GE Refrigerator (model #GSH22KGMA)

by Hari
(Lake Worth, FL)

My GE refrigerator, model #GSH22KGMA, was barely 18 months old when it started freezing up. I had that repaired.

The next issue that started was the doors would not seal. So I had the door seals replaced.

I thought everything was going to be fine after this then out of the blue it started leading water, constantly. So I had the water supply shut off.

To my surprise and with so many different issues, GE has chosen not to help in any way.

Besides all of these problems, the food in the freezer always had a strange flavor regardless of the fact that I replaced the food twice.

The newest thing is there is now a large amount of mold in the ice/water dispenser in the door. I didn't think mold could grow in the freezer.

From my experience I can honestly say that GE makes the biggest pieces of trash on the market. If you go to Google and type in GE fridge leaking there are many, many people with the same problem.

I feel that a class action lawsuit should be filed against GE so that they can stop ripping off the public!

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