I am a Repair Technician Having Trouble with LG Customer Support!! Fixing LG French Door Refrigerator (model #lfx25960st)

by Ronald M.
(Cookeville, TN, USA)

I am an appliance repair person trying to fix an LG French door refrigerator (model #lfx25960st).

My customer contacted LG with refrigerator freeze-up issues and fault codes not listed in book that came along with the refrigerator.

The amazingly unintelligent LG tech support person told customer to unplug his refrigerator for 3-4 hours then plug in again. (DUH!) Subsequently everything in his refrigerator went bad.

In the end I was able to find the fault codes not in his operators manual (where they are supposed to be), but instead on the BACK of the refrigerator. I was also able to find them on line.

The best part is that the codes said to unplug refrigerator for 3-4 hours and plug it back in. UGH!! Only the Koreans could come up with such detailed fault analysis.

I contacted the LG tech support number and got positively ZERO HELP!

Reading from a book and giving canned answers is NOT tech support. It add insult to injury tech support does "not speek much goo English."

I asked, "What is so hard about I need access to diagrams, schematics, and illustrated part break downs?"

Tech support replied: "Auto dealers don't provide that info."

Well maybe LG should be in automotive tech support. Hello?!?! I'm trying to fix an LG REFRIGERATOR! No wonder there was so much confusion.

I informed them most
refrigerator manufacturers want us to fix it fast and right. I also told them that most refrigerator brands have a schematic in a safe location on the refrigerator, or allow it to be found online.

And if they weren't already aware, customers tend to get pretty upset when food goes bad in their brand refrigerator.

Needless to say tech support hung-up on me because they said I was not the customer.

I was calling them because the advice they had given the customer had cost the customer a great deal in spoiled food already. They didn't seem to be bothered that the customer was pretty annoyed with them due to their bad advice.

I have since found the illusive LG part diagram via a third party (NON LG LISTED part company!).

All I needed was the CORRECT part number for the freezer evaporator fan and motor, after many hours and my temper at the boiling point I've located them at an appliance part store.

I would not buy an LG product unless I could drop it out a fifth story window.

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Sep 15, 2010
Please Contact Us...
by: RefrigeratorPro Team


It certainly sounds like you got the run around from LG. We're sorry to say that this isn't the first time we've heard of difficulty with their "tech support".

We're glad to hear you were able to find the answers you were looking for and were able to fix your customer's refrigerator.

While we're sorry to hear about the issues you went through, it was a nice change to hear from an actual repair professional that this poor service isn't just something that owners experience.

We would love it if you would contact us at info@refrigeratorpro.com to see if there are other ways that you may be able to help more people with their problems.

Thanks so much for your submission and we look forward to hearing from you.

The RefrigeratorPro Team

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