GE Monogram Side by Side Refrigerator

by Sharon
(Henderson, Nv)

Here's my refrigerator Review: DO NOT BUY a GE Monogram has been a horrible experience.

It cost almost four thousand dollars, and I expected it to be the best out there. Instead:

  1. The food on the door never stays cold enough, and you cannot get the refrigerator's interior to go below 33 degrees.

  2. When you pour a glass of milk, it is just slightly cold.

  3. The ice crusher crushes only 25% of the ice.

  4. Two of the shelves in the freezer fall every time you put something on them.

I showed all these problems to the GE service tech, and he said this is just how the refrigerator is made, and he can't do anything.

This has been so frustrating. I am done with GE and would NEVER buy their products. I hope this information has spared others all the grief I have experienced.

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