Why is My Norcold Refrigerater Not Cooling?

by Beverly A.
(Pasco, WA )

We have had nothing but trouble with our NorCold RV refrigerator, model 1210, since buying our Big Sky R.V.

It is a 2009 5th wheel, it has not kept cold since the start. We complained and was told to it was the RV. We use it as our home but they told us we needed to break down and pull into the r.v. dealer.

I said no, it was just purchased it and they should come out to us. Surprisingly they did and said it was the air vents.

I don't know what they did (came out and did it) but it seemed to work, for the rest of the winter, then we took off on another trip and had another problem. They replaced the thermistat and seemed to be okay.

We went on another trip and there it went again. We had to stay where we were and wait for the refrigeration unit to come. It came, was installed and only worked for another few months.

Luckily this time it only needed a small tap at the back of the fridge and it worked for another six months.

Here we are again friggin' ready to throw it out the door, but can't afford to.

Any suggestion on what we could do to fix it? BTW, we can't get anyone to come and look at it for about 3 weeks, really, no refrigerator, no fun.

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