Why Are All Refrigerators Vertical?

by Paul B.

Why are all fridges vertical? Can't they be horizontal and installed waist high for better access freezer on left 1 door and on right 2 doors for liquids and meats and vegetables?

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Jan 15, 2022
Paul, have you found one?
by: Anonymous

Hi Paul, I was looking for the same answer and can’t really find an answer, have you found any?

Dec 06, 2010
Not all fridges are vertical...
by: Andrea


You'll be happy to know that not all fridges are vertical and there are types of refrigerators called drawer refrigerators. You can place several just below your counter top in place of a fridge.

You can make them whatever temperature you would like, so if you purchase 3 (one for a freezer, and 2 for a fridge) that sounds exactly like what you were looking for.

You'll find it quite easy to find a company that makes them but more often than not they are considered to be a luxury item or for the handicapped.

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