I Don't Recommend a Whirlpool Side by Side Refrigerator ED5SHAXMT

by Kathryn L.
(Mint Hill, N C )

I would DEFINITELY NOT recommend this Whirlpool side by side refrigerator (model ED5SHAXMT)! The Ice bucket gets clogged up and has to be taken out and cleared with a hair dryer at least every two weeks.

Ice maker dumps a whole tray of ice and then cubes half melted together in one big glob, or a few that never left the tray and keep the tray from dumping! Sometimes a cube gets crosswise in the dispenser making ice end up all over our floor.

The ice and water dispensers are slanted and very inconvenient, straight up and down dispensers would be much better with less dripping. And you could see better when your glass is getting the amount you wish to put into it.

We have no children that leave the door open, we have been told that opening the freezer too often causes condensation that could cause this problem. Also that warm air can go up the dispensing chutes and cause the problem, well HELLO!

Is a refrigerator freezer something only to be looked at or to be used!! Of course the doors are opened as necessary, but not excessively.

This product should have been recalled and redesigned!

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Sep 08, 2011
Same ole Same ole complaint on my Whirlpool Refrigerator
by: Anonymous

I'm looking here to decide which refrigerator to REPLACE my Whirlpool Side by Side refrigerator
that cost me close to $ 2,000 with tax etc.

My ice bucket is on the door and does the same thing I've been reading about. It all freezes together and Whirlpool says to dump it every 2 weeks.

Whoaaaa, I pay this much to have ice and I have to do WHAT??????? Thing is all the brands have the same complaints so which one do I choose????

Beats me.

Nov 21, 2010
Re:My Previous Post About My Whirlool Side by Side Refrigerator
by: Kathryn

I am still having problems with this Whirlpool refrigerator!!

Today the ice bucket fell out of the door! I can not contact Whirlpool until tomorrow (Monday) and then it will be days before they can find someone to service it.


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