Cabinet Depth Refrigerators

A Built In Look at a Great Price

One of the newest kitchen upgrades are cabinet depth refrigerators. The slimmer depth of these refrigerators give almost any kitchen a more sleek and modern look.

Refrigerators used to be known as ice “boxes”; they were simply metal cubes that were used to keep food fresh. Style was never considered. But in recent years the refrigerator has become a genuine piece of artwork for your kitchen. When done right, a refrigerator should either blend seamlessly into the background or stand out as the “bling” that makes your kitchen sparkle.

In the 60's and 70's kitchen cabinetry wasn't much of a priority for interior decorators, so refrigerators weren’t meant to blend into the cabinetry. You might remember the days of the harvest gold and avocado green fridges. They were meant to stand out and make a statement. The refrigerator itself WAS the decor.

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What Makes Them Cabinet Depth?

So, what is a Cabinet Depth Refrigerator? It's simply any model that's 32” deep, the depth of most standard cabinets. By not coming out any farther than the cabinets changes the look of a kitchen. The eye no longer gets caught on the refrigerator sticking out, which gives your kitchen a sleek, clean line.

Why Buy a Cabinet Depth Refrigerator?

Now, keep in mind that this feature is strictly for aesthetics. If this is the look you're after, then it’s definitely one to consider. Many cabinet depth fridges come in stainless steel which can amplify the "clean, sleek" look. If you truly want it to match your kitchen cabinets consider a Built In Refrigerator which can be fitted with CUSTOMIZED PANELS to make the fridge completely disappear into the woodwork. When done well, it should be difficult to tell which cabinet is your refrigerator. Don’t be surprised if your guests ask you to help them find it!

  • Tip: To give your fridge the built in look, you'll need to make sure to measure the size of the opening and match it with a refrigerator whose width is no less than half to one inch less than the opening. This way it will look as if it the kitchen cabinetry was built to fit the refrigerator. (NOTE: A refrigerator needs an area to ventilate -- most built-in units have integrated ventilation, just be sure to take this into consideration.)

    Keep in mind that any gaps between your cabinetry and your refrigerator will take away from the "customized" look. So if you’re considering adding customized panels to match your cabinets, reach out to any licensed carpenter who can help you solve this issue..

The Down Side of Cabinet Depth Refrigerators

One of the only negatives to cabinet depth fridges is by making it shallower, there is a decreased amount of interior storage space. We’ve heard quite often how these units don’t have as much space as other refrigerators.

This doesn’t have to be a negative if you currently don’t need every drop of space that you have. Take into account that the size of your household may increase or decrease during the life of the refrigerator. If you are planning to have children or have some that may go off to college, your needs will change. How much do you entertain? Do family and friends come in from out of town often? Make sure to take all of these into consideration.

  • Tip: If you will need more storage space and not less, then you should consider buying a freezerless cabinet depth refrigerator and adding a separate freezer somewhere else in the kitchen, pantry or garage.

Who Makes Cabinet Depth Refrigerators?

This style is the new, updated, custom refrigerator look for kitchens, so pretty much everyone on the market is making a counter depth version (a.k.a. cabinet depth). They make three different types of refrigerators that all fall into this category: custom, counter depth and freezerless.

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