Built In Wine Refrigerator

Treat Yourself To A Built In Refrigerator Just For Wine!

Adding a built in wine refrigerator to any kitchen or bar area is a genuine upgrade to any home. Not only does it add a custom look to any room, it also allows you to free up extra storage space since you now have a dedicated area for your entire wine collection.

If you like to collect wines whether you are a novice or an expert, you will find that owning a built in wine refrigerator offers you a bit more freedom with your wine purchases since you will now have a space that is specifically designed for wines. This is a much better option than a nook above the refrigerator, or a wine rack on the floor where variations in temperature and light can not be properly managed.

With built in refrigerators such as these, you might be more likely to purchase more premium wines: because not only will they be well protected from elements that destroy wine, but they will age in more optimum conditions.

One of the potential drawbacks to installing a built in wine refrigerator is that you might find yourself purchasing more wine than you did previously. With a new wine refrigerator comes the ease of buying and storing wine. Before you know it, you might find you've run out of storage space. So make sure to chose a wine refrigerator that will grow with your desire for wine.

6 Built In Wine Refrigerator Features to Consider

Before buying a wine refrigerator you will want to take a few things into consideration: You need to determine the price range you are willing to consider (this can range GREATLY -- especially for built-in units), the amount of space you need (determine what your existing collection will take up in addition to any NEW purchases), and what type of features you can't live without.

Here are a few suggestions to help you decide what features you need:

Available Space

You not only have to consider how much space you want INSIDE, but how much space do you have available on the OUTSIDE? Make sure to measure the height, width and depth of the space you plan to install your wine fridge. This alone will negate some available models. But consider this: if the opening is too small, can you make it larger? Is there a cabinet you don’t use above or below that you could sacrifice for this?

  • Color/Finish

    The great part about these little beauties is that a built in wine refrigerator can either be made to match your cabinetry or they can also have a glass front on them. If you want the genuine "built-in" look that matches your existing cabinetry, you need to narrow it down to those models that have a changeable face plate.

    Those models that have glass fronts come with either a black or stainless finish surrounding it. Just be sure that any glass refrigerators come with a UV coating on the face. This will help to protect your wines from bright lights including sunlight which over time can damage the quality of your wines.

  • Quantity of Wine Being Stored

    The real question here is how much wine do you drink? Do you entertain often? If so then you should take this into consideration. Do you plan to start a collection of wine that you may hold onto for years to come or will you turn it over ever few months?

  • Length of Storage

    When it comes to a wine refrigerator, it's usually short term vs. long term storage. How much of this wine will you want to hold onto for an extended period of time? Many wine lovers will find a young wine they like and want to see how it ages. But most consumers buy their wines to drink within a relatively short period of time. Wine refrigerators are EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE wine cellars, but don't usually offer up the type of storage space most high end wine connoisseurs need.

  • Types of Wine You Plan to Store

    How much red vs. white wine do you drink? Do you have a preference or is it equal? Red and white wines are stored at different temperatures and if you would like to store both in your built in refrigerator then you need to consider dual temperature zone wine refrigerators. Also to consider is how much red wine you drink versus how much white wine? This will help you decide how much space you need to dedicate to each zone.

  • More Than Just Wine

    If you are looking for a truly custom wine refrigerator and you have a bit more space than just an under the counter model, then make sure you take a look at the more extravagant built ins. These offer up a much larger potential in what you can store.

    Quite often these models include a humidor for cigars as well as specialized drawers for fine cheeses, caviar and dried meats.

    Built In Wine Refrigerators by Brand

    Avanti Refrigerators: The Avanti brand is a standout among wine refrigerators and has a great selection that can service the needs of everyone from the novice to the expert wine connoisseur. One thing that stood out with Avanti is even their lower priced wine chillers have dual temperature zones.

    Danby Refrigerators: One thing that truly amazed us about this line is the vast number of models made by Danby. They carry close to 2 dozen built in wine refrigerator models that can go from as little as 8 all the way up to 166 bottles worth of storage.

    Marvel Refrigerators: If you are looking for a more luxurious built in wine refrigerator, then Marvel is a brand to take a look at (And no, this brand has nothing to do with Marvel Comics). A custom refrigerator made by Marvel can take care of many of the requirements for storing more expensive wines…and cigars!

    Wine Refrigerators: Still wondering which model is right for you? Consider checking out the models and features presented on this page.


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