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Here's the Haier Top Freezer Refrigerator Models we Recommend Most!

The Haier Top Freezer Refrigerator models are some of the most affordable units available anywhere. But, there are also a number of Haier Top Freezer Refrigerators that may be a little more expensive, but they are much more stylish then the typical top freezer mount refrigerators.

Haier Refrigerators are able to compete with just about any other refrigerator available on the market today. Based in Europe, Haier is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable brands in kitchen appliances.

But where Haier competes in quality and reliability, they really stand apart when it comes to the stylishness of their line of appliances. From unique color choices to exclusive designs and signature styling that makes Haier a step above the rest.

Haier manages to compete with other appliance giants like GE and Whirlpool because they are focused on creating unique features that are only available on Haier models.

Haier Top Freezer Refrigerator Advantages

Haier Refrigerators have a number of unique characteristics that set them apart:

  1. Unique Unit Specs: Many of the Haier refrigerator models come in widths that other manufacturers smply don't provide. For those New York or Tokyo based consumers where apartment/kitchen space is at a premium, it's little advantages like this that help make the Haier an easy choice.

  2. Capacity: Haier really takes advantage of the narrow interiors with providing deep crispers and long shelving units with tall spaces between each shelf allowing you to fit a huge volume and variety into each fridge.

  3. Runs Quiet: Many Top Freezer Refrigerators are not as well insulated and will run with more noise than standard models. But Haier is one of the leaders in limiting the amount of running noise.

Haier Top Freezer Refrigerator Models we Recommend

There are numerous Top Freezer Refrigerator models in the Haier line, so narrowing down our choice to the following proved to be quite difficult.

We chose only those models that received high marks in our own internal testing as well as refrigerator reviews from both consumers and consumer magazines. Here are the models we were left with:

1)Haier RRTG18PABW Top Freezer

Haier RRTG18PABW Top Freezer

The Haier HTA18VABW is a great "starter fridge" and while it's not exactly loaded with features, but if you're just looking for the basics, at under $500.00, this fridge is the way to go.

The price is definitely one you can't beat. We've actually found this fridge for as low as $300 BRAND NEW online. So, if you just need something to get you started, consider this model.

  • The capacity is surprisingly well appointed for this fridge. The shelves are well spaced and the wire bin at the bottom can be used for any number of purposes.

  • The door bins can fit a carton of milk and are easy to clean.

  • The color choices are limited to white (and possibly biscuit -- we couldn't confirm this at the time of this review)

In addition to the Haier warranty, we recommend you consider purchasing an extended warranty as we found this averages just $30.00 for up to five years longer. This will guarantee you get years of service.

With a fridge this inexpensive, the cons are fairly obvious:

  • No ice maker attachment.

2) Haier RRTW18VABW Top Freezer:

Haier RRTW18VABW Top Freezer Refrigerator

The Haier AFL631CS is at the opposite end of the scale for the Haier refrigerator line. At almost $1200.00 it's one of the more expensive top freezer refrigerator models on the market. However, it's absolutely loaded with features that make it well worth the price.

Some of the many things that caught our eye were...

  • It has a huge capacty at almost 22 cubic feet. Which is amazing for a fridge this narrow.

  • Unique high end features such as a large crisper with humidity adjustment and a door alarm and holiday function.

  • The lighting is surprisingly bright with this refrigerator.

  • A dual drawer Freezer Compartment.

  • A gorgeous stainless steel finish that surprisingly easy to maintain (which can not be said of a number of stainless steel models in other lines).

CONS: Only a handful...

  • Hard to find this particular unit. You may only be able to find it online..

  • Also, shop carefully for this refrigerator as we've seen wide price variances from as low as $900 to as high as $1300.00.

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