrost and it will be fine. It now shuts down every 2 weeks and needs to be defrosted before it will come back on. Now out of warranty. Existing problem so we shall see but in general trash brand

Aug 30, 2023
Whirlpool Appliances are the worst! NEW
by: Dee from Tennessee

My Whirlpool side by side refrigerator only lasted 4 years! That's crazy! I paid $1200 for it in 2019 and now the same model is like $1800 and it's a piece of junk. I hate Whirlpool! Problem is, I think they are all like that and all appliances suck nowadays.

Aug 26, 2023
Update August 26, 2023
by: Suzy Whitten, Manitowoc WI

I addition to the issues outlined in my previous post, the Whirlpool refrigerator model WRT518SZFM02 has now developed rust spots on the exterior door after one year. I’m in Wisconsin, have both heat and central air and use appropriate cleaning products only when needed for spot cleaning along with water and a microfiber towel. I’ve been told it has to do with the poor quality and thinness of the material used to manufacture the door.

Aug 25, 2023
Whirlpool Appliances are Cheaply Made NEW
by: Pastore

We purchased a new Whrlpool Stove, Dishwasher and Refrigerator. What a joke!



Fridge- WATER FILTER LASTS 3 months. $60 a pop.

Jul 27, 2023
Whirlpool trash 2023 NEW
by: Bill Colicchio

I purchased my Whirlpool refrigerator without a motherboard on 3/22/2015. Lasted great up to 3 weeks ago when it quit cooling. Freezer doesn't work. Compressor sounds like it comes on. I cleaned all the coils and the gaskets. Still doesn't cool food in the fridge. Whirlpool is actually built in Toronto Canada and most parts are made in China. All junk. No thanks. Will never purchase another Whirlpool again.

Jun 28, 2023
therapy here NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks for this forum. Glad to see I'm not the only one and this helps to vent. I have an unhealthy hatred for my Whirlpool refrigerator. Purchased and was delivered not working. Took a month to get a replacement. ...Runs constantly for an hour every other hour. They say that is normal. I absolutely hate it. Wish I saw this forum before buying it.

Jun 24, 2023
Trash fridge NEW
by: Anonymous

Fridge is straight trash don’t waste your money

May 28, 2023
all my whirlpool appliance suck! NEW
by: Anonymous

My built in 2016 house has all whirlpool appliances (4). First the gas stove pilot light was too far away from the gas, somewhat easy fix. Microwave often clicks, the door latch gets stuck in open mode. I just deal with it. I've replace the heater coil, water pump and one other part? on the dishwasher. The LED light on the fridge went out, when this happens all the light die! Easy to replace but part was over $100. Now once again the light is going out, sometimes works sometimes doesn't. WTF!!! I just purchased some cheap battery motion lights for now. I HATE WHIRLPOOL!

May 04, 2023
I will never buy Whirlpool
by: Suzy Whitten

I bought a house in September of 2022 that came with a new Whirlpool refrigerator. At first I thought there was an animal in the wall at night with the scratching sounds until I identified the sound coming from the freezer compartment mechanics. Between the scratching, humming, buzzing, dripping and airplane-like noises, it was constantly an assault on the ears throughout the day, most noticeable at night, and was rarely silent.
As it was under warranty I scheduled repair only to be told these are normal sounds and I just wasn’t used to a new refrigerator. My prior GE refrigerator was silent and ran perfectly for over ten years. I even recorded the noise as I was sure it would be quiet while the tech was here. He said he couldn’t hear anything.
When I called him again I was told the noises were normal and the refrigerator was no longer under warranty so it would be costly for him to come out again. I got the feeling I was wasting his time.
I hate to replace a new refrigerator, but am not sure I want to continue to live with this one.

Apr 27, 2023
No More Whirlpool Appliances For Me NEW
by: Anonymous

You guys are killing me with your comments because I agree, I feel your pain. I just ditched the Whirlpool side by side fridge I got in Jan this year. Whirlpool does a great job gaslighting trying to make you believe all the noises the fridge makes are just normal operating sounds, in fact they have a long listing of "sounds" in their troubleshooting guide. I decided to eat the cost of that noise box and am now enjoying the quiet of my new Bosch side by side.

Mar 28, 2023
Whirlpool can go beep itself NEW
by: Niels

Got a whirlpool freezer a few years back. Terrible machine. If you keep the door open for a few minutes a beep alarms goes off and wont stop. The manual claims that all my food is spoiled and I should not eat it any more... sure. Idiots.

The only solution is to unplug it, remove all food and bring it to family. Wait 24h and start it again. I had to do that 5x in the 2nd year of operating. What a pain the ass.

The defroster also broke after 2y. I could live with that. It was the one feature my old freezer didnt have...

Just a junk machine, I hate the brand now.

Mar 17, 2023
Whirlpool sucks NEW
by: Pissed

Have a whirlpool side by side fridge. Ice maker stopped working after 2 years. Tech told me the wiring harness is cut in half where it goes into the door by the hinge. Cut from opening and closing the door. $1500!!! To replace the door because that’s the only option. Absolutely ridiculous. Contacted whirlpool. All they do is read from cards. No help, no care in the world. Will never, ever buy whirlpool again. Thought the brand name meant something. Obviously not

Feb 01, 2023
Stay away from Whirlpool Upright Freezer NEW
by: Nitram001

My 20 cu.ft. WZF79R20DW upright freezer insanely houses its electronics in the freezer compartment. It also has no condenser cooling fan to help cool the compressor. That translates to control board electronics and solder joints continually being swung through low-temperature limits, and a compressor so hot that it will burn your hand and prematurely fail. It's been 5 years of continual trouble. Now it's stuck in fast freeze, issuing a power on reset alarm every hour, for months on end. I tried everything. Giving up. $1300 for 5 years of trouble. I can't afford this.

Sep 01, 2022
dollorama quality appliances NEW
by: pissed off

I used to be able to Trust name brands for Quality .. Not Any More .. Kitchen-aid used to be in the top 5 best appliances .. Not Any More ..

I have a 3000$ Kitchen-aid refrigerator That is NOT worth more or equal to my old pair of sneakers ..

it seems that kitchen aid, Maytag and whirlpool are all made by the same Thieving, lying company !!!

since we are all being Scammed by companies in the U.S. and Canada.. I guess we are going to have to buy our products from Russia .. maybe we will be more respected from them !!!

Aug 29, 2022
Do Not Buy Whirlpool NEW
by: Anonymous

It only took one day for me to retract my apology. Started running like a normal non-piece of junk for about 4 hours and now again running constantly. I'm keeping a log- runs for 50-60 minutes and starts back up in 20. And to add to frustration their "Customer Experience" as they call it is terrible. Do not buy a Whirlpool if it is on sale for $10.00.

Aug 28, 2022
Retraction, it is ok NEW
by: Anonymous

I must apologize to Whirlpool. I was sensitive to having fridge troubles after bad experiences. My new fridge was running constantly, driving me crazy, but it has now regulated itself and not running very often. Quite most all of the time now.

Aug 27, 2022
Do Not Buy Whirlpool NEW
by: B

Bought one, it never worked from delivery. Tech came, verified it unfixable. Got a free replacement ,..after three weeks with no fridge. Now after about 10 days new one runs constantly. I hate it. Hate is not an extreme term here. It makes me not want to be in my house where I can hear it running, always running, from other rooms. Not exaggerating, always running. Wish I would have checked here before buying Whirlpool.

Aug 17, 2022
Whirlpool doesn't care about products or customers! NEW
by: Anonymous

I am right on board with what others are saying. I just hope people will read these reviews before buying any Whirlpool appliance. We will definitely read reviews before buying appliances in the future! We have the same situation - after just over a year, the refrigerator started breaking down; it happens every few month, then tech fixes it, it breaks down again, and on and on and on. And the company couldn't care less! When you call you just get the usual apologies, but their policies are rigid, so there is no recourse in this situation. You either put up with constant breakdowns, or buy a new refrigerator FROM A DIFFERENT COMPANY, wasting the hundreds of dollars you put in Whirlpool's pockets.

Aug 17, 2022
Whirlpool is undependable and the company doesn't care! NEW
by: Lyn M.

I am right on board with what others are saying. I just hope people will read these reviews before buying any Whirlpool appliance. We will definitely read reviews before buying appliances in the future! Within 1 1/2 years of purchase, the refrigerator started breaking down; it happens every few months, the tech fixes it, it breaks down again, and on and on and on. And the company couldn't care less! When you call you just get the usual apologies, but their policies are rigid, so there is no recourse in this situation. You either put up with constant breakdowns, or buy a new refrigerator FROM A DIFFERENT COMPANY, wasting the hundreds of dollars you put in Whirlpool's pockets.

Jul 26, 2022
Whirlpool Sucks NEW
by: Steve

4 new appliances in 2020, the range has been serviced at least 5 times, the dishwasher has been Replaced once, and now the refrigerator is on the fritz........DON'T BUY WHIRLPOOL AND DON'T BUY FROM WARNER STELLIAN IN MN

Jul 21, 2022
piece of junk whirlpool NEW

My Whirlpool refrigerator is a piece of junk! I bought it in January and it has never worked properly. I am on the Florida panhandle and there is only one company that Whirlpool will use to "repair" the piece of junk and they will not show up. Whirlpool hides behind that the warranty only covers parts and service, but there is no service. Never buy a Whirlpool

Jul 20, 2022
Junk NEW
by: Anonymous

Less than 2 years old. Ice maker broke twice Doing without.. Very loud. The frame is cheap and has no integrity. Had to jam a towel between it and the wall to quiet down the noise. It’s biggest selling point? It has LED lights.. The new way of the world, make junk and sock em on service. To the crusher it goes.

Jun 17, 2022
My fridge is abusive. NEW
by: Fridgey Ridgey

My whirlpool refrigerator is abusive to me. He will hit me with his door, bite my arm and give me bruises. My whirlpool fridge has a gang and he and his gang jumped me at three am. He is a bad fridge. No whirlpool, they will give you bruises.

Jun 09, 2022
Never again Whirlpool NEW
by: Rosie

I Was excited to replace my 15 year old Whirlpool side by side refrigerator with the 3 door French Refrigerator by Whirlpool. Terrible mistake. First within 60 days, it wouldn’t maintain an appropriate temperature in the refrigerator. Had to wait for parts for that. Before the parts returned my compressor died, and water was all over my floor in the kitchen. Hardwood floors mind you. I have been without a refrigerator now for about a month and whirlpool or even consider a replacement at this time. When did refrigerators that cost around 3 grand stop working in the first 60-90 days, one year, 2 years. Wtw! I will never purchase another whirlpool product again in my life. I believe they tout they made in the USA and the products are high-quality. But this is natural and after being a customer for well over 30 years I’m leaving I’m gone. I don’t believe this is USA made product, it may be assembled in the United States the parts are coming from China. Don’t by whirlpool

Apr 27, 2022

I bought this refrigerator less than a month ago and the compressor is shot. Of course Whirlpool does not cover a new replacement and the compressor is back-ordered. Never again STAY AWAY FROM ALL WHIRLPOOL PRODUCTS. THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THE JUNK THEY MANUFACTURE.

Apr 21, 2022
Temp control not working after 3 years. NEW
by: Anonymous

Bought a basic Whirlpool refrigerator to replace a refer that was over 15+ years old. The new refer has now failed after just 3 years use. The refer's electronic temp control no longer functions correctly(possibly locked in a default mode)and the temperature in the lower (non-freezer) compartment, swings from below freezing up to 40+ degrees (F) every few hours while the food in the upper section has wild temperature swings from below 0 degrees to above freezing (not it's normal frost-free operation) The supplied Whirlpool diagnostic test procedure is poorly written and difficult to follow; not at all helpful in my attempt to isolate the problem. I definitely wouldn't recommend buying a Whirlpool appliance after this experience.

Apr 08, 2022
Warm fridge ice build up NEW
by: Anonymous

Im.sick of the fridge Icing up and making the refrigerator compartment while freezer is cold ,it's obvious something isn't right ,calling repairman again ,but this is getting to the point where the stinking thing goin out by the road for trash I won't buy another whirlpool.

Feb 28, 2022
Plastic parts are trash! NEW
by: Anonymous

I truly agree! The plastic parts I mine started breaking within the first year! Total trash!

Jan 22, 2022
Agrred NEW
by: Anonymous

I just googled piece of shit whirlpool icemaker, and here I am

Dec 14, 2021
repaired twice in 5 years - crap. NEW
by: Anonymous

first it was the freezer, building up ice in the bottom of the drawer which leaked out and caused water damage in my house. now the refrigerator stopped cooling. it's only 5 years old! I wish I had known then what I know now - won't buy Whirlpool again - EVER.

Dec 13, 2021
garbage NEW
by: jeff fucking woods

Useless piece of shit. Large corporate monstrosity that seems to suck its customers down into a bottomless pit ...hence the name whirlpool. $1000 fridge, noisy piece of garbage that died after 2 years. Get the fuck away from this company, buy something decent. i will tell everybody i know...do not go near whirlpool.

Dec 11, 2021
Horrible, Horrible, Horrible Appliances
by: Anonymous

I redid my kitchen a few years ago and purchase matching "Gold" refrigerator, electric range, above the range micro and dishwasher. I've had nothing but problems with each one of these.
The fridge water dispenser had to have pump replaced twice, so on our third one we still have literally almost zero water come out of hose. I've done all the troubleshooting, my house pressure is fine, hose isn't clogged, etc... It's just junk.
My above the range consistently tells me the door is open. I've replaced the sensor, it's clean and in great shape, just can't tell when it's door is closed. FYI - it wont operate in this state. More trash!
The range top burners glow for a few seconds when trying to boil water, then think they get too hot so they go dark. It can take up to 30-40 minutes to boil a regular sized pan of water. More TRASH!
The Dishwasher has the least problems but the tray goes off the rails.
I'm just disgusted with Whirlpool. Will never buy again and will recommend against them to everyone I know.

Nov 30, 2021
Dead NEW
by: Anonymous

Only four years old and it’s dead….500.00 to fix it….I will never but Whirlpool again.

Nov 23, 2021
Horrible curtomer service, lousy product NEW
by: Anonymous

6 month old Whirlpool fridge and the seal failed. Wait a week for the manufacturer's repair person to diganose (yeah the seal is hanging off the freezer door, tough to diagnose). The seal will be here in a week. Then told it's on back order. Then told it's been shipped. Then told it's on backorder and it will be another month. Then the won't look at the complaint for another 14 business days. Meanwhile my tenant hasn't had a freezer for well over a month now and there is no resolution in sight. Avoid Whirlpool or their other labeled products as it's just a clown show.

Jun 21, 2021
no help from whirlpool. your noises are normal. Junk!!! NEW
by: Ramberg

No help from whirlpool. Serviced nine times now with no luck. Numerous phone calls, repairman guessed on problems and replaced parts three different occasions another time he called whirlpool tec support, no luck. So if you like spending money on a noisy fridge, buy whirlpool. And if you want a company that is not willing to work with you, buy whirlpool. My next step is to put in out by the road and paint it with the words JUNK! DON'T WAIST YOUR MONEY

Jun 07, 2021
Crap ice maket NEW
by: Anonymous

The ice maker has been replaced under warranty 6 months ago. Never consistently makes ice. I have Eastside Mayrtag coming to see why my ice maker won't make ice. Usually if I slam the ice door, It starts again. Tried it 5-6 times over 2 days. nothing. Wait I just heard a noise like, it's going to start again. I heard running water- I think. I'll have to wait 3-4 hours to check it . No consistency. Maybe I woke the rabbit up. I wouldn't buy this again.

Also, If I put anything in the fan compressor air path-it's frozen . told that that is normal.

Also, It throws the cubes out like a maniac. Hate this refrigerator.

May 10, 2021
Waste of money NEW
by: Anonymous

We have had our refrigerator with bottom freezer drawer for about 5 years. Very noisy. Last year ice started building up in back of the freezer drawer. $538 repair bill to replace the parts. One month later it was broken again. Refrigerator repair guy fixed again. About a month later ice is back. Now he’s saying maybe it’s the computer panel. That is upwards of $1,000. A complete piece of crap. We paid over $1,800 for it. Never again.

Jan 31, 2021
Beware of 30 inch French door whirlpool NEW
by: Anonymous

I had to replace my fridge. Thought the Whirlpool 30 inch wide one looked really nice with all the features and would fit the ticket to update my kitchen.
Beware! although I didn't get one with water in the door, they still bump in the interior for the water dispenser. With the water filter box in the top Right and control display in the top center, space for the "water dispenser" taken up. There is little room for your groceries. Oh, and BTW the full shelves leave you with 2 options. One of which gives you a 2.5 inch space. The tracks for the shelf that slides down for taller objects also interfere with your groceries too.
Can only fit one 1 gallon jug in the door too. Tried to return after 3 days, but there is a 700$ restock fee. Live and Learn

Jan 30, 2021
Whirlpool Refrigerator is JUNK NEW
by: Anonymous

We purchased a new Whirlpool refrigerator about two years ago and it has made a knocking sound since day one. Had it looked at. They say it's normal. It's not normal. At least not like any other refrigerator I have ever heard. Do not buy any of their junk. look elsewhere.

Dec 23, 2020
I also hate my Whirlpool refrigerator
by: Vern Edwards

We spent a lot of money,$1100 on our fridge and within 2 months the cheap plastic support that held the vegetable drawers in the middle broke! I ordered another one because of course Whirlpool considered that part not covered under their warranty. About 3 months later that replacement part broke. What a stupid idea that is to make a part designed to hold up weight, out of plastic.
Now the cover for the slide out drawer has a broken tab and it is now up functional. I truly regret buying a Whirlpool, their products are lousy and their customer service is worthless. I will never buy another Whirlpool product!

Nov 20, 2020
Piece of shit NEW
by: Anonymous

Amana (Whirlpool) has destroyed my new hardwood floors with it's puking out water every week or two. Never again.

Oct 16, 2020
The Tortillas And Veggies Door Had Broke! Rant. NEW
by: Alec Heesacker

I Can't Believe That The Door Had Broke And Now I Am Upset, Cause The Whirlpool Refridge Is So Complexed! Demanding. I WANT A BETTER DESIGNED REFRIDGE!

Jul 28, 2020
3jyears old and dead NEW
by: Anonymous

purchased a new whirlpool fridge and it is only 3 years old and completely dead, had to throw away all my food now looking for another brand never will buy anything whirlpool again
same brand washer died 6 month ago that also had to be replaced

Jun 25, 2020
Very unhappy with Whirlpool NEW
by: Anonymous

Words cannot describe how unhappy, frustrated, and dismayed we are with our Whirlpool refrigerator. In 2017 we bought a new French door fridge with the freezer drawer on the bottom. We loved the design and how it looked in the kitchen. In 2018 ice began to form behind the deli drawer. We had it repaired. In 2019 it happened again and we had it repaired again, the repairman told us it was a recall problem and he could fix it for good. In 2020 it completely stopped working one day for no apparent reason. It fixed itself overnight so we thought we had dodged a bullet. Then the ice maker stopped making ice. The repairman, who we seem to know quite well now, told us that there is a valve that needs to be replaced. While waiting for him to get the part and get it fixed, the darn thing has quit working again. We are in the process of moving all the food into the fridge in the garage until he can get here again with the new part for the ice maker. We've had many refrigerators over the years but never with this history of problems. I will never buy at a Whirlpool fridge again.

Jun 23, 2020
Hate my new Whirlpool top freezer model fridge NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought a new Whirlpool top freezer fridge thinking it would be safe and reliable and trouble free! And less hassle. No. It's terrible. As soon as I plugged it in the noise it was making was driving me nuts. Home Depot has a 48 hour return policy but you have to pay a restocking fee. I was on the fence but now I regret keeping this fridge. It's louder than my 15 year old fridge! Constantly running and emitting a buzzing noise. From what I read Whirlpool will just tell me its normal operating sounds! I wish so much I read these reviews first. I hate my fridge and regret buying it. One tech said all the fridges made in the last 3 to 4 years are like this because of cheap parts!

Apr 11, 2020
No more Whirlpool products NEW
by: Anonymous

Less than 2yrs old,both fridge light and freezer lights are out.replaced water filter twice! Unreliable repair service in my area.whirlpool paid tech four times to fix microwave rather than giving me a new one!!!

Nov 02, 2019
by: ADB


Aug 19, 2019
Crap product NEW
by: Anonymous

Paid 2 grand for crap product five year ago.
Broke down this year. Paid 500 to get it "repaired".
Broke down again three months later

I will never bit from this crap company again

Shame on Costco for shilling this crap product.

Jul 05, 2019
Piece of shit Whirlpool NEW
by: Robert

French door with freezer on bottom purchased in 2014. Paid nearly 2k for piece of shit. About two years ago had to replace thermostat in freezer. Now tried to replace water filter and am on the third one and won’t work. Take it out and water flows fine. No water at all when new filter in. So left out filter and then the ice maker now just leaks water into the bottom of the freezer and won’t make ice. While purchasing the third filter told several people looking at fridges to Stay away from anything Whirlpool and the troubles we have had. Bought an American brand fridge with freezer on top for the garage for about $800 11 yrs ago. Still works great! Never buying anything Whirlpool again.

May 01, 2019
Piece of c...
by: Rebecca

We bought the French door refrigerator with freezer on the bottom and it has quit working 4 times but they are not qualifying the first time as the repair (warranty company they sent) man actually blocked our number from calling after 2 weeks and they had to send another company which they have been able to get it going but today was told hey you have bugs and there’s proof that these bugs are crawling around back by the compressor and they are causing your problems and if it happens again they won’t cover your warranty work as bugs on the computer boards is not covered under warranties... I want this garbage out of my house what a waste of time and money I abhor this piece of junk!!!
Will NEVER buy another whirlpool!!!

Mar 22, 2019
Whirlpool Junk NEW
by: Lynne

Looks like we will be replacing a a French Door SS purchased in 2014. Really spent almost $2,000.00 on what is now a piece of junk. Had a service person come out and replace one part because it was freezing up. Now the ice maker won't make ice and as of this morning it is making the same noise it was making before when it froze up. Repair man said the only other option now is the $500.00 board plus the cost of install cost. NO THANKS! Never again. This is a not something that we can easily afford to replace but not spending anymore money on this junk!

Aug 14, 2018
Whirlpool Gold Series’Refrigerator Nightmare!! NEW
by: Anonymous

Bought this fancy WP French door with bottom freezer piece of junk new last year. Six service calls while under first year warranty! Unbelievable! Had to replace basically everything
on the thing. Now the compressor has gone bad and I’m looking at another 700-800 dollars to’replace it. Never again! First time shame on them, second time shame on me!

Jun 13, 2018
Crap refrigerator NEW
by: Anonymous

5 year old French door refrigerator (wrf 989SDAM00) needs a new compressor and evaporator. $1000. I can’t believe that a new refrigerator only lasts 5 years.

May 29, 2018
Don’t Buy Whirlpoop NEW
by: Tom

3 bad compressors and 1 evaporator on a unit that’s 4 years old. Over $750 of lost food and Whirlpoop "Customer I Don’t Care" says too bad for you. I asked for a new frig and their response was "only if we can’t fix it". All frigs can be repaired.

Advice. Don’t buy Kichenaid/Whirlpoop unless you want to be miserable for years.

Apr 22, 2018
Plastic Handle NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought my Whirlpool Refrigerator in Feb of 2015 by December the handle broke. It is a plastic piece of garbage, but I figured it was a fluke thing - - this morning - - 2 years later it snapped again. I am a single person sooo its not like I have a family of 4 constantly going in fridge - - and even if that were the case the handle shouldn't break twice in 24 months. Clearly, plastic is not the way to go. No more warranty so I will have to pay to replace. I havent looked into the price for replacement, but Im thinking probably $30 to $60 bucks. I think Im going to go w/some Gorilla glue. I realize this isn't as big a deal as some of the posts I read here - - but in reading those Im wondering what else Im in for.

Apr 14, 2018
My whirlpool fridge is crap too. NEW
by: Anonymous

Had whirlpool side by side about a year and hose broke to icemaker ruining our wood floor. Repairman said this was a common problem and that he would put different connector on that would last. You would think maybe theyd have a recall. Also within the first year one crisper drawer cracked. Now we are into about the third year and another crisper drawer cracked so bad my daughter got chards of plastic in her hand. They have been difficult to open and close from the get go. I guess they are not made to put actual food in. What actually got me going on this is the price they have the nerve to charge for replacement drawers. This was very surprising because my previous drawers lastest the entire life of the fridge. No more whirlpools.

Feb 20, 2018
Whirlpool has been a FAIL NEW
by: Anonymous

We bought an entire suite of Whirlpool appliances, spending over 7K when we bought another house.
It seems like since the get-go, these have been costly to repair and totally not worth it.
Our front loading, energy efficient front loading washing machine, became a mold factory. It barely cleaning my husband’s dirty work clothes, because the washer skimped on water. It ended up being pitched after only 2 frustrating years.
How sickening is that? Between the cost, repairs, aggravation, etc., we might as well have burned $1000.
The refrigerator’s doors never really closed right. The seal wasn’t properly installed. Now it leaks inside. It left a huge puddle on our new flooring. Had a plumber come out and he said "This is an interior problem. You’re going to have to have an appliance repair place fix it." Now out another $106...
Save the aggrav and just buy a better brand!

Nov 08, 2017
Yep I agree NEW
by: Jason

We built our house 5 years ago and bought all whirlpool gold"shit" appliances. Waher, dryer, fridge, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and fridge. What a mistake!!! Never ever in my life will I own a Whirlpool or subsidiary of this company again. Within 4 years the drawer on the fridge broke and the handle/front of it fell off. The stove constantly has to be reset by the breaker or unplugging it every time we need to use it. The clothes washer has knocked a hole in the wall Due to the transmission failing and causing an out of balance. As well as the main circuit board software failing and not performing the cycles properly. It forgets the final spin cycle half the time. For the price of these units I would expect that they last more than 4 years. I still have a working 15 year old washer in my shop to wash rags with. It does not move, shake or make the noise this new He washing machine does. Beware the whirlpool website makes it appear that the warranty will cover drive components for 5 years, but they do not! One year period! DO NOT BUY!!!

Jun 26, 2017
Buffalo NY
by: Dayeenah

whirlpool double door bottom freezer worst purchase ever from sears 3 service calls before 3 year warranty expired still couldn't return it because service tech never serviced the refrigerator/freezer leaks on the floor constantly even when I remove ice shelf on bottom of freezer that accumulates every week or so. Lo$t of food due to freezing in refrigerator. Saving money for different brand hopefully before water damage to my kitchen floor occurs. not worth the 2500 I paid for it do not buy.

Jun 15, 2017
Never again!
by: Anonymous

I purchased a Whirlpool French door refrigerator 3 1/2 years ago. Biggest mistake ever! After 6 months the freezer had to be defrosted every couple of months. The spacer that flips back and forth between the doors broke and the plastic piece at the bottom f the front right door fell apart so now the door is hanging only from the top hinge. What a piece of junk! Now I'm in the process of having to buy a new fridge. Thanks for nothing, Whirlpool!

Jan 17, 2017
Thermostat on Back Order
by: Anonymous

I bought a Whirlpool French door refrigerator in 2011. It's 5 years old. Two years ago the compressor had to be replaced. Next, the thermostat control needed to be replaced. The part for the new thermostat is on back order and won't ship until APRIL! I called Whirlpool, and the man told me that he would send my issue to the Parts Division guys who will search high and low for that part. He told me that these guys are very good at their job. Hope springs eternal (sarcasm).

I'm so mad I could spit.

Aug 20, 2016
stupid thermostat broke
by: Anonymous

after 2 years of owning my whirlpool fridge the thermostat stopped responding, the freezer got warm and the fridge got cold, my fresh veggies all got frost on them what a piece of garbage. no point fixing it as it will just crap away again the way they were design has got to be the core issue with every other whirlpool out there. Built cheap with inconvenience in mind buyer beware.

ps. should of known it was crap from the get go when they only offered a 1yr warranty on it.

Jul 31, 2016
so unhappy
by: Julia

our whirlpool gold ridge is 4 years old and dying. For the first two years once a week there would be a pool of water under the front. My husband spent a day researching and fixing the problem and now the fridge will not keep anything cool. this fridge is 4 years old. Never again will I buy Whirlpool - what a complete waste of money.

Jul 27, 2016
so mad
by: Anonymous

I am not happy with our refrigerator either. The second year water leaked on the floor and they had to replace the line-for free. It made sense to me why they keep PUSHING the insurance. It was almost they new we would have issues with our Whirlpool
Oh yea, my food is still freezing in the refrigerator. We are to the point of just buying a new one -

Jun 16, 2016
Cant open the maganet door
by: Anonymous

The magnetic pull on door closing is crapy younger children cant open the door there is no adjustments and I don't believe that all parts of this frig are made in USA

Jun 01, 2016
by: Anonymous

This is astounding to me to read these comments. I am on vacation, and DEFROSTING MY RFEFRIGERATOR!! This is a 2 year old Whirlpool stainless steel side by side with bottom freezer. I've been in enuf hotel rooms in my life I know what a frosted air coil sounds like. When I open the freezer drawer there's frost on the inside of the back wall of the freezer! Finally am biting the bullet and just unplugged the mother and opened the drawer to let it defrost and will wipe it down with paper towels to remove the water and sacrifice everything inside the fridge. REPAIR? I'll pay a junk collector to carry it away first. This unbelievable to me. I'm old enuf to remember when you bought a fridge and eventually got rid of the working one to get a newer model AFTER DECADES. If it frosts up again, I'm buying a cheap throw away that if and when it breaks in 2 years will just replace it. OMG. What a mess!

Mar 23, 2016
Wow - what crap
by: Anonymous

I have bought many refrigerators in my time my whirlpool has to be the worst. Ice maker problems, condensate drains problems, freon leaks and more. DO NOT BUY THIS BRAND!!!

Dec 24, 2015
Whirlpool is a shameful disgrace to humanity
by: Lowe's

The plastic end caps on my father's new refrigerator cracked. The replacement part then did the same thing. No quality end caps are available made from metal, only plastic crap made by Whirlpool. Avoid buying a Whirlpool lemon. Most of all never buy a fridge from Lowe's.

Nov 20, 2015
by: Anonymous

We have a whirlpool Fridge and its crap! What is worse you cannot speak to whirlpool about it you have to go through a contractor how poor is that when Whirlpool can't even defend or answer any questions about their own product. They are a DISGRACE!

Oct 23, 2015
Samsung fridge is a piece of crap
by: Anonymous

Samsung and LG are the worst rated appliances, by Consumer Reports.

Oct 08, 2015
by: charles dotson

This is the second time this junk went out warrenty means nothing best buy something that works had a sear unit before that work for thirty years this works good for maybe two years after replacement food is not a problem for them you can loose 800.00 and they could care less

Oct 05, 2015
Whirpool= junk
by: Anonymous

DO NOT buy anything Whirlpool. Built a new home in 2009 and all appliances, which were Whirlpool, have been replaced or worked on. My Refrigerator just went. I'm furious!

Sep 15, 2015
I hate my Whirlpool Refrigerator!!!
by: Bonita

We purchased a newly built home. The appliances included in the developer's package purchase were all Whirlpool! Awful does not do justice to describing the performance of the appliances. After 3 months in the new home, we are now awaiting the second repair visit on our WRF7365DAN12 French Door Refrigerator. The refrigerator and freezer are wet ALL THE TIME, and now the freezer has totally frosted over for the second time in three months. The repairman and the "customer service"!?!?!? representatives at Whirlpool tell me it is because I live in a hot/humid environment and the refrigerator is not made to function well in this environment!!!!! Why sell them here then????? I am told by the "customer service"?!?!? representatives that this is not a problem covered by warranty since the warranty only covers "functional" problems!!!! Excuse me, what is the function of a refrigerator????? Don't EVER buy a Whirlpool appliance!!!! Everyone of min (microwave, double over with solid surface cooktop, dishwasher and refrigerator is an absolute hunk of junk!!!! Compliation of the user's manual and and objectives of the Whirlpool design team are obviously managed by the legal department. What a joke this company and their appliances are!!!!!!! NEVER,NEVER, NEVER, NEVER buy a Whirlpool appliance!

Sep 05, 2015
Whirlpool Gold refrig leaks onto my kitchen floor
by: patrick

we have a Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator.
it's not too old.
unfortunately, it leaks water onto my kitchen floor every few days.
I tried defrosting it, that helped for a while but now the leaking has started again.
does anyone know if they are manufacturing in China?
I'm so sick of Chinese products, I now know why they call their boats Junks.

Aug 16, 2015
by: Anonymous

I know where your at. We had so many issues with ours and just at fits end. Then out of no where, Whirlpool steped up and told us they would take care of the problem. They did and we were so WOWED. The replacement fridge is what I hoped for in the Whirlpool name. It's flawlaess and perfect.
Gee, to bad this didn't happen in the first place to avoid all the crapp.

Aug 15, 2015
Love Our Whirlpool
by: Anonymous

When we bought our side by side Whirlpool, we had many issues with it after three months. Had service come out twice and finally just gave up. The warranty had run out but persistance pays off - after many complaints to the manufacturer, we got a phone call one day and they actually came and picked up the "faulty" one and replaced it with an updated one at no cost. We have had this one for almost a year and it is flawless. No complaints with Whirlpool - they stood by their name.

Aug 15, 2015
What a piece of junk!
by: Anonymous

I also hate my Whirlpool refrigerator! It freezes anything that is set more than 8" back on the middle and lower shelves. I have even had it freeze vegetables in the produce bins. This occurs on the lowest i.e. 1 snowflake setting. Oh, and it leaks and leaves a big puddle on the floor every so often. This evening I was about to sit down to dinner with my family when I heard a crash from the kitchen. It sounded like an ice machine dropping an enormous load, except that we don't have an ice machine. When I looked inside the fridge, the middle shelf had shattered. It wasn't exposed to temperature fluctuations. Nothing dropped on it. No one had even been in the fridge for at least fifteen minutes. I'm disgusted. I bought this appliance from Lowes. It is highly unlikely that I will ever buy another major appliance there again. I definitely will not buy another Whirlpool appliance EVER!

Aug 07, 2015
Add us to the list
by: Anonymous

Yup, two years seems to be the amount of time you can expect to have one of these awful products. Refrigerator is only two years old and second time in two months a repairman has to come to fix loud noise emanating from refrigerator. This is unbelievable!

Jun 18, 2015
Whirlpool Side by Side Refrigerator
by: Anonymous

My Whirlpool is a piece of junk. The ice maker throws ice into the freezer making lots of noise. During some sort of automatic defrost cycle it makes so much noise it is hard to talk. Sounds like grinding ice. When you get ice through the shoot it doesn't stop it just keeps dumping ice. During the one year warranty period we had service people here at least 8 times. It's a lemon for sure.

Jun 03, 2015
by: Anonymous

Purchased entire kitchen of whirlpool products a little over two years ago. Have had warranty repairs on fridge doors,double oven element and control board, cook top ignitors,and dishwasher detergent dispenser. Yet again the repair man was here today to tell me the refrigerator compressor is bad and is only covered for a year under warranty. $850.00 to replace. On a $2250.00 refrigerator that is only two years old? What happened to integrity? Shame on whirlpool for not standing behind their worthless products. Try to buy American and this is what happens. Never buy whirlpool. Oh yeah customer service is very rude.

Jun 03, 2015
by: Anonymous

I posted here to relieve tension and disatisfaction. Whirlpool stood up to the plate and came thru like a champ.
What they did was outstanding in anybodys book and I say thank you. The beginning problem escelated beyond believe and felt $3000 was lost. Yet, in waysw I don't understand they took care of it and the replacement has been perfect

Jun 03, 2015
by: Anonymous

Purchased entire kitchen of whirlpool products a little over two years ago. Have had warranty repairs on fridge doors,double oven element and control board, cook top ignitors,and dishwasher detergent dispenser. Yet again the repair man was here today to tell me the refrigerator compressor is bad and is only covered for a year under warranty. $850.00 to replace. On a $2250.00 refrigerator that is only two years old? What happened to integrity? Shame on whirlpool for not standing behind their worthless products. Try to buy American and this is what happens. Never buy whirlpool. Oh yeah customer service is very rude.

May 11, 2015
Peace of **** !
by: Dave

Do yourself a favor and steer clear of Whirlpool products . My Whirlpool refrigerators compressor locked up right after one out of warranty .

Mar 14, 2015
Whirlpool should go out of business!
by: Micheal McKee

I can not even begin to tell you how utterly disappointed I am with my entire kitchen of Whirlpool GOLD series appliances. Double Oven is on its second control Board. The dish washer just does not get dishes clean--we do em by hand more often then not. Ok The over the range micro wave has been ok. Ah but the French Door Fridge--ew this is a jewel. It started by ice maker going out in 2nd week--ok they fixed it. Then it started gushing water out the bottom Freezer. They send a guy out he disassembles, cleans a defrost nipple-reinstalls it and there we go-right? Wrong! in a month it does it again--although now it outta warranty! I look on line and find there is a new defrost drain nipple that needs to be installed- a upgraded one!. Ok I "BUY" said nipple, install it, clean all the ice out of the bottom and use a hair dryer to make sure said nipple is going to work properly and walla-3 weeks later-more water. I tear it apart again, check my installation of upgraded defrost nipple--clean it -put it all back together again, all was installed right. A month later oh goodie -more water. I go Back online to see if there is a recall on this total piece a crap. Call, they told me no recall--it is not a safety issue. I guess slipping on a wet floor and killing yourself on hardwood floors is not a safety issue.Speaking of hardwood floors, my freshly redone hard wood floors, that were done just before installing this dynamic piece of wonderful equipment are completely ruined by this point. And they are floors that are no longer made so in order to fix the damaged wood-I need to replace the entire down stairs with new hard wood floors. Maybe they should just give anyone that has hard wood a logo ed Whirlpool rug to hide the damage this junk is gonna cause? Back online, I find there is now a NEW! Kit this time its a complete little drain hose and a trap. I buy it I install it and I have been water free. Water free until just 3 minutes ago when I had to break up the ice in it, clean the water on my floor. We are moving to a new home, and we are going to need new appliances--guess what brand they will NOT BE!

beyond worst

Jan 22, 2015
Whirlpool warranty update
by: Annie Watts

Odd isn't it when the warranty ended... the ice motor fell off for the 6th time. No warranty so my husband put it back in its place with his own tools. Now it's the ice maker is working. Seemed like a warranty scam cause the shop Whirlpool was hiring never fixed it properly. In my honest opinion.

Jan 18, 2015
by: Anonymous

It seems there is a brotherhood of angry Whirlpool owners that I am a part of. Ours is a little over a year old and has been nothing but problems. The same as all of yours. It is again acting up, and have tried Whirlpool Service.........SERVICE my aching you know what!!!! When this thing crapps completely we will go back to Sears. We never had these kind of problems with them. DONT spend your money on anything Whirlpool. You won't sleep at nite and will need a second job to support it!

Jan 03, 2015
by: Anonymous

I bought a brand new Whirlpool refrigerator
and dishwasher just over 2 yrs ago. Money! The dishwasher has to have water added to do a proper load. The refrigerator has had to have all drawers replaced, the bottom two twice, and now I need the bottom replaced a third time. Crap piece of junk.The water filter has needed replacement every 2-3 months. Not 6.And the replacements they sent have not worked and we ice trays. Do Not buy anything that is clear or plastic looking. It looks cool, trusted the brand... piece of garbage, and they don't help. And they don't care. Will Def send you coupons to but their crap water filters thougb. Crap crap crap.

Dec 29, 2014
Model GX55HDXVQ00
by: Anonymous

This Whirlpool refrigerator is the biggest piece of junk there is! Two years old and plagued with defrost problems.

In fact I am waiting for the repairman to come to determine if I need a new board that controls it!

I would not recommend anyone buy a whirlpool ever again! What a piece of crap!

Oh, serviceman says they have had a lot of problems with the circuit board in these.

Nov 10, 2014
Whirlpool is the sound of you money going down the toilet
by: Anonymous

Whirlpool products, and any of the other names they hide their rubbish under these days, Maytag, Roper, what ever, are in a word Crap! Whirlpool uses the cheapest products they can buy to build their junk, that is until you need the over price hunk of crap repaired, then suddenly that $2.00 circuit board cost $400.00 You are asking to be screwed by buying any of their products. Do yourself a favor and buy Samsung or LG.

Sep 30, 2014
HATE my Whirlpool Fridge!!!
by: Jessielee

I have a whirlpool fridge with french doors and an ice maker on the front. This fridge contsantly pools water. It is ruining my floors and I am chipping blocks of ice out of the freezer on a daily basis. This fridge is not even a year old. My warranty is up at the end of the month. I phone today and spoke to a manager and he said the only thing he can do is have a technician come out to fix it. Well we have done that three times already. This will be the fourth time. The fourth day I have taken off work, sat around all day waiting for the technician to show up to have the problem continue. What kind of a company is this? Who's products don't even last a year? This is an outrage I am so upset. The manager "Reggie" was a robot. Just kept reading from a script. I told him to speak to me as a person and he continually told me all he could do was send out a technician. I want a new fridge!!! :(:(:(

Sep 29, 2014
Jenn Air Fridge total garbage
by: Anonymous

Apparently Whirlpool is a big fan of planned obsolescence, We tried to fix our piece of shit Jenn Aire fridge with 7 visits only to be told that the part that was really needed has been discontinued. Read the nice things others say about this POS company prior to making any purchases. Big on marketing, awful products and dismal customer service. If you are going to get ripped for a Kitchen Aid or Jenn Air, go a couple more and get a Subzero with 12 year warranty on major parts. Appliance salesmen off the record say all Whirlpool is junk,

Sep 26, 2014
Thank you for all the helpful comments
by: Leigh

I am writing this to thank everyone for all their helpful comments. I have a whirlpool refrigerator that is 2 years old. I have had nothing but trouble with it. Compressor had to be replaced within 6 months of purchase. Customer service was a bitch to deal with. Since then it makes loud popping noises and is leaking all over my kitchen floor every few days. Upon finding this site, I discovered many people with the same problem and called the number listed by someone and Whirlpool automatically stated "to promote customer good will, we will send someone to fix it free of charge". Ha! Upon more searching, there is a defective part that they have known about for some time. Customer Good Will??? I will never buy another Whirlpool product again!

Aug 17, 2014
Whirlpool refrigerator
by: Anonymous

Every other day water pools at the bottom of the door . Wouldn't recommend whirlpool products. Pieces of crap!

Aug 14, 2014
Whirlpool is a joke
by: Anonymous

Oh my, where do I begin?

I've just spent over an hour simply trying to get my coin-op washer and dryer registered. Registered. That's it. Why? Because my brand new coin-op washer has already stopped pumping water after only nine months of operation at a little 4-plex... meaning I need to get it serviced but I FIRST need to get it registered before being able to get it serviced. I've been transferred over six times to different people and yet not one of them knows how to register the product.

I'd be embarrassed if I worked for Whirlpool. Shit, they are so disorganized and ill-equipped to deliver for their customers that I'm actually embarrassed for them.

Never again will I even touch a lousy Whirlpool product.

Aug 06, 2014
Popping noises
by: Anonymous

We bought a new Whirlpool French Doors refrigerator last week. The fridge makes so much noise it disturbs us when we sit in the kitchen. It sounds like someone sitting in the room popping bubble wrap. We called service and they said if it continues they can send a service person, however, if there is nothing wrong with the fridge, the service call will be at our own cost.

Jul 24, 2014
I hate my whirlpool Fridge
by: Annie Watts

To add insult to injury; when I phoned the Brick and Whirlpool for warranty they said "see if you BOUGHT an extended warranty - we could have replaced it" so all in all, all they want you to do is buy the extended warranty, probably so they don't have to honour the factory warranty?

Jul 18, 2014
by: Karen Robertson

My KitchenAid side by side refrigerator died within six months. I lost expensive food. After five unsuccessful repair visits, Whirlpool admitted that it was unfixable. I traded the KitchenAid in for a Whirlpool brand WSF26CEXWO1 side by side and it lasted for one year. If they fool me once, shame on them, if they fool me twice, shame on me! I will never ever buy any product that Whirlpool owns again. Their service department is terrible! Their products are even worse. The second refrigerator made it to a few days over one year so my extended warranty through Lowes covered it. The repairmen Lowes sent were nice but they could not fix this defective product. After 3 visits they had replaced parts to the point that they had partially re-manufactured it, but the unit still drips water off the inside back and top of the refrigerator, freezes up in between and the temperature of the refrigerator gets up to 60 degrees. Grinding noises and constant running. I'm getting rid of this Whirlpool piece of junk.

Jun 24, 2014
Whirlpool WRF560WEYW00 sucks
by: Annie Watts

WRF560WEYW00 refrigerator is the worst I've ever bought... 5 service calls later and the unit that was replaced just fell off the wall last night. I'll never ever recommend this lemon to anyone.

Jun 24, 2014
I hate my whirlpool Fridge
by: Annie Watts

I bought a Whirlpool Fridge at the Brick Model WRF560SEWW00 and it's ice maker hasn't worked for a year. Whirlpool would never admit that it must have been a dud and we had to call service at least 5 times. I opened the freezer last night and the whole ice maker unit fell off it's wall. I would never ever recommend this fridge to anyone based on this pain for a year. Whirlpool doesn't seem to care either.

Apr 15, 2014
No more Whirlpools for me
by: Drew

I will never buy another Whirlpool appliance. I have a refrigerator that is 2 years old and it has stopped working twice.

Now, the freezer keeps getting a thick layer of ice on the back which I assume is the reason for the refrigerator not working. I've defrosted it manually twice in the past week.

I'm not going to bother calling them - even if they fix it, how can I trust it with multiple failures in a short period of time?

Apr 07, 2014
Whirlpool Refrigerator Defective
by: Jean

I bought a whirlpool refrigerator in October 2013
Nothing But Trouble. Food spoilage, Ice Maker NEVER
worked. Whirlpool sent out service contractors. They can't fix it. Whirlpool did not return my calls after a time. I am looking for a good lawyer to join in the class action suit
Fed Up In Maryland

Sep 06, 2013
by: Anonymous

I am very disappointed with Whirlpool Canada.

August 17, my Whirlpool Gold Series refrigerator stopped working.

It was making and odd sound, when we check the freezer food was excessively hard and the refrigerator was not cold.

We purchased a suite of Whirlpool appliance Feb. 5 2012 (4300$ worth) at Corbeil in Gatineau Quebec Canada.
Invoice from Corbeil is #0038-015112

Model- GX2SHBXVY06
Serial- K14101291

After speaking to someone from Whirlpool Canada, I was advised that a technician would come in to do a diagnostic of the appliance.

A technician from Lepage Appliances (Gatineau) did show up August 27. He replaced the computer board stating it was defective and advised me there would be no charges to replace the unit. He replaced the part and then left. BTW- I got impeccable and courteous service from Lepage Appliances.

In the province of Quebec, I was reminded by the Consumer Protection Branch of the Quebec Government that companies must fix issues that are deemed within a reasonable time of product life expectancy. In other words, if a refrigerators life expectancy is 10 years, having parts fail within 16 months is not a reasonable timeframe.

With that in mind, the office of the appliance technician called me twice now saying that Whirlpool would not cover the cost of the computer board and I would have to pay 200$. Please be informed that I will not pay this part as I was not told beforehand I had to pay and in addition, the part was found defective a very short time after your warranty expired so Whirlpool needs to stand behind its products.

After on hold for well over 20 minutes, Whirlpool has informed me Whirlpool informed they would cover the part and not the service call. Whirlpool is changing their minds again. Please understand I am not paying for any parts or labour as I was informed by the technician that all was covered.

As stated in an earlier email, we are moving shortly and we will be looking for new kitchen appliances. I am hoping this matter is resolved before we select the brand of our new appliances.

I am hoping you can resolve this matter internally. For 200$, it seems that Whirlpool has no problems losing a client forever.

Aug 30, 2013
Whirlpool products and service are awful
by: Duncan

We purchased a Whirlpool Refrigerator (model WRF560SEYMOO) in April 2013.

August 2013, it stopped working. We lost several hundred dollars worth of food.

Called for warrantee service. It took four days for Whirlpool to send a service guy out - I had to take a half-day off work to wait for him.

He told us that he needs to order a part, but wont be back to repair the fridge until this time next week. We have a dinner party tomorrow with 50 people - and no refrigerator. This is a problem.

Two weeks - we are without a refrigerator for two weeks. The refrigerator is just three months old. It should not be having ANY issues yet.

I called customer service to complain, and they basically told me that this was the best they could do, and there was nothing else they were going to do for me.

So short sighted. If they had done *something* to fix the problem, or try to make it up to us, they could have made me a customer for life. Instead, they spent the time pointing to their 'legal contract' and how they are not legally obligated to do anything beyond what they are doing... they just lost me for every single future appliance purchase. stupid stupid stupid.

I will never again purchase a Whirlpool product. I hope this story will convince you NOT to purchase Whirlpool products as well. Whirlpool needs to be punished by the marketplace for selling mediocre products and having crummy customer service.

Apr 22, 2013
I hate my Whirlpool
by: D.B.

Add me to the list of those who hate my Whirlpool refrigerator. If I set the temperature cool enough to keep things frozen in the freezer compartment then things freeze in the refrigerator (I currently have a bottle of water frozen solid in the fridge, all my produce is ruined). If I turn down the temperature to where things stop freezing in the fridge, everything in the freezer thaws out. Ice cream is the consistency of sour cream. Had a repair guy out. He said to make sure I don't put things on the back half of the shelf and don't overload the fridge and freezer (I guess more than 2 items in the freezer is overloading). It didn't make a difference. I called the company, they told me the same thing. Basically, they made a piece of crap and won't take responsibility for the fact it won't work. I'll never buy a Whirlpool appliance again.

Mar 24, 2013
by: K C

had first fridge (whirlpool 6WSC20C6XB side by side) delivered both doors were uneven and bottom grill sratched and bent so sent it back for replacement. the replacement is only 1yr old and fridge side is warm and water/air filters I replaced but icons wont go off when reset. called whirlpool gave me a job number(warranty) and to use local service agent , they ordered new part (piece between freezer and fridge that lets cold air in. took 8 days for part then was installed and is a faulty new part as now is running continuosly and freezing everything in fridge. There customer service centre is a joke and speek to you like there recorded robots wont let me speek to a manager and just dont give a shit. I would never buy again and it wasnt a cheep fridge $2000 australian but were cheaper ones around but I wanted black and had a budget and thought whirlpool was a good brand , wish I had read all this first. small town in Qld Australia

Mar 03, 2013
by: yesenia from texas

I really hate my whirlpool refrigerator. I wake up every morning to a iced over freezer. Which in that case now the bottom part of my frige is now nice and worm. I was so sure i was buying a great brand i didnt even bother to buy warrentie. I've only had my frige for less than a year and I already want it out. Don't trust whirlpool. Get warrentie!!

Mar 03, 2013
by: yesenia from texas

I really hate my whirlpool refrigerator. I wake up every morning to a iced over freezer. Which in that case now the bottom part of my frige is now nice and worm. I was so sure i was buying a great brand i didnt even bother to buy warrentie. I've only had my frige for less than a year and I already want it out. Don't trust whirlpool. Get warrentie!!

Dec 12, 2012
door bins
by: Anonymous

I've had a Roper refrigerator (made by Whirlpool for the last three years. The door bins are some sort of cheap flimsy plastic and are used on the Whirlpool product as well. I broke 2 bins within the first year. Replacement bins are overpriced crappy plastic and are as flimsy as the originals. I am now in the market for a new refrigerator and a new freezer for my second home and while I haven't shopped around much, I can guarantee that Roper, Whirlpool and Kenmore versions will not make the cut. Absolute junk!

Oct 12, 2012
Refrig wont stay cold , but freezer works
by: Rayejr13@aol.com

i have had my whirlpool gold for 2yrs . i have had the same problem 6 times ..The top frig wont stay cold , but freezer works . i have done everything from turning it off for 15 mins , doing a rain dance , and telling it how much ?I love it . after the 5th visit Lowes took it to the Lab and gave me a replacement which was another brand . I had the replacement for 5 weeks and when they returned my frig (yesterday) i woke up to warm milk for the kids cereal , but the freezer was working fine .I have the extended warranty..So when the reapirman comes totake it again im just gonna keep the replacement and tell them to keep that POS (piece of Sh*t)

Sep 26, 2012
by: Anonymous

Have had this stupid fridge for only one year (had previous fridge for 20 years) and it is leaking water on our beautiful wood floors (out of the "feet" on the bottom front. I'm reading other comments about a faulty defrost system. We did not get the filtered water option. Only have an ice maker. Water leaks in the back and creates solid sheet of ice below freezer drawer. VERY disappointing. Clearly a piece of junk.

Jul 29, 2012
ice cube maker piece of junk
by: Jeannine

My Whirlpool fridge model#GX2FHDXVB04 is just over a year old. I have had a repair man here 3 times to fix the ice cube maker including installing a brand new one. Now one month out of warranty it is not working again. I called Whirlpool & tuff luck....your out of warranty. It is making a noise & not producing cubes. I would NEVER by a Whirlpool again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 24, 2012
Fuming angry over my whirlpool fridge.
by: Anonymous

I have the same f$%#ng problem with this stupid fridge. I don't why they stay in business. they make every appliance a piece of crap. My fridge was replaced a couple time and the same problem. I won't keep the food fresh. 2-3 days and veggies turns soggy and frozen. The food get freezer burns after 1 week. we threw away tons of food and wasted a lot of money that could've paid for new fridge few times over.
Now the word is out, I am venting out now from fuming anger. I was holding back thinking maybe we're not adjusting it properly but after reading this forum, I am convinced it's a faulty and bad design.

Jul 09, 2011
Terrible Whirlpool Refrigerator
by: Anonymous

Wow --- and I thought I was the only one with problems with this "piece of crappola" refrigerator -- Whirlpool!

The plastic guide on the ice dispenser just broke and it leaks water from under the refrigerator about every other day. Big pool of water on the floor!

What a piece of junk!

I am totally disappointed with this refrigerator. I'll "NEVER" buy another Whirlpool appliance!

We've only had this refrigerator for approximately 18 months.

The Hotpoint refrigerator we had before this worked like a charm but we had to go and want an ice dispenser! Should have kept the good, old, reliable Hotpoint!

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Jun 29, 2011
Blessing in disguise
by: Appliance Tech

Maybe you guys are better off junking your Whirlpool appliance and getting another brand.
Just Google "Whirlpool Lawsuit" and you'll see it looks like Whirlpool has a lawsuit for every thing they build.

The worst part is Whirlpool is dangerous. I purchased all new Whirlpool appliances for my home and have had nothing but trouble.

ALL of my Whirlpool appliances' motors overheated at one time or another, and my microwave would not turn off when the door was opened. I got a bad shock and a nasty burn!

Whirlpool is junk, service is lousy but that pales in comparison with the safety issues. A Whirlpool water heater burned a house and a young child didn't make it out.

We are lucky, we may have lousy appliances but we still have our loved ones, our homes and our lives!

Be careful when you buy a new appliance, Whirlpool hides behind many other names like Maytag, Jenn Air etc.

Dont get Whirlfooled! Avoid Whirlpool and their cover up companies, like your life depends on it because it just might!

PS: Remember the TV commercial about the Maytag repairman who is so lonely because Maytag never needs service? Since Whirlpool took over ,he's suffered a nervous breakdown!LOL

May 22, 2011
I also HATE my Whirpool Fridge
by: Anonymous

I have had my Whirlpool fridge since Sept. 2009 and had it replaced 4 days after I bought it, because everything in my freezer thawed.

It had a 7 day return policy with Lowe's, so I had it replaced. 10 months later, the new fridge had the same problem, everything thawed in the freezer, repair man came out (under warranty), and it started working right before he came, so he couldn't trouble shoot the problem.

When I called the factory they said they would not authorize replacement of circuit board (which is what the repairman recommended).

Now, 10 months later (again), the refrigerator stopped working, completely warm, lost everything in the fridge! Repairman coming out tomorrow....couldn't be more dissatisfied with a product!

Had my old fridge (GE) for 23 years and never had a minutes trouble, which goes to show they don't make things like they used to!

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Jan 16, 2011
all appliances
by: Anonymous

Try to find parts for a Samsung. locally or someone who wants to work on them. Their appliances are made to last less than 5 years.

Its not uncommon to repair one between 2 and 4 years old. Parts only have to be available for 5 yrs.

I have worked on many appliances less than 10 years old with parts no longer available. Think Whirlpool is junk try Frigidaire they give you a 1 year warranty on compressor good luck getting 2 years out of it.

Oct 22, 2010
Same Problem
by: Anonymous

I have the same Kenmore model #10644423600

My ice dispenser is also broken.

The door flapper has broken on the ice dispenser and now the freezer is full of frost over my entire food contents.

In Canada you cannot even get parts over the internet like in the US.

Great...the repair bill is going to cost half the price of the fridge.

Aug 25, 2010
I hate my whirlpool refrigerator
by: jill

I own a Whirlpool refrigerator (model #10644423600) and its a piece of shit!

I have had Sears out to repair the ice dispenser 8 times in the last 3 years.

The repair technicians tell me it is a design problem and it can't be fixed.

Instead I have to de-ice my ice bucket at least once a week in order to keep it running or live without an ice dispenser as long as I own this piece of fridge.

I am the only one with this problem?

May 01, 2010
Thanks for Your Whirlpool Refrigerator Review
by: HeidiPro

Thanks for your Whirlpool refrigerator review! It certainly sounds like it's been a great deal of problems. Can you tell us what the model number is so anyone who reads this in the future will know not to look at it.

Thanks again!

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