4 Huge Problems With Our GE Profile French Door Refrigerator in Only 2 Years

We've had four major problems with our two-year-old GE Profile French door refrigerator.

We've had to deal with spoiled food and water on the floor four times. (Thank God it's not a wood floor!!) Two of the four times, it's been a dead compressor.

(Click to see complete list of current GE refrigerator recalls)

The repairmen show up and say, "Oh, it's a GE", and then they look sorry for us.

We've read so many reviews and seen that so many people have problems with the following:

1. Temperature Issues: Faulty thermostats cause food to spoil and ice to melt.

2. High Energy Bills: Typically due to broken door seals

3. Over Heating: The fridge feels warm all of the time due to clogged vents

4. Poor Ice Quality/Quantity: Many complaints about the icemakers not making enough, or the machine dumping ice before it's frozen, causing all of the ice to form a big block.

The smartest thing we did was buy the extended service plan at Lowes. After a rocky start, they have been very supportive.

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Jan 28, 2024
Frozen fridge, warm freezer, head slap NEW
by: Anonymous

We purchased the slate-colored GE suite which included French door fridge, front panel dishwasher, and 5 burner gas stove. Within 3 yrs the freezer compartment coils would ice over and freezer would stop freezing. This was outside of 1 yr warranty and during covid. We could not get a repairman. So we defrosted the entire unit (hoping it was fluke). Skip 2 yrs later we realize we have defrosted the freezer every 3 months or so for the last 2-3 yrs!! Finally, we said no more. Had repair man come. Replaced the heater, the thermistor w fan (on same harness). Within 24 hrs the freezer is frozen and the fridge is now freezing from the bottom drawer up. Yogurt and cheese is frozen. So, we're into $300 of repair and parts and its worse. We are looking for a new fridge now. We're done. OH PS- the dishwasher was replaced after 2 yrs (it would beep randomly and finally just died). The range has bubbling paint near the oven door window due to underlying rust. I wanted to buy American made. But these products were awful.

Jan 21, 2024
Buyer Beware NEW
by: Anonymous

In less than a year, microwave computer panel was replaced twice Now, just one year after purchase, the French Door refrigerator compressor went out. GE Cafe appliances look good, but they are very poorly made.

Nov 15, 2023
by: Alex

I learned the hard lesson. GE was sold to Chin co. Five years ago. Most of the compression and cooling items okay but water and ice components overly technical and cheaply made. I am so disappointed. At least this French door model was large and cool, that is until a week. I have spread the word to loads of friends to Beware of GE / Generally Erroneous

Oct 24, 2023
GE Profile PFS22SISBSS Refrigerator NEW
by: Anonymous

15 years ago, my mother had her kitchen remodeled with all new GE appliances. Now I have a part time job repairing every one of them multiple times. After this experience I will never buy GE. NEVER.
Since this is a refrigerator forum, I will focus on the refrigerator in the comment title.
Everything that is plastic is brittle and breaks. The produce drawers sit on the bottom of the refrigerator because the shelf rails (plastic) they should install in are broken. The French doors are always cracked open because all 4 of the plastic pieces that are supposed to hold the doors shut are broken (2 per door, one at the top and one at the bottom).
The electronic controls are not reliable. The digital display does not work so we have no idea what the temperature is set to (still, after multiple attempts to repair through GE while the warranty was in place). The temperature constantly varies in the refrigerator area from around 34 degrees to 60 degrees (when we are sure the doors were sealed shut). And no, IT IS NOT BECAUSE WE JUST LOADED A LARGE QUANTITY OF FOOD (I get so sick of GE's excuse for this). The main control board has gone bad twice. When we open the freezer door ice cubes spill from the ice maker all over the floor (every time!).
All these issues started the first year she had the refrigerator and all warranty service we had through GE was a waste of time. We were even told by the technician that there was nothing he could do to fix the issue we called about (but somehow I was able to fix the issue when I looked into it).
And my last pet peeve - GE parts are ridiculously expensive. Why would I pay $200 for another brittle piece of plastic to fix a shelf? It is a piece of poor material choice plastic!

Sep 23, 2023
Brand New GE Profile PGE29BYTFS Compressor Stopped Within the Week NEW
by: Anonymous


This is the newest GE Profile French Door Model with the water pitcher inside the door and the ice maker in the freezer drawer.

After reading all these comments a class action lawsuit needs to be made against GE. They obviously are selling defective refrigerators for years.

The design of the refrigerator is beautiful but what good is it if stops working within a week? That's a lot of expensive food lost.

Have a call into the high-end retailer for a repair person to come out ... earliest possible time is in three days.

Will never buy a GE product again!!!

Mar 25, 2023
Will NEVER EVER buy another GE product NEW
by: Anonymous

Purchased a model GFE28GYNHFS GE French door refrigerator. It was delivered and the installers told us it would take 24 hours to cool down.
36 hours later it was still more than 50 degrees in refrigerator.
We had technicians out 5 times to try to fix it and eventually they got it where it would cool down to 35 degrees but then would allow temp to go up to 48 degrees. An unsafe temperature for food. GE finally told us that temperature fluctuations of more than 15 degrees was "as designed". BS - thankfully we have a spare frig in garage we could use while waiting for GE No Service to give up on fixing their piece of crap. Even though it is in the garage in Ga. where summer temps get to upper 90s and garage temp is even higher, the garage fridge (which COST MUCH) less than the GE crap never gets warmer than 40 degrees.

Mar 07, 2023
poor quality GE refrigerator NEW
by: Anonymous

Not even a year, had problems from the 1st month...food decomposes within a few days. I have never had food decomposing in my refrigerator previously...even after 2/3 weeks it would never have any mold or foul odor...I wish I could return this and get a better refrigerator. This was certainly not a cheap item.

Feb 19, 2023
Freezer thaw at least 6 times in less than 2 years! NEW
by: Anonymous

GE Profile French Door refrigerator Model PFD28KYNBFS - Placed in service April 2021, and we have had at least 6 instances of freezer thawing and losing all our frozen food. GE authorized repair technicians cannot figure out the problem. It's is always working again by the time they come out. Technicians call the GE diagnostic line to explain the situation and reset everything, but can never diagnose the problem. It always happens again in about 3 months. It's very frustrating. We know we are going to need to replace this new fridge with another fridge - another brand of course. But it is wrong that GE doesn't try to make us whole. I'm not sure what recourse we have.

Dec 12, 2022
Refrigerator awful
by: Conway 368 137

I will never buy another GE product.
We bought our refrigerator December 2021,
Installed August 2022 and November 2022 the
Product stopped working. We were told by GE
We do not live in the service area.
We are referred to a vendor to fix the
Refrigerator. They ordered the product
Over 3 weeks ago. Have not had any other
Communication from GE. They will give me
100.00 for lost food. What about all the
Food my husband have to buy on a daily basis.
I am over all of this. Time to get a new

Nov 18, 2022
Cafe Series
by: Anonymous

We purchased a Cafe Series refrigerator for $4700. We had our eyes on a Kitchenaid, but the GE had better reviews so we went with it instead.

We've had the refrigerator for less than 3 months, and it has stopped cooling completely. We scheduled service online, received a confirmation email for our appointment. I took the day off work to be home and no one showed up. I called GE, and she informed me that it was my fault because I should have called the repair company to confirm the appointment. It says this no where on our confirmation, it says the repair person will call me the night before or morning of to confirm the appointment.

She then schedule me for a repair next week, I informed her that the day she had scheduled didn't work for me and she said it didn't matter because it wasn't an actual appointment and that I could call that company and have it switched. But that company should be calling me within 48 hours to schedule, but if they don't then I should call the company myself. Received another "appointment confirmation" email for what's apparently not an actual appointment? I looked up the new repair company and they have horrendous reviews.

Then she said that the company closed the ticket as if they had performed the repair and that I would need to speak to a different department to report them, because otherwise that company would be paid for a repair they didn't complete. I waited on hold for 30 minutes with that department, before opting in to receive a call back, and of course, I didn't receive a call back.

We have purchased an over priced piece of garbage that can't be returned and now I can't ever figure out how to get the warranty work done. I am so frustrated.

Before the refrigerator broke, we weren't that impressed with it. For what I would consider to be a "luxury" refrigerator. It has basic ice, the water doesn't come out cold, no soft close drawers. And it breaks after 2 months. And the customer service is horrendous.

Oct 24, 2022
French Door Counter Depth
by: Anonymous

My GE French Door counter depth model arrived after an 11 month wait. It does not work after 3 months. I was on the phone with Customer Service last week & they sent a reapair order to the only authorized one in my area. The repair order was rejected. I would like to return the refrigerator and don't want to take a chance after reading the other complaints. I'm getting a run-around saying their repairman has to diagnose it first. Has anyone gotten a replacement refrigerator or been reimbursed? What a disappintment this has been with an old company that used to have quality appliances.

Sep 29, 2022
Never ever buy GE. Horrible customer service
by: Anonymous

After an 8 month wait for our GE Cafe bottom freezer French door, it was finally delivered on Feb 22. While we were away last week, the compressor died and we came home to what smelled like a rotting corpse. GE wants to replace compressor (even the tech said this is a very messy and not easy job plus it was the third one he saw today and it was only 2:30 pm) and give me $200 for a mini fridge and $50 for cleaning supplies (that smell is NEVER going away completely). To me this is unacceptable but they DO NOT CARE. They’re saying the tech said I refused the replacement part - really? What? So I can have a $3300 kitchen decoration of no use? Or they’ll give me a discount on a new one. No thanks - I will NEVER buy a GE product again and will recommend against them to anyone and everyone and will be reaching out to consumer protection.

Sep 20, 2022
GE Compressor Out after 90 days
by: Unhappy customer

I purchased a GE French Door Bottom Freezer in Feb 2022. In June 2022 the compressor went out. After fighting with the warranty department, I filed BBB complaint. This complaint was resolved by GE by replacing the refrigerator (Model #GFE28GYNHFS Serial with a brand new refrigerator, same model number. The replacement refrigerator was delivered at the end of June 2022 and is now having the same issue as the original refrigerator. Again 90 days after installation. It is making the same loud grinding noise as the first refrigerator with a failed compressor. The temperature is not keeping the fold cold in the refrigerator or the bottom freezer. The metal bar between the refrigerator door and refrigerator door is hot, as well as the back of the refrigerator. The ice in the icemaker is only partially frozen.

After reading all the reviews, I have a strong suspicion GE is aware there is a problem with the original compressor because the original compressor part is no longer available and the parts website lists a substitute compressor. They should not have sold this model with a known problem.  Continuing to sell a faulty product is a deceptive business practice and should be considered fraud or at the very least a bad business practice.

Sep 19, 2022
GE French Door Bottom Freezer
by: Jim M

Purchased in 2019.Compressor went bad after 2 1/2 years. GE service told me it would cost more to repair than its worth. What a waste of $2000. Had to buy a new fridge... NOT GE!

Sep 12, 2022
New GE Profile
by: Anonymous

Replaced LG French door because it was junk. Broke around 2 years and there was no one in the area (CT) that could come out and repair it. Never again with LG. Now I take chance on GE Profile French door counter depth. Not cooling in both fridge & freezer after 2 weeks. Lost all my food and stuck with nothing but arguing with customer service. Stuck with this $3700 junk that will have to contour to be repaired for years to come I imagine. Stay away!

Sep 03, 2022
Compressor Failure
by: Anonymous

4 month old GE counter depth french door refrigerator failed. It was delivered in April, 2022. Repair person looked at ut and said frozen compressor. Get a new one. GE wants to fix it. So we received a GE loner. Just a regular top refrigerator and bottom freezer.
Part supposed to arrive Sept 13th. For sure not putting much food in it.
Thank heavens we have full size Fridgidaire upright freezer. Have had it for 19 yrs. Saved our frozen food.

So we shall see.

Sep 02, 2022
GE profile - bad compressor
by: Anonymous

We bought a new GE Profile refrigerator in January 2022, we replaced an LG french door refrigerator which went through 3 compressors in 2 1/2 year's. Well this new GE compressor stopped working in just 6 months. We are so disappointed with the quality of this GE product. I remember when GE used to make quality products, I guess it's just about the money with the cheapest parts installed. Will never purchase another GE product and will make sure this word gets out.

Jul 25, 2022
by: From Georgia


My GE Profile French Door refrigerator is less than one year old. The compressor has failed twice. The first time I assume was a freak. Second time, it is a lemon. We are living out of ice chests.

GE should be responsible, but not very.

Jun 09, 2022
To make matters worse. . . .
by: Anonymous

. . . . new unit is NOT cooling. On phone with GE right now. OUT OF THE BOX, the brand new GE Profile is making noises and not blowing cold air in the the fridge or the freezer. I have no idea how this is going to be resolved. . . more to come. Ya’ll need to know what you might be getting yourself into with a GE fridge.

Jun 09, 2022
Stay Away From GE - Bad Out of Box
by: DJB

Awful GE Profile. After 6 visits for freezer not working properly, invoked NC lemon law and just had a new one delivered today. After reading the remarks, I’m not feeling good about this, but GE would only replace with same. Freezer door would close properly. Freezer formed ice around the gaskets that leaked on the floor. Repairmen just "guessed" at the problem. Fixes never worked. One guy said he’d been a GE repairman for 24 years. Not impressed with their technical knowledge. Of course, they don’t reimburse for spoiled food, so we’ve had to spend too much time at the grocery store while waiting for this mess to get resolved. The length of time for a service call was between 5 - 7 days. We lived out of a cooler and had to get ice every couple of days. I’ve accepted delivery and have to wait 24-hours for the damn thing to get cold. It’s been a nightmare. Would NOT recommend GE. Stay away from GE.

May 22, 2022
Ice maker
by: Rougetor LL.M

Had French door Amana 28 years-zero service calls. When seals went and no replacement part, bought most expensive GE model. Took two days to remove ALMOST all the protective green plastic. Second night stopped cooling and in morning discovered it had
melted a few dozen frozen items. Unplugged and called service. Mysteriously after plugging in again unit started cooling and when technician arrived a week later confessed, he was only tech for 80 mile area (Rio Grande Valley) A week for a service call for a refrigerator. Vaguely amusing.

Now for the door icemaker. Every few days will not dispense ice and opening access panel reveals a fused glob of partially melted cubes. GE should consider funding R & D not sales teams.

May 19, 2022
Good fridge if you remove the doors and give to a eskimo
by: Anonymous

Ge French door fridge terrible product will have cooling issues after ice build up in the matter of months your stuck defrosting completely and most likely replacing the evaporator fan which is cooked from freeze up. Require way to much maintain w and are unreliable

May 18, 2022
Ice forming inside at back of refrigerator
by: Joyce hillebrand

Set refit temp to 42 but moisture still forming on inside at back panel. This morning it was ice

It was installed on 5/22

Anyone else having this problem


Apr 10, 2022
Hundreds of Dollars for Constant Repairs
by: Anonymous

I have spent hundreds of dollars repairing broken plastic parts on my GE Profile Cafe refrigerator. I take excellent care of the appliance, but despite my caution and care, the "Vegetable Pan Cover Frame" has broken 2 times in 5 years.

The bins themselves have also failed and cracked.

Factor these chronic problems into your decision when considering this GE Refrigerator.

Mar 31, 2022
RUN from ge refrigerator
by: Anonymous

If you want to have your life interrupted every couple of months because you are married to a despicable major appliance, then g.e. is the brand for you. Loud. Fan breaks, freezes refrigerator compartment. 2 months later no cooling in the freezer. 2 weeks after that no cooling anywhere. "Call customer service." you say? I did last week. Still on hold. Still reading the novel posing as an owner's manual. Never g.e. again. ever.

Mar 15, 2022
Compressor out after 4 months
by: Anonymous

Our GE Profile French door bottom freezer is 4 months old .
Compressor just went out! Water everywhere.
I do not recommend it.

Jan 06, 2022
GE cafe
by: Anonymous

It’s true. Your food and liquids will freeze In the fridge. If your ok with solid or slushy milk then buy a GE. The amount of perfectly new food wasted and thrown out because things have turned to mush and spoiled due to frost and thawing within the same timeframe saddens my heart.
Don’t even get me started with water leaking from the right bottom corner onto wood floors with no indication that’s it’s happening. Warped cabinetry and flooring is the result. We’ve called for repairs and parts several times - fan, ice maker, water line, motherboard, compressor.

Dec 24, 2021
Rubber Seals Don’t Seal!
by: Anonymous

I bought the entire top of the line GE suite for my kitchen remodel. I’ve had no problems with the range or dishwasher, but the Adora refrigerator rubber seals will NOT stay in place. As a result, the doors are not sealed. I’m going to find a glue product that will hopefully hold the seals in place.

Dec 13, 2021
Extended warranty with Assurian Nightmare
by: MarieS

GE French fridge does not hold consistent temp. Food spoils or freezes. Repair person has been to house 7 times over 8 months. Has not fixed problem, just keeps replacing parts. They refuse to honor their "lemon policy," which would have allowed for replacement. Had been loyal GE customer. Will not buy GE again or extended warranty!

Nov 22, 2021
GE Cafe CYE22USHSS Counter Depth
by: Anonymous

GE rejected the following review and would not allow on their website. I guess because it is bad.

Terrible Product

The freezer continually ices up the drain hole with every defrost cycle. The ice then builds up in the bottom until it flows the water melted off the coils out under the front. Sometimes it ices up so deep it pushes the trays out of alignment so they won't roll. This can be fixed with a difficult and slow process by unloading the freezer, disassembling the trays and the door, removing the back panel and melting out the ice and putting it all back together. This then lasts a few weeks or maybe a month before it starts over again. The keurig dispenser didn't last long. The icemaker jams up. Fingerprints are really difficult to keep cleaned off. We spent a lot of money on this thing and it matches all of our other kitchen appliances so we have not replaced it yet. But it is an awful refrigerator.

Oct 19, 2021
double door bottom freezer
by: terry in canada

i bought a GE fridge believing it was a premium brand as it cost double the price of similar fridges the mother board has gone out twice and now its just stopped working again after all the headache and money spent im not fixing it again i could have bought a meile fridge after everything spent on this pile of junk fridge

Oct 15, 2021
GE Cafe Counter Depth Fridge and Microwave
by: Nancy

DO NOT BUY GE. Brand new fridge sounds like a cross between a freight train and high pitched buzz saw when the compressor is on. The GE tech says the sound is "normal" so they won’t do anything about it. Unbearable. Also the microwave’s motherboard had to be replaced. Total garbage.

Oct 03, 2021
by: Vickie

After 3 years our GE French door refrigerator has ice build up coming out of the shelving rack holes. Took the evaporator cover off and it’s all iced up. Technician told us it would be over $500. To fix. We paid over $2000.00 for this monster!! My old fridge of 30 years in the garage still works perfectly. This GE product is a piece of junk!!! Never again will I purchase a GE product!!!

Sep 23, 2021
GE GFD28GELEDS French Door Refrigerator
by: Anonymous

Several Issues since purchase in November 2018 ($2,700 original price) Ice maker quit, no water coming out of dispenser, $100 service charge to clear frozen water lines. Over the past week or so noticed the temperatures in Freezer and fridge have not been cold. Today awoke to puddle of water on the kitchen floor and thawed out food in freezer with room temp food in fridge. fridge is out of warranty and local repair center has a two week backlog. Did check to see if Compressor and Condenser fan running, both appear to be good, internal fan also running. Transferred everything that hadn't gone bad to the 15 year old Whirlpool Garage fridge - Hilarious to see this out last and out perform a supposedly premium brand such as GE. The kicker for me is I have all matching GE Black slate suite in my kitchen (Oven, OTR Microwave & Dishwasher) Also having hard time processing the 10 year parts warranty on my $700 GE Washer and this $2700 paper weight only comes with a one year warranty. Guess GE doesn't have a lot of faith in their French Door refrigerators

Sep 18, 2021
Poor quality and expensive repair
by: Anonymous

Bought a GE French door refrigerator and the compressor went out in three years. The service repair man told me he was sorry that it happened but GE presently has a lawsuit against them for their compressor. It would cost me over $800 to repair it and still only have a one year Warranty.Gòd bye Ge.

Aug 23, 2021
Ge French door refrigerator is a POS!!!!
by: Anonymous

Bought a new GE french door refrigerator in 2001. Biggest mistake ever. Total POS. Hot water dispenser broke on first use. Cold water dispenser hardly works. Refrigerator doesn't cool properly. Bought the Range as well. All were Cafe models. The range is cheaply made. Never again will I by GE

Jul 10, 2021
Furious consumer
by: Anonymous

We have had two brand new GE Profile French door fridges in past 11 years. After several covered repairs and a few we paid, GE repairman said it could not be repaired. GE offered another new one only if it was a GE, for only $1400 more. It is now dead(unrepairable). We dealt with GE saying it needed inverter , on back order, but didn’t know for how long. We finally had our local repair company (who we trust) and not only was it inverter but also compressor! I might also mention, we purchased all new GE profile appliances for our new house, and brand new washer flooded our brand new house first night we lived here. Defective part from factory that tells washer to stop filling! After numerous repairs on dishwasher, we’ve had to replace it. Just spent $340 to repair washer this time. Had many wall oven repairs also. There will never be a GE anything in my house ever!

May 19, 2021
GE Profile French Door Refrigerator Loud Noise
by: Unhappy

I urge all consumers to not by the GE Profile French Door Refrigerator. Purchased March 2021 and been fighting with GE/Home Depot about awful noise coming from the unit - like a freight train. I have reported the issue to MA Attorney General and hoping the will investigate. Don't buy the product or you too will be sorry like the rest of us here.

Mar 10, 2021
Icemaker door troubles
by: Anonymous

Icemaker door troubles
It’s been four years in five repairs and replacements of the icemaker door frost develops or the icemaker to the gasket of the door which is causing ice to frost and bunch up in the icemaker bin and not dispense the same repair was done three consecutive times with GE‘s remedy of an upgraded door which still hasn’t worked one repair from a GE technician just involved hooking up to the USB troubleshooting connector on the top of the refrigerator and changing settings which did not work I am scheduled for my fifth Door replacement and kit I hope to get this remedied before my extended warranty runs out it is a known problem by GE apparently it is a tough six which it seems so simple

Nov 08, 2020
All French door refrigerators are junk
by: Anonymous

I have a ge profile French door fridge. I have had it for 5 years. Trouble every year, spent about $800 in repairs. Still not working. I believe it’s not just GE, but all French door refrigerators. An honest salesman told me when I went to buy a new fridge, to never buy a French door fridge from any maker. They are all junk. Buy side by side, or top freezer. Wish all salespeople were this honest. It’s buyer beware with these expensive pieces of junk.

Nov 05, 2020
“Lasts forever, like a refrigerator”
by: Anonymous

I remember a scientist telling me this referencing a GOES satellite. Those were the times when a refrigerator worked reliably forever...
Now how could you not trust a name like General Electric? We bought a SS GE Cafe refrigerator in 2017 and put it into service after a major kitchen remodel in our AZ home in 2018.
It has the Keurig maker in the door that has never been used. Lots of storage space in this nicely designed refrigerator. We love the lighting - easy on old eyes when digging for something waayy in the back. The compressor is noisier than any previously owned unit. We’ve learned to tune it out. In February water began leaking from within the dispenser door and into the freezer and on the floor. GE repaired it and now in November it is leaking again. Water leaking on your floor is the worst damage that can occur - other than it catching on fire and burning your house down. GE is returning to repair it again. Fortunately, we purchased a 5 year extended warranty because I was told GE only has a 90 day replacement parts warranty. We love the refrigerator design, but we’re not sure about it’s build quality.
If you own this model be very very vigilant for water leakage. Especially if you have wood flooring! I would highly recommend turning your water off if you are away from home for an extended time.

Nov 03, 2020
GE Profile Refrigerator
by: Anonymous

We just bought a new house with a GE profile French door refrigerator with bottom freezer. It is freezing our vegetables and frost is forming on the back vent area. We paid $85 for a technician to come out only to tell us it was a gasket on the door. It was going to be at $585 repair. So, the gasket was replaced and the vegetables are still freezing and there is still frost and condensation inside the refrigerator. This is a complete piece of junk. Do not buy a GE profile refrigerator

Oct 20, 2020
GE profile walk away
by: Anonymous

Complete junk. Leaks water defrosts the freezer everyday temp fluctuations and freezes food in the refrigerator. So basically it freezes food where I don’t want food frozen The plastic is cheap and breaks real easy. They used plastic ball bearings on the drawers which are glued in and don’t stay in place. The auto fill does not work will turn on by itself and water will run. Finally tit makes a real bad noise at times.Most expensive refrigerator I have ever purchased and the biggest piece of junk Had tech come out nothing he could do.

Do not buy

Oct 19, 2020
GE French Door
by: Anonymous

This refrigerator has one compressor with two Evaporators, One for fresh and one for the freezer.

All repair people do not have the software to connect to the refrig and learn the problems. Only the GE repair has the software.

The two on one system seems complicated and is problematic. Ours has broke at least 3 times and still is not keeping the food as cold as it should and we are now waiting for our 4th service. hopfully they will replace the motherboard. The sensors have already been replaced and they ordered the defrosters for both evap but both evaps freeze up and get too colds and get too warm back and forth wacky wacky bad bad quality Never again Chinese GE product for us. Never! South Korean is the last place to look now? Samsung and LG. anything but GE Chinese. (GE sold out to Chinese company) NEVER GE NEVER GE

Jul 30, 2020
2017 GE Profile fridge freezer issue
by: JayLe

Ours is the French door/bottom freezer model, bought with an extended warranty (thank goodness!). The lower part of the freezer stopped working about a month ago and I had to throw out a couple of hundred $ worth of food. The technician has now been here 4 times to "fix" it, has replaced the fan, etc but it’s still not working. He said that we will likely have to get a new fridge since he thinks it is a coolant issue, which apparently cannot be repaired. Buy another brand. This one’s a lemon.

May 23, 2020
by: Joseph Pearlman

Model # GFE29HMEEES: This unit is so noisy that it sounds like my neighbor is outside weed-wacking his yard every time it is running. Service came and added an updated module, then came out again to reprogram it and finally, he actually told me to get used to it. The ice maker in the freezer is so loud that we think something has dropped onm the floor in the kitchen. Now it is freezing the food in the refrigerator portion. JUNK! Wish I had my old Whirlpool side by side back.

Mar 21, 2020
Buyer Beware of GE
by: Anonymous

GE Fridge is a brand new piece of junk. Fluctuating and very annoying sounds--like a revving chain saw or cows mooing off in the distance. It’s also so loud that we turn up our TV volume when it starts. It’s been three months now and it’s still drawing my attention away from what I am concentrating on. Now when I want quiet time I go to another room. We live not far from railroad tracks and that sound is less annoying. Maybe if GE could make it sound like crickets that would be more soothing. We would not have purchased this fridge if we were aware of this situation.
We were also promised a rebate of $100. I had to talk to 7 people at GE including the management at the store where we bought the fridge and they contacted to local GE distributor. After two weeks of insanity we got $50 on a debt card. Not worth the time.

Jan 11, 2020
GE door seal failure
by: Anonymous

GE Adora frig Model DFE28 with bottom freezer and French door top purchased at Home Depot Dec.2018. Door seal gaskets will not remain in place. Have had repaired after just 9 months, now door seal on the bottom freezer is completely falling off again. The first repair only lasted 4 months. Water leaks all over the floor and frozen food ruins because it takes at least a week to get a repairmen to show up even though I purchased the extended warranty. Never again GE, and I'll think twice about Home Depot purchases as well.

Dec 31, 2019
Ge profile French door fridge
by: Anonymous

Produce froze once again. So sick of this. Since I bought this, the thermostat had to be replaced, the gaskets were tearing and had to be replaced. Water leaked out of the ice maker twice now, whoich caused the electronic board to short out because the wires corroded.
Called repairman. GE barely left enough wire the reattach the wiring. Told me if it happens again I will need a new fridge. What a lemon.

Dec 21, 2019
by: b moore

glad I bought the extended warranty its been repaired 4 times and ready to call again. Motors and fans kept failing on the last repair he noticed the strip between the doors was not sealing and replaced and thought this was causing all the other problems and now not sealing after a week unless you slam the door (the strip between the two doors in the center) if your having the same problem check this. It should be a recall, how do you go about starting a recall????

Dec 16, 2019
GE Profile Counter Depth Refrigerator
by: Anonymous

Junk, junk, junk. Two years old and one day my husband looks at the kitchen floor and asks me if I spilled water. I did not spill water but this piece of garbage that we spent a lot of money on when we remodeled our kitchen 2 years ago was leaking like crazy. We have the ice maker inside but, we never hooked it up because I wanted the extra room inside the freezer. Because it's counter depth, we lose space inside, oh and yeah also because it's counter depth we paid extra.
The first month I had it I had a problem with anything I put on the top shelf freezing and I was told don't put anything perishable on the top shelf,great so now I lose more room.I didn't take the extra insurance, never thought I'd have to replace a new refrigerator in two years. Am contemplating taking them to court for knowing this is an ongoing problem and screwing consumers who buy this junk.

Nov 21, 2019
by: Anonymous

We arrived in our apartment and were surprised that the builder had all GE Café Appliances in this 3 bedroom apt. The builder thought quality and bought everything from Home Depot. It came with a one year
warranty, so we purchased an additional 5 year warranty from Assurant. With that it has been a disaster with the Café refrigerator model # CFCPIRKBDSS. Assurant has a repair protocol system where they just order part by part instead of trying to analyze, the problem immediately. So what started as a broken ice maker became replacement of the blower, icemaker, and then the master control board. Mean while a period of 10 day with no refrigerator went by. Now after the mother board does not work after 2 months, I am back to square one. Do not buy GE Refrigerator!!!!!!!

Nov 16, 2019
by: Anonymous

CAFE REFRIGERATOR MODEL CYE22SHJSS chrome trim on the shelves is peeling off. $46 each ( need 4) to buy replacements. Unit is 3 years old.
Clearly reflects the quality downfall ar GE.

Same poor quality reflected in the knobs on the GE cafe cooktop that keep breaking. GE glad to replace them with the the same crap quality at $26 each!
I’ll be replacing the cook top ( 3 years old) with brand that still builds a quality product, e.g. Wolf, Bosch, Dacor, etc. once I finish my research.

Jul 08, 2019
GE cafe counter depth French door
by: Anonymous

Wish I read these comments!!!!
Had my kitchen remodeled last year and bought this crappy of a fridge! Not even a yr of use and I already called twice. The left door doesn't seal well since there is accumulation o ice on the inside part of the door. Technician came, diagnose the problem and ordered the part. Before he came back and replaced the door to the ice maker, one of the led light went and he ordered it right away for me but asked me if I was handy enough to install the lights. WHAT AM I?
of course I need up installing the light bulb myself and even before it came, another one got busted. Anyway after a month, I again noticed the same accumulation of ice and called service and had to explain again my case. The rep is sending again a technician for the same exact problem. I HATE THIS CRAP! calling GE and waiting for somebody takes a minimum of an hr and I'm SO UPSEY why I have to deal with this when I bough a BRAND NEW REFRIG over $2000
to be dealing with something youd expect from a Friday out from a flea market. Apparently exchange is not an option and the rep wants to give me a quote if I decide to have it replaced.
GE, are you out of your damn MIND!!!!

Jun 20, 2019
GE Profile French Door
by: Anonymous

I agree with the other person on this list DON’T BUY a GE product. We had to have our GE profile French door refrigerator and have not been happy with it at all. We purchased it in 2009 and started having issues with it within 4 years and it has been worked on twice. I’m seeing the same issue start again. I have had ice build up around the freezer door. It doesn’t get food cold or hardly keep it cold. Today we had a oower surgery and numbers are flashing me supposedly they reset themselves. After 8 hours it didn’t happen then the poster flickered again. We can only get water and there it hardy any ice. We had a 2nd power outage and now who knows when it might start working again. I can attest to the Bosch dishwasher. We also replaced our worn out GE with one and love it.

Jan 25, 2019
Don't buy GE appliances
by: MR Allen

When I remodeled the kitchen 8 years ago, I chose a GE Profile package.
The dishwasher was loud and the dishes came out dirtier than when they went in. I replaced that with a Bosch 3 years ago. LOVE my Bosch dishwasher.
I chose a 5 burner cooktop with a high BTU power boil burner. That burner will not bring anything to a boiling temperature. The telescoping exhaust fan is very loud. The double wall ovens are okay but the convection feature is not true convection. Everything browns darker in the one back corner.
But the biggest POS is my French Door Refrigerator. Is has NEVER worked properly. EVERYTHING IN THE REFRIGERATOR FREEZES. Repair came out 3 times in the firs year while it was under warranty. (They conveniently could not make a fourth appointment because then it would fall under the lemon law)BTW GE's customer service/repair is a joke. It is a bad design. French door refrigerator, two freezer drawers, one compressor. There is a vent in the center bottom, above the crisper drawers. It pumps the super cold freezer air into the refrigerator. The thermostat sensor is on the top shelf. One repair man told me to not place anything on the top shelf (Seriously?) But the real issue is, once the door is opened, the temperature rises and the freezer air gets pumped into the refrigerator. This week I bought fresh fish, placed it on the bottom shelf and when I went to cook it, IT WAS FROZEN SOLID- in the refrigerator. I grabbed a bag of mini cucumbers from the middle shelf- THEY WERE FROZEN AS SOLID AS A CUCUMBER CAN FREEZE. I grabbed some cherry tomatoes, which were crisp and delicious when I put them in the frig but were a mushy mess two days later- on the top shelf- because they had frozen and thawed. I throw away at least $30 of ruined food a week. More than $1500 a year. I should have cut my losses a long time ago and replaced it. It will be a pain because I had it built in to the kitchen. I'm so disgusted with GE I won't buy so much as a light bulb with their name on it.

Feb 18, 2018
GE Junk - Refrigerator didn't last 3 years
by: Julie

When I put in a brand-new kitchen, I chose the GE Profile package. Wish I could have a do-over. The dishwasher doesn't clean well and deposits crud on the glass in the upper rack.

The very expensive ($2,000+) French-door refrigerator is not even 3 years old, and is 58 degrees inside, after freezing the milk in the door for awhile. (Adjusted the temp after the milk problem, then the interior temp soared and won't reset.) NEVER a GE appliance ever again.

Don't want to think about what the repair to this piece of cr*p is going to cost.

Aug 06, 2017
GE French door refrigerator
by: Ann H

Wish I had read the reviews! My refrigerator is almost 4 years old. Had a repair guy here in May, fridge inside was 60 degrees. Worked on a fan inside and left. Three months later, food in fridge is freezing. Door panel temps do not match interior temp of fridge. Replaced a thermistor (?) in top of fridge. Still freezing. I think it is brain dead. One GE repair guy in our area. Called 4 already and no one works on ones 5 years old and newer. GE is sending one Weds. 5 days after calling in. $99.95 for trip not including labor or parts charges. Not a happy camper.

Jun 03, 2017
GE Counter French door PFCS1RKZSS
by: Anonymous

This refrigerator is about 5 yrs old. It has gone out 3-4 times. We have paid for the Tech to come out and fix it each time. He was here 2 months ago and replaced the Power Control Board. He told us it should be alright for some time. Wow really just 2 months later it is out again. This has been very disappointing and we will never ever buy GE AGAIN. We have a GE range, Dishwasher and this terrible refrigerator!

Apr 29, 2017
by: Anonymous

Have a French door GE refrigerator and the top plastic piece that holds the flapper on broke in half - told that this cheap 25 cent piece isn't sold separately and have to pay about $150 to replace the whole part. Have a 5 year protection plan from Lowes but that's a whole other story. 3 weeks and no one yet.

Nov 02, 2016
by: Donna Lewis Nannini

I, along with hundreds,of others have had nothinf bur priblens,with my GE PROGILE, very expensive frencg door refrigerator. HE sold the appluan e division and could care less about leaving us,stuck with this albatross. The new compsny has not stepped up to the plate either to make good. We all got screwed by GE ....THEY SIMPLY DO NOT CARE.

Nov 02, 2016
GE French door refrigerator
by: Anonymous

We just bought a French door with Freezer on bottom and at first it got too cold, now it won't freeze anything. We have had it 3 months!

Oct 08, 2016
by: Anonymous


Jul 27, 2016
Time for Class ACTION SUIT? ?
by: Anonymous


Jul 27, 2016
I also Have Same Issues with this LAME GE REFRIG
by: Anonymous

GE sold it's appliance division to a company named Haile (or something like that). They have NO ONE INTEREST in backing up any purchases. You need to take action and call tour local news channel, the BBB, Attorney General's Office or get a lawyer if need be. They have ripped thousands of people off with their LAME APPLIANCES! I also was a victim with a BAD GE PROFILE REFRIG. Nothing but problems,leaking, frozen lines, no ice, no water, can't keep freezer working, soft ice cream and frozen refrigerator items. It is a disgrace!! They do not care and should be made to pay or reimburse...Donna N. .

Jul 27, 2016
I also Have Same Issues with this LAME GE REFRIG
by: Anonymous

GE sold it's appliance division to a company named Haile (or something like that). They have NO ONE INTEREST in backing up any purchases. You need to take action and call tour local news channel, the BBB, Attorney General's Office or get a lawyer if need be. They have ripped thousands of people off with their LAME APPLIANCES! I also was a victim with a BAD GE PROFILE REFRIG. Nothing but problems,leaking, frozen lines, no ice, no water, can't keep freezer working, soft ice cream and frozen refrigerator items. It is a disgrace!! They do not care and should be made to pay or reimvurse...Donna N. .

Jul 27, 2016
GE Cafe french doors w/ bottom freezer drawer
by: Anonymous

Junk!! Do not buy!! Nearly $5000 and ice maker is horrible! Freezer won't defrost and temp goes down and will not make ice....needless to say, it is only 2 years old! Throwing out and buying a Sub-Zero! Never GE again!!

Jul 25, 2016
GEOrofile series
by: Cleo

I have a GE Profile series about 6 year old have lost a freezer and refrigator of food because it froze up in back and quiet cooling . Today again it froze up and quiet working , called the company but of course it is out of warranty . The seal that is around the doors are awful. I also bought double ovens where u put temp and turn on if already messin up GE iced to be a good brand but not any more. I called the company and of course there is nothing they can do about it.

Jun 30, 2016
by: Donna L.

Please do yourself a huge favor, and DO NOT BUY A GE REFRIGERATOR! Mine is not even 4 years old and I have major problems with it. GE PROFILE rots! No ice cubes, no water, temperature does not read correctly and fluctuated as much as 15 degrees from what mother board states. Leaks all over my new hardwood flooring. Tough to get any kind of real satisfaction from GE. My frug was brojen and out of use for two weeks....Lost food..what a hassel. They just close their eyes to this major problem. I wish I had kept my LG. This has been nothing but trouble. I want a new frig but do not ever intend to but another GE product as long as I live! HELP!

Jun 30, 2016
by: Donna L.

Please do yourself a huge favor, and DO NOT BUY A GE REFRIGERATOR! Mine is not even 4 years old and I have major problems with it. GE PROFILE rots! No ice cubes, no water, temperature does not read correctly and fluctuated as much as 15 degrees from what mother board states. Leaks all over my new hardwood flooring. Tough to get any kind of real satisfaction from GE. My frug was brojen and out of use for two weeks....Lost food..what a hassel. They just close their eyes to this major problem. I wish I had kept my LG. This has been nothing but trouble. I want a new frig but do not ever intend to but another GE product as long as I live! HELP!

Jul 13, 2015
Styrofoam beads inside food compartment
by: Anonymous

I first noticed tiny round foam beads on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator shortly after I purchased it and assumed they were from the installation and would go away. That has not been the case and it has continued to get worse. I probably wipe 3 or 4 tablespoons of beads out of the fridge every week. I worry that some of these might get into my food. Has anyone else had this problem?

Jun 10, 2015
after 6 years
by: Anonymous

After six years the ice maker stopped working and I started noticing ice accumulating under the deli drawer. Extended warranty, which I paid quite a bit for, had just expired. Never had a problem when it was in affect. After reading previous comments, I hesitate spending money calling for service. Not sure if I would be wasting more money. I will not buy GE again. Maybe we should be making complaints to GE and make them be responsible for their product.

Mar 09, 2015
GE Profile side by side
by: Anonymous

Lasted 6 years - now it needs to be replaced. Died Easter Sunday - filled with expensive food - got new "mother board". Couldn't hold temperature - don't remember what they fixed that time. Now, have water pooling below veggie drawer - this is due to "breakdown of insulation between freezer and fridge". It cannot be repaired so now I need a new unit. Paid $2600 for unit new - lasted 5 years - then 2 major repairs in 8 months and dead by 10th month. POS. Going to buy an LG today ---- hope it lasts longer.

Feb 04, 2015
want to throw my GE french door fridge out
by: Anonymous

but I can't afford a new one. GE Profile French Door refrigerator bought at Home Depot 2 and a half years ago - never installed water line because I was afraid of leakage on my hardwood floors. Got leakage anyhow. Where is the water coming from???? Water pools in the space below the veggie drawers. must also drip into the freezer because there is always ice in the space below the freezer drawer. I'd had to call a repairman to the tune of $160 just to come out and look at it. It looked great and I got interest-free credit for 18 months but I really, really should have read the reviews first. My old fridge was here for 20 years, should have just had that one fixed. I'll never buy a GE appliance again.

Nov 03, 2014
leaking water filter destroys our winter home
by: Anonymous

We bought a Florida winter home in July 2014. We returned on Nov 1 and opened the front door to the sound of dripping water. The water was dripping from the filter canister in the Profile refrigerator. The water bill showed several thousand gallons of water had dripped destroying the kitchen, a bedroom that shared the wall, my office, and several other areas of our new home.

I don't know what is covered by insurance, but I hope to recover the rest from GE. The furniture in these rooms had mold lines about 1 to 2 foot from the floor and our new white leather couches had mold on them.

Thanks GE!!!!!

Sep 22, 2014
Ge Refrigerator
by: Anonymous

Just bought a GE French door from Amazon their vendor was HCCOST. Came with sides dented but that was minor. When we plugged it in is when it started to show problems. Water comes out luke warm, ice sprays all over the floor, noise like a freight train in kitchen, if you set it for 3 oz it gives you 8. HCCost has offered me 200.00 off the 2,100 I just paid for this damaged unit Beware Beware wish I had read the reviews,

Aug 27, 2014
repeated problem, no fix
by: Anonymous

The main control board on our 28.6 cubic foot french door has been replaced three times. The refrigerator temperature is in the low forties at the coldest setting. The unit is less than two years old and repair offers no guaranties that it can be fixed. At this point it is possibly spending more money on a futile repair effort. Very disappointing to say the least.

Aug 17, 2014
GE Profile French Door
by: Judy

Does anyone have a problem with bottom freezer drawer freezing up while being left open for 10 minutes while cleaning
It is almost impossible to close.The runners freeze up. Why does this happen?

Jul 18, 2014
Everything Freezes
by: Illinois

We have thrown out a lot of veggies and dairy because the problems with freezing...temp is set at 40 degrees and it still freezes. Even the water line freezes. The repair person from the family appliance business we bought it from came and used freezer tape in the back of the fridge inside and said...That should take care of it...really freezer tape.....hell duct tape may have worked better...LOL. That was 2 years ago...still have the problem....won't buy a GE again.

Sep 01, 2013
ge french door refrigerator
by: l.p.logan

we have been totally disappointed with our relatively new GE Refrigerator. It sounds like a gun firing when ice is made and then on several occasions ice falls on the floor when you open the door.Now we have water in the lower portion of the refrigerator under the drawers. My wife will never buy another GE product.

May 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

We absolutely HATE our GE profile french door refrigerator; first it was the door seals-two replacement sets, now it will not stay cold and the fan runs very slow. It is not dust-we make certain to clean under and behind it every few months. I agree, this is a piece of junk that we paid $2,100 for only 6 years ago. The refrigerator we gave our kids ran for 20 years and is still running. What worries me is the commercials that GE is building medical equipment and involved with air travel-Heaven help us ALL!

Jul 31, 2011
Our GE Profile French Door Refrigirator is a Piece of Junk
by: Brigitte

This GE Profile French door refrigirator is a piece of Junk.

  1. Temp is set as recommended and everything one places beyond the middle of a shelf freezes
  2. The plastic parts in the freezer are of such poor quality they break. The first piece broke after the first week. They replaced it, shortly thereafter it broke again. Today another thin plastic part broke
  3. Screws on freezer handle fall out etc.

I had a Sub Zero for 20 years. Yes, it was more expensive, but it did not fall apart. It was American made and not in China.

I'll bite in the sour apple and buy a Sub Zero again the next time.

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