GE Side by Side Fridge (model #GSF25TGTBWW)

by Richard R.
(Granite Falls, N.C.)

We purchased our GE side by side fridge model #GSF25TGTBWW in Aug '06 and now only 3.5 years later it stopped working.

The control board (aka circuit board) has quit and needs to be replaced. From what the repairman said there have been a lot of trouble with control boards on these refrigerators. Even if you bought a new one it still may not last a month.

I am on the fence because I don't know if I should buy the part and get it fixed or buy another one! If I did,It wouldn't be a GE!

Anyone have any suggestions? Or any better luck with their GE Refrigerator? If not, I am totally open to recommendations on which brand to buy next!

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