Whirlpool WRF989SDAM French Door 29 cu. ft - complaint

by Sandra
(Okeechobee, FL)

We purchased this refrigerator in September 2013 and we moved into our new home on November 18,2013.

The ice maker has never worked correctly and has been worked on several times. The rack in the bottom of the left door fell out and was filled with pickled beets and asparagus in glass jars that broke and etched our travertine tile.

We had to pay to have the floor polished. The man we bought it from sent his son out to look at the rack and his solution was to duct tape the rack back in which did not work so we took the rack out and put it in the cabinet.

The refrigerator has always been noisy and finally it began to make such a loud humming noise we called the people we bought it from and they came out and decided it was a fan making the noise.

Then the freezer in the bottom began humming loudly and we called them back. The owner of the shop came this time and decided it was the compressor. At this time I noticed the food in the freezer was starting to thaw. They brought us an old used refrigerator to put in the garage.

We took all our food and put it in the garage. This was on November 17. On November 24 they came to get the refrigerator and said Whirlpool agreed to pay for parts and labor. Up until that point we were told it was out of warranty.

Today is November 27 (Thanksgiving Day) and I am unable to prepare a meal due to the small fridge in the garage and the fact we have been buying bagged ice to put in coolers. We will go out for our Thanksgiving meal.

I really feel this refrigerator was faulty from the start and instead of repairing it, I think we should be offered a new refrigerator. It has been a major inconvenience and a expensive one as well. Not only did we lose the pickled vegetables, we also had to pay to have the floors polished, and now we are buying bags of ice every day.

To top it off we can not have our Thanksgiving meal here due to the tiny "loaner fridge" in the garage and no freezer room. We are very unhappy with this situation and would never recommend Whirlpool appliances to anyone.

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Aug 31, 2016
Same here
by: Anonymous

We've only had this fridge for 3 years. I've seen many of the same exact complaints. I wish we would have fought to return it after hearing how noisy it was. It's pretty much on it's way out now, not cooling very much. Freezer - not at all. Coils are clean and fans are running fine. I assume a leak, which is too expensive to try and repair. I'm done with Whirlpool. Samsung seems to have a 5 year warranty on their sealed systems. Might go with one of those.

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