I Am So Disappointed With My 6 Week Old GE Top Freezer Refrigerator (model #GTH17JBXZRWW)

by Carole
(Brooklyn, NY, USA)

I am so disappointed with my six-week-old GE top freezer refrigerator model #GTH17JBXZRWW.

I have been a GE refrigerator owner for 17 years and was very satisfied until now. My past GE refrigerators have been well made, never had a problem, and never needed to be repaired.

I can't say the same about my current top freezer refrigerator. If you're looking to buy one yourself, here's what I hate about it:

  • It is way too small for my needs - possibly anyone's

  • The temperature control dial and light on the first shelf should be placed against the back wall. Instead they take away valuable storage space from the top shelf.

  • The interior is poorly designed. You have to pull all of your food out to find anything. It isn't very pleasant.

  • The bottom drawers are too small! They don't even fit a single head of lettuce.

  • The Best of all is the NOISE FACTOR. It sounds like you're in a submarine...Wah-Wah-Wah- Swish-Crank! Heck, you name it, and this fridge makes it! Not a pleasant sound to hear while eating in your kitchen. It's really starting to drive me crazy -- if you haven't already noticed.

Overall, I am very disappointed. I want it taken out of here. GE must make a better model.

I'm confused about how I got Stuck with this lemon. I've had repair men come out two times, and they've both said that this is the way the noise is normal. All I can say is that it is BS and unacceptable.

I'm going to have the GE repair technician do a follow-up. Let's see what he says.

I hope that GE will come and take this piece of JUNK out of here! I hope they make me a satisfied customer as I was in the past.

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Comments for I Am So Disappointed With My 6 Week Old GE Top Freezer Refrigerator (model #GTH17JBXZRWW)

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Sep 10, 2020
What years were this exact model built?
by: Redding

GTH17JBXZRWW SN: GT773368. The code is ambiguous. April 2010? 1998? 1986?

Sep 08, 2010
GE Refrigerator
by: Wendy from GE

Hi, This is Wendy from GE. I saw your comment about your new refrigerator and am sorry your are disappointed with it.

Please e-mail us at eresponse@ge.com with the details and we will look into it.

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