GE Refrigerator Review for model #GFSS6KKXS

by J. Chevis
(Covington, LA)

My GE refrigerator review has more to do with the water filter in it than the refrigerator itself:

I purchased this GE refrigerator in May 2009.

The water filter has to be changed every three months. I tried to remove the filter and replace it with the plug, but the ice cubes developed a strong odor and taste-they were unusable.

I don't understand because the water going into the refrigerator is pre-filtered artesian well water. If the filter is not replaced every three months, the ice cubes get so small the dispenser fails to work correctly.

These filters are $40.00 each. Having to change every three months is quite expensive. I was unable to get an explanation from the local dealer or GE.

What a disappointment. Will not recommend or purchase GE appliances in the future.

I would be grateful for any advice or recommendations.

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