GE Refrigerator (model ZIR36NHRH) is the Worst Appliance I've Ever Owned

by Cindy K.
(Gig Harbor, WA)

Our GE refrigerator (model ZIR36NHRH) is the worst appliance I have ever owned.

It grows mold out of control. Every two months I have to totally disassemble my fridge and scrub it down. And this isn't a tiny bit of mold.. It is covered!

In fact, I would say there is more mold than if you tried to grow mold. There is mold in places you would never expect, including the door and walls where no food comes in contact.

I throw out food like no other. Condiments like ketchup and Worcestershire sauce have to be thrown out. I am constantly running to the store as I will go to use something only to find it covered in mold.

I am a fastidious house keeper, almost OCD, yet I cannot keep up with this refrigerator.

My neighbor with 4 kids at home has a Frigidaire and she cleans it once a year. Whether it needs it or not. We both agree, neither of us has ever seen anything so gross. I have pictures.

The repair service has been no help. They claim I don't have my humidifier settings correct. Trust me, if it was that easy I would be thrilled.

Obviously this is a manufacturing defect, check the consumer reports. I am not the only person with this problem.

GE takes no responsibility for this so the only recourse is to share with others so other people don't get ripped off from this company.

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Comments for GE Refrigerator (model ZIR36NHRH) is the Worst Appliance I've Ever Owned

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Jun 21, 2018
mold be gone
by: Anonymous

there is a rework for your frig. The problem is that the fan runs all the time! No other frig does this. The frig has to be rewired so that the fan turns off with the compressor hope this helps

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