GE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Model #GBRC0GAXARWW

White GE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator model gbrc0gaxarww

White GE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator model gbrc0gaxarww

I bought my GE bottom freezer refrigerator (model #gbrc0gaxarww - now called GBSC0HBXWW) in February 2008. It died 38 months later, in May 2011.

I bought the bottom freezer style for an elderly person because I thought it would be easier for them. Not so much.

The freezer compartment developed a glacier because the automatic defrost failed. Fan became unbearably noisy. I quickly bought a used Amana, drove 300km, and did a swap.

I now have the GE unit and have removed the freezer back cover and the fridge top control panel. If dead, the circuit board in the top panel will cost $250 to replace and, by the looks of it, probably cost GE about $5 in Mexico.

The defrost heater is also $250. Hopefully,y it is the temperature sensor or the defrost thermostat. Paying someone to fix it rivals the purchase price and will likely die again.

Despite being only three years old, denies the existence of the model number, so how can I get the repair manual?

  • Cheap plastic drawer support integral to a modular shelf broke due to normal weight.

  • The ductwork inside is just cheap crumbly Styrofo, and the whole thing is cheap.

  • I am a fool guilty of a false economy.

    In summary, this GE bottom freezer refrigerator is cheaply built, quickly failed, GE denies the model number even exists, and I've lost money and time.

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    I feel they are coasting on the once-respected name.

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    May 22, 2018
    Same experience: GBRC0GAXARWW
    by: Ferg

    Bought in 2008 for my elderly mother. $900CDN

    It died three months later during a power surge.

    Eventually got a scan of the correct circuit diagram from GE tech support. Verified defrost heater & temp sensor was OK and gambled on the rip-off circuit board and "won" since that was the problem.

    In 2018 it died again. Meanwhile, the LG I bought in 2003 is still running beautifully.

    a) One helpful, knowledgeable person at tech support among an ocean of terrible support and worthless online information.

    b) Cheaply designed fridge in every way and no dedicated temperature control in the freezer.

    I will try and repair the controller electronics myself and otherwise scrap the fridge. The lesson is never to repurchase GE.

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