Cool Kitchen Gadgets

Here are more of the Top Kitchen Gadgets for 2020!

We love a great gadget, so we decided to compile our favorite Cool Kitchen Gadgets

We wanted to make sure cooking an amazing meal was better so we scoured the internet to find things that would do just that. The items we have below are super helpful in allowing you to get the results you want with the extra bit of help they offer.

We update this list when we find new & amazing things that belong here, so be sure to come back often to check out the latest and greatest. 

Milk Frother / Handheld Foam Maker

Handheld Milk Frother

OVERVIEW:  This handheld milk frother / foam makeris one of our favorite coolest kitchen gadgets. 

It's one thing to have a great coffee maker, but a little froth turns a good latte into a GREAT latte!

These are inexpensive (around $15) and add a little touch of luxury to the every day. 

  • What's essential to know when using it to froth milk is the temperature & fat content directly affects how much the milk will froth. So when using dairy pick the highest fat content you enjoy.

  • Though if you prefer a 'dairy-free' option then make sure you buy a 'barista' blend. These are made to be able to be frothed easily.

Digital Instant Meat Thermometer

Digital Backlit Meat Thermometer

OVERVIEW: We absolutely love this instant digital meat thermometer.

Okay, so it's a little bizarre that this would get us so excited.

If you've ever stood around waiting for your meat thermometer to give you a semi-accurate reading, you know why this is a cool kitchen gadget.

What's amazing about having an accurate meat thermometer is you'll no longer have to cut into the meat to know if it's done. Just google the meat and doneness you desire to get the exact temperature it needs to be...and voila you're done!

You'll never over or under cook meat again. Truly a game changer!

Plus this one is back light so you can see it when BBQ'ing no matter what time of day it is!  Trust us, you'll love this.

Digital Food Scale

Digital Food Scale

OVERVIEW:  Most people see a scale and immediately think of diets!

Yes, a food scale is very helpful when it comes to keeping the weight off (how ironic) but thats not all it's good for.

But, a scale can help with accuracy and precision in recipes, measurement conversions (uh, who can tell me how many grams are in an ounce?  Quick!  Your scale can!)

Just think of all of the best pastry chefs you've ever seen cook on one of those tv shows. Did they use cups to measure out their dry ingredients? Nope. They used a scale because it gives a much more accurate measurement and removes so many of the things that have the chance of going wrong.

A very cool kitchen gadget that just might make your recipes taste better than ever!

Seed Garden 

Heirloom Vegetable Seed Kit

OVERVIEW:  We know it's not a cool kitchen gadget per-se, but in this era of Covid 19 it's probably not a bad idea to start to grow some of your own food.

But, we hate the apocalyptic nature of how that sounds, so we'll just focus on the fun you'll have with starting a small kitchen garden. 

If you've ever loved going to a farmer's market to pick up the freshest herbs and veggies possible, then starting your own home grown garden is worth it for you! Being able to walk out your back door and grab a few tomatos, green beans, basil or peas and throw them into whatever you're cooking at the moment is a game changer!

Plus the vegetables you grown offer so much more nutrients and are easy to know if they are organic! Totally worth the extra work in the end and if you grow enough you can jar stuff for the winter!

These are a great starter kit for the newbie getting into gardening and have everything you need in ONE KIT!

Snap On Pasta Strainer

Snap on Pasta Strainer

OVERVIEW:  Admittedly, it took us a few minutes to figure out what this was when we received our sample (blush), but once we need we fell head over heels in love.

Seriously the number of times we've dumped part (and even all) of a freshly boiled pot of pasta into the sink is truly embarrasing to admit. We no longer have to worry that the last little bit of water will be stuck at the bottom of the pot!

This is perfect for more than just straining pasta. You can use it for vegetables, meat or anything you need. 

It's easy to clean, compact and easy to install with just two clips that clip on to almost any conventional pot. 

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