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A KitchenAid built in refrigerator in your kitchen is less like buying an appliance and more like purchasing a piece of furniture for your kitchen. It has a certain look and feel of being as solid as the cabinets them self. Due to the actual built in construction it feels like a refrigerated pantry.

(We recently went from a built in KitchenAid refrigerator ourselves to a freestanding Samsung and the feel of a built in is quite different. Our current fridge is an upscale Samsung that is counter depth that works great but it feels less sturdy.)

In picking out a KitchenAid built in refrigerator you’ll first want to know what size opening you have. The three different widths they come in are: 36”, 42” and 48”. Of course you’ll also want to make sure the height works as well but if it is truly a built in refrigerator then this is more of a concern of the contractor/carpenter building out your cabinets.

Next you’ll want to think about the kind of finish you want. Do you want your refrigerator to fade into the cabinetry with a custom panel or do you prefer a stainless finish?

The last major choice you’ll need to know is what style refrigerator to do you want? You have your choice of side by side, French door or bottom freezer. Though you should be aware that the 36” version is the only one that comes with a bottom freezer and a single door.

From this point you can figure out if you want an external ice and water dispenser and only a few other differences. Typically the KitchenAid Built In refrigerators come with every bell and whistle you might possibly want already (pardon the pun) built in.

Difference Between KitchenAid Built In Refrigerator Styles

  1. 36” Built in Refrigerators

    Of the ten available models there is an even split between panel ready and stainless steel (there are no other available colors in this size). The breakdown by style is like this:

    • Side by Side Refrigerators – The five models here are very similar as well. Your biggest choices are going to be whether or not you want an ice/water dispenser, what finish (stainless or panel) and if you do choose panel you will have one other choice of whether you want stainless steel or wood colored metal trim on the doors.
    • Single door bottom freezer – The four models it comes in are very similar. The only difference is whether you want panels or not

  2. 42” Built in Refrigerators

    Of the less than a dozen available models you’ll find that all but one are side by side refrigerators (the one being a French door refrigerator that requires panels). The side by sides offer variances in finish (panel or stainless), Ice and water dispenser or not and whether or not it requires custom handles.

  3. 48” Built In Refrigerators

    As you would imagine, these refrigerators offer the most built in refrigerators in the Kitchen Aid appliance line. All of these models are side by sides that come in either stainless or panel ready or requires custom panels and handles. You also have a choice of the in door ice and water dispenser.

  4. Built in Wine Refrigerators

    If you are also looking to add a special touch with a KitchenAid built in wine refrigerator, you will be happy to know that they will be able to help. Kitchen Aid appliances also include two models of built in wine refrigerators. They are the same size but the two models vary in both the way the door opens up (to the right or to the left) and whether or not you want all stainless steel or black and stainless steel for a finish.

    Click here to read a full KitchenAid Built In Refrigerator review.

Other Built In Refrigerators To Consider

KitchenAid is a great brand but if you still aren't sure, then take a look at the few other styles we've included below:

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