GE Top Freezer Refrigerator (model GTH21SBXASS, Serial #HV132082)

by Elaine

I bought this GE top freezer refrig mid June (less than two months ago). The freezer initially was okay, but :food and drinks were not cold. I adjusted the temp settings. No change. I eventually had the freezer on lowest temperature and the refrig on the highest setting and my drinks were still not cold. The food in the freezer was not as frozen.

Called P.C. Richard where I purchased the appliance, and they had a GE repairman come to the house. He said the refrig is working fine, that these new energy efficient refrigerators simply do not cool like the old ones, but if I put my milk and dairy products in the rear section of the fridge they would stay cooler. That didn't work.

Milk is spoiling a week before it's expiration. I called P.C. Richard again. They gave me the number for the service department, who gave me the number to GE consumer relations, who wants to send out ANOTHER GE repairman.

My problem is, IT'S NOT BROKE! It's operating at it's maximum capacity, which is not enough to keep my food from spoiling. The issue is if it's not broke, no one seems to want to replace it. But in the meantime, my food is spoiling.

I will never buy another GE appliance again! In fact, I would like to know if anyone else has this problem, as it is definitely a consumer protection issue.

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Jun 14, 2016
by: Anonymous

This is the worst Refrig/Freezer we have had for 25 years

The seal on the door leaks constantly

causes similar issues to those the original writer has

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