GE Artica Refrigerator Review (model #PSS25NGMA)

by Ray

Here's my GE Artica Refrigerator Review:

In the first two years, I had some minor issues with my GE refrigerator, but now it's a problem all the time.

  1. The ice machine won't make any ice

  2. The temperature won't stay constant and even though it is set on the lowest setting -- it freezes everything in the refrigerator

  3. The water lines for some reason don't work

I have tried to call GE -- what a joke!! All I get is a recording that hangs up on me.


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Comments for GE Artica Refrigerator Review (model #PSS25NGMA)

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Sep 08, 2013
Varying temperature
by: Anonymous

This refrigerator has been a piece of crap !!
The temperature will not stay constant. It freezes food on the refrigerator side. Now the freezer temp. is 30 degrees and everything has thawed. The ice-maker has also stopped working, for the forth time. I've had it! I'm buying another refrigerator and it won't be a GE...

Jul 31, 2013
by: Anonymous

All 3 problems listed above hold true for ours. Temperatures never constant, constantly freezing in the fridge, thawing in the freezer. 3 times the water line's have leaked and the ice maker hardly ever works right. This one is AWFUL

Sep 04, 2012
Artica GE model
by: Anonymous

It has been a nightmare ever since we bought it. During the first year we had 3 repairs done to the water lines and 2 ice maker replacements. The warranty is now over and we are again dealing with water line leaks and a faulty water dispenser.

I hope GE discontinues this model; maybe they have already removed it from the market. Quite an ordeal for us after so many years of loyal patronage for GE appliances. A real turn off; GE should come public with an apology, at least, to all the customers that have had to deal with this disaster of the Artica refrigerator.

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