GE French Door 22 cu. ft., stainless steel, bottom freezer, PFS22SISSS

by Carole DiPaola
(Farmingdale, NY)

This is such a huge issue for GE that there's a dedicated video for it on Youtube!

This is such a huge issue for GE that there's a dedicated video for it on Youtube!

I've had this fridge since 2007, when we remodeled our kitchen.....I fell in love with the look...but it turned out to be my biggest NIGHTMARE.

It is totally unreliable because of the design of the doors.

No flap comes out to seal the fridge when it's closed. The gaskets on the french doors have to be replaced regularly.

We have had almost a dozen service calls to replace gaskets and other items related to the fact that the gaskets allow warm air to get into the fridge when it's closed. The gaskets rub together and tear and shred.

The doors themselves have even had to be replaced, as well as the sensors and circuit boards!

I've lost hundreds of dollars worth of food, as the food near the front gets warm and spoils (such as milk), and the food toward the rear freezes and spoils. It has plastic pieces holding the fruit and vegetable bins which have broken off and cannot be fixed...

I have to maintain an expensive service contract because I can't afford NOT to.

Plus, I have to constantly lose days from work to wait for the repair person who is here so frequently I'm ready to set up a guest room for him!

GE has sent a rep here, and he admitted that it was a POOR design which GE has improved on since. However, we are stuck with this LEMON, and GE refuses to replace it with the improved door model!!

I can no longer afford to lose time and money from work while I sit at home waiting for the repairman. I cannot AFFORD to lose any more money on wasted food.

I had two previous fridges in 49 yrs. Which still worked perfectly when we disregarded them, only because we remodeled and wanted a more contemporary look.


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