GE Profile Side by Side Fridge (model #PSCS5RGXSS)

After reading all that has happened to us with our GE Profile side by side refrigerator, we hope you hink twice before you purchase anything from GE. Please find below what we've experienced these past 2+ months and still we haven't got it resolved yet.

Our fridge started acting up since Dec 13, 2010 (not even 2 years after purchased date). Because it is still under the warranty, we called for service.

  • First scheduled on Dec 17 - couldn't find the address; technician was given wrong address by GE rep.
  • Dec 22 - changed mother board, compressor not running, try to fix..still not working
  • Between 12/22 to 12/29 - changed mother board again, still not working
  • Dec 29 - installed inverter, no cool; still not working
  • Jan 4 - installed new diverter; waited for 24 hrs.. it finally starts cooling, and it was not working the next 24 hrs. Called and file complain. Requested to wait for another 24 hrs. Finally, on Jan 7th, the fridge works as what it's supposed to be.
  • Jan 31 - fridge was not cooling
  • Feb 1 - called for service, request to send us new fridge; customer service insisted to fix the fridge again (RIDICULOUS!!!)
  • Feb 3 - the earliest date tech. could come out to fix. Tech. didn't have part, ordered and reschedule to fix as soon as the part delivered.
  • Feb 4 - part was delivered in late afternoon
  • Feb 7 - called to schedule for service - the earliest date would be Wed 2/9.
  • Feb 9 - received service, fridge back up and running.. for the next 10 days
  • Feb 19 - fridge was not cooling (I believe
    it started last night, all food was warm this morning and we had to throw them all away, again.

They have had many opportunities to fix the problem with my refrigerator, and at this point it seems that it is unfixable.

Although they are paying for the repair bills for the refrigerator, this still costs me with my time (I've been put on hold while dealing with GE representative / left message and waited for them to call me back, etc., ), lost wages (every time we scheduled for service, we lose at least half day if not full day of work), food spoilage and the added cost of buying prepared foods to eat, not to mention the possibility of food-borne illnesses from improper refrigeration.

This refrigerator needs to be replaced. It is a lemon. Apparently, a customer service agent cannot authorize this transaction, however, I am sure that someone within the firm can.

Unfortunately, every time I asked who they're reporting to, or if I could call someone else, the agent would never provide me with the info...

Somehow, I really like their job.. they can screw up, be rude, and do whatever they want, and we can't even report their behavior to anyone (when asked to speak to their supervisor, they said they're not authorized to do so... hmmm, really?).

We have reported this issues to Better Business Bureau and we will seek further legal remedies / bring this matter to small claims court in our area.

Do yourself a favor.. DO NOT buy anything from GE if you don't want to get into the unfortunate situation like us.

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