Why Does My Refrigerator Leak?!?!

by Jay

I have a question regarding my leaking refrigerator that no one can seem to help me with. The air vent from the freezer leaks into the fridge all the time.

I know the common cause is blockage, ice or other, but there isn't any. I have completely disassembled the freezer and there has never been an obstruction. There is no ice blocking the freezer drain, coils are free of ice, the
drain tubes are not obstructed, water pours through them freely, etc.

What else could be the cause of this? I can't seem to get an answer from anyone.

The only place water comes from is the air vent. I have been keeping a pan underneath it to stop the water from pouring down the back wall and then out of the front onto the floor.

With no ice blocking the vent I can't figure out why it drips there all the time? The only answer I seem to get from anyone is that it's an ice blockage, which it isn't.

Any ideas you might have would be greatly appreciated.

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Aug 10, 2011
Why Does My Refrigerator Leak?!?!
by: Jay

All I've been able to think about is, why does my refrigerator leak?!?!

Eventually, after a lot of boring time spent watching water drain I figured out the problem and solved it myself.

  1. The water draining from the freezer would drain in small amounts(drops)at a time (rather than a continuous flow).
  2. When it would do that it would cling to the top of the fridge and follow a path along the top of the refrigerator
  3. Then drain down the back inside of the fridge rather than drain into the drain vent where it was supposed to go.
  4. From there it would collect under the crisper drawers and then leak out in front of the fridge and leave pools of water everywhere.

It did this only during the warm weather months. After seeing how inefficiently the drain from the freezer was allowing the water to go down the back of the fridge a few drops at a time instead of into the drain housing in the fridge I took some of the housing and made a sleeve from some flexible plastic.

I inserted it into the hole in the freezer drain and it goes directly into the housing in the fridge where it can now drain properly down the drain tube into the pan under the fridge.

It took me minutes to make and insert and hasn't leaked in over a year. I have a Magic Chef fridge, but obviously it has a poor design flaw that was easily fixed without having to call in someone.

You could also double check to see if your fridge is properly balanced, but mine was so that wasn't my issue.

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Aug 10, 2011
Leaking LG fridge
by: Anonymous

I, too, have a leaking LG fridge that pours water from a vent inside.

Same puzzle...no apparent cause for it.

There is an additional leak Outside the fridge too!

Mine is an LG. Very difficult to find a repairman for LG.

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